Give Back This Holiday Season With a Gift to ACRL

This Giving Tuesday, please consider a gift to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund in support of the ACRL 2021 Conference Scholarship Campaign. Thanks to our generous donors, your Giving Tuesday gifts will be matched up to at least $4,500. There is no better value for the money and no better way to make a double difference.

Your gift will . . .

Spread Joy

Twenty-nine library school students received scholarships to attend the ACRL 2019 Conference in Cleveland. Your gift can help future students connect with the larger community of academic librarians and forge relationships that will help them develop as future colleagues. Your gift is guaranteed to inspire gratitude and deep appreciation.

True story: “I wouldn’t have been able to attend ACRL 2019 without receiving a Student Scholarship. I am even now, months after the conference ended, humbled and delighted to have shared in such an engaging educational experience. I look forward to attending future ACRL conferences, but ACRL 2019 will always be special since it marked my introduction to librarianship at a national scale. So, thank you to everyone involved in funding library student attendance through scholarships like mine!” – ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient Brittini Ballard

Pay It Forward

Seventy-two early-career academic and research librarians received scholarships to attend the ACRL 2019 Conference. Help your new colleagues to further improve their skills, expertise, and confidence. Join past scholarship recipients in supporting the next generation of academic librarian leaders by donating to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund.

True story: “The ACRL Early-Career Scholarship enabled me to attend my first (but definitely not the last!) ACRL Conference. As a community college librarian, I don’t often have the time to conduct professional research and test out new programs, so I was delighted to gain so much knowledge and inspiration from my fellow academic librarians. I am continually grateful to the generous ACRL Scholarship donors because without their contributions, attending such an essential conference would have been nearly impossible. Thank you!” – ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient Rita Suarez

Double in Value

Seventy-two mid-career academic and research librarians received scholarship support. Gifts to the ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund will be matched up to at least $4,500 and will be instrumental in helping mid-career colleagues embrace new leadership roles and transform their libraries.

True story: “Being able to attend ACRL 2019 on the Mid-Career Scholarship gave me an opportunity to connect with a wide network of library professionals whom I have met in online learning communities and through social media. Finally getting to meet these individuals in-person meant the world to me and helped me to think bigger and more boldly. I came to appreciate the scholarship as a “vote of confidence” that motivated me to make the most of every interaction and learning opportunity. In short, my experiences at ACRL 2019 really helped to transform my sense of myself as a librarian and to transition into this middle career stage with a renewed sense of purpose and ambition.” – ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient Michele Santamaria

Give Two Holiday Gifts

Honor someone with a tribute gift and support scholarships for library support staff members who hope to attend the ACRL 2021 Conference. Your gift of appreciation will delight a colleague and help to make the ACRL Conference an inclusive experience for all who work in libraries.

True story: “The ACRL Conference Scholarship program is much more than just a financial support mechanism that helps to sustain and retain people of diverse cultural/ethnic backgrounds and under-represented groups in the library profession. I think of it as a life-giving river that feeds the library ecosystem. The Scholarship program has presented me with numerous opportunities to develop professional relationships, networks, and support systems that still exist today.” – ACRL 2019 Conference Scholarship Recipient Orolando Duffus

We sincerely appreciate your generosity this holiday season!