Envisioning the Framework: A Graphic Guide to Information Literacy

ACRL announces the publication of Envisioning the Framework: A Graphic Guide to Information Literacy, edited by Jannette L. Finch. The title, book number 77 in ACRL’s Publications in Librarianship series, can help you use symbols and visuals for a deeper understanding of the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, map the Framework with teaching and learning objectives, and tell a coherent story to students featuring the threshold concepts of the Framework. 

Data visualization—making sense of the world through images that tell a story—has a history that parallels human existence. The strength of visualization lies in its ability to reveal truth out of information that may remain hidden in lines of text, large data sets, or complex ideas. The Framework presents complex threshold concepts, developed intentionally without prescriptive lists of skills and with flexible options for implementation, which can be explored and understood through visualization.

Envisioning the Framework offers a visual opportunity for thought, discovery, and sense-making of the Framework and its concepts. Seventeen chapters packed with full-color illustrations and tables explore topics including:

  • LibGuide creation through conceptual integration with the Framework
  • fostering interdisciplinary transference
  • the convergence of metaliteracy with the Framework
  • teaching multimodalities and data visualization
  • mapping a culturally responsive information literacy journal for international students

Chapters include content for credit-bearing information literacy courses, one-shots, and teaching first-year students.

Twenty-first-century information literacy involves the metaliterate learner, reflects seismic changes in the duties and roles of teaching librarians, requires new partnerships with faculty and instructional designers, and emphasizes continuous assessment practices. Envisioning the Framework brings clarity to the threshold concepts of the Framework and offers lots of ideas for successful implementation.

Envisioning the Framework: A Graphic Guide to Information Literacy is available for purchase in print and as an ebook through the ALA Online Store; in print through Amazon.com; and by telephone order at (866) 746-7252 in the U.S. or (770) 442-8633 for international customers.