Fostering Change: A Team-Based Guide

ACRL announces the publication of “Fostering Change: A Team-Based Guide,” by Brianna Marshall, director of research services, University of California-Riverside Library; Dani Brecher Cook, director of teaching and learning, University of California-Riverside Library; and Cinthya Ippoliti, university librarian and director, Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and University of Colorado-Denver. Developed over the course of a year with leadership from ACRL’s New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee, this open access guide is a practical tool for teams immersed in the labor of leading change in the library and on campus.

The goal of the New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee is to help the academic and research library workforce effectively foster change in academic libraries and higher education environments. “There is nothing more empowering than working with your colleagues to change your library and your campus for the better,” says Erin Smith, chief information officer at Westminster College and chair of the New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee. “At a time when so many things are completely beyond our control due to a global pandemic, this Guide is a powerful, practical tool for academic library workers who know they still have important work to do despite the fact they can’t do it the same way they have always done it.”

“ACRL is grateful to the New Roles and Changing Landscapes Committee members who conceived and commissioned this important project, as well as the authors who brought it to fruition,” ACRL Interim Executive Director Kara J. Malenfant added. “This Guide brings the needs of the academic librarians, staff, and users affected by change to the forefront of the process and helps leaders at all levels of authority build engagement to create and sustain change.”

“Fostering Change” takes you and your team step-by-step through understanding change, building engagement, and creating and instituting the change, allowing you to pick and choose different aspects of the process that resonate most. It’s intended to help place people at the center of every change process and give individuals across academic libraries the tools to spark, lead, and sustain change, no matter their organizational position. “Fostering Change” is packed with exercises, templates, and resources to use as you plan and execute change.

Join the authors of the guide to learn more about this people-centered tool for teams immersed in leading change on their campuses in a free ACRL Presents webcast, “Using ACRL’s Fostering Change Guide in Your Library,” at 1:00 p.m. Central on Thursday, October 29, 2020. Register in advance on the ACRL website.