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We hope that you are getting excited for the 2025 ACRL Conference in Minneapolis. Though it may seem far away, ACRL staff are already working hard to make this the best ACRL Conference yet!

This is where you come in. Your donation to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund can help provide a valuable opportunity to underrepresented groups that have been historically marginalized or excluded due to race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, economic background, age, and/or ability. ACRL 2023 scholarship recipients Rebecca Chavez and William Gore’s reflections on their experiences in Pittsburgh underline the profound impact of your support.

The 2023 ACRL Conference was an amazing experience. As a current MLIS student, it granted me the opportunity to network and learn about the latest innovations and ideas in the field. It has reinforced my beliefs that I am entering into the perfect profession for me. I look forward to attending the next one as a proper librarian!” – William Gore

Having the opportunity to attend this conference was made possible with the support of this scholarship. A conference of this size was not in the budget. I attended in person, which made this conference even better. I was able to meet other librarians at different stages of their career, speak with people who are having similar experiences, struggles, or celebrations within their libraries, and listen to numerous talks that will benefit our little community college library in rural Wyoming. This will be a conference that I will continue to attend in the future. Thank you for this opportunity.” – Rebecca Chavez

As William and Rebecca’s experiences show, your generosity goes beyond funding; it enables individuals, who might not otherwise have the means, to participate in a conference that enriches their professional journey. Their stories of connection, shared experiences, and inspiration exemplify the transformative power of the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund.

We encourage you to make a meaningful impact today by donating to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund. Every contribution, regardless of size, propels us toward a future where the ACRL Conference remains a beacon of inspiration and opportunity for all.

Thank you for your donation and for being a champion of positive change within our community. Together, we empower the next generation of librarians and continue building a profession that thrives on diversity, inclusion, and excellence.