Efficient Prompt Engineering for Librarians Online Course

Join ACRL from May 13-June 7, 2024, for the Online Learning Course “Efficient Prompt Engineering for Librarians.”

Specifically tailored for academic librarians, this four-week course dives deep into the practical application of generative AI and large language models. Learn how to seamlessly integrate AI principles into your daily workflow, enhancing your skillset for a wide range of library services. During the course, you’ll engage with online course materials, assignments, discussions, and Q&A sessions, fostering a comprehensive learning environment. Build a solid foundation in AI and prompt engineering and acquire actionable strategies and prompts tailored for librarianship in the contemporary AI landscape.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply generative AI and prompt engineering for efficient information retrieval in libraries.
  • Utilize prompt engineering techniques for complex research and query management.
  • Develop AI prompts suitable for a range of library operations.

Dr. Yinlin Chen is Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, at Virginia Tech University Libraries. He earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Science from National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science & Application from Virginia Tech. His research interests include Digital Libraries, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Natural Language Processing, and Information Retrieval.

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