From Dall-E to ChatGPT: Navigating AI in Academic Libraries Webcast

Join ACRL from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Central on Wednesday, October 11 for the Online Learning webcast “From Dall-E to ChatGPT: Navigating AI in Academic Libraries.”

Lately, it seems like everywhere you turn, people are debating and discussing ChatGPT and the rise of a new class of AI tools. And these conversations can range from intensely enthusiastic to deeply concerned as we all grapple with what is next with AI. Amid this unfamiliar landscape, where do libraries fit? In this interactive webinar, examine some of the challenges and implications of the new cohort of AI tools in libraries, including the social, cultural, and ethical implications these tools pose. 

We will consider how librarians can utilize their skills and expertise in things like information literacy to navigate and respond to the challenges and questions posed by AI. And we will explore ways that we can empower our patrons and communities to ask questions and more critically engage with AI in their studies, work, and daily lives. We will also examine different examples and will engage in discussion and brainstorming as we explore this new landscape in AI together. 

Presenter: Sarah Morris is a librarian, educator, and curriculum designer whose research and work focuses on critical information, digital, and media literacy, misinformation, civic engagement, student success, and library and information science education.

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