Join Next Generation to Shape Future of Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data!

Join the next generation of advocates and scholars to shape the future of Open Access, Open Education, and Open Data!

Are you a librarian who’s passionate about opening up access to educational and scholarly resources? Keen on being part of a community that’s dedicated to and engaged in OA advocacy? Then OpenCon 2016 is the conference and community for you. Now in its third year, you must apply and be selected to attend OpenCon in person. (Anyone can attend remotely; satellite venues and other opportunities for virtual attendance will be announced.)

ACRL is providing scholarship funding for two librarians to attend OpenCon 2016 in Washington, DC, November 12-14. To be eligible for selection, just follow the OpenCon application process and instructions. If you are a librarian and have already applied, then great! If you are chosen to participate in OpenCon and are an ACRL member, you will be considered for an ACRL-sponsored scholarship. Your information will be conveyed to a group of ACRL member leaders for review and selection.

Besides the benefit of attending OpenCon, each recipient of the ACRL-sponsored scholarships will also be appointed for a 2-year term on ACRL’s Research and the Scholarly Environment Committee! Thus, if selected, you’ll have a chance to build on what you gained from OpenCon and contribute to scholarly communication initiatives that ACRL works on.

The application deadline is July 11, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Apply ASAP and have a chance to attend OpenCon on an ACRL scholarship!