Librarianship in the Time of Coronavirus

graphic with a desk, computer, books, and clock
graphic with a desk, computer, books, and clock

Librarians and library workers are first and foremost people and, for all of us, a pandemic makes for challenging times. But we are in this together. At ACRL we want to foster community and care through technology and across distances.  

To help the academic library community cope and learn from each other in challenging and rapidly changing circumstances, over the coming days and weeks we’ll post occasional discussion questions to our social media accounts using the hashtag #COVIDlibrary. We encourage you all to share your stories and learning experiences in response. 

To get us started:

In times of crisis, community is more important than ever. What are you doing to cope right now? Share something that has helped you deal with changes related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Share your stories on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll post more questions for discussion – as well as responses and resources from ACRL staff – over the coming days.

Stay healthy and safe, everyone!