New Virtual Workshops from ACRL

Bring robust online learning directly to your library, chapter, or consortium with ACRL’s virtual Off-RoadShow workshops! Led by expert presenters over multiple days, these online workshops are based on our popular in-person RoadShow workshops and support academic library professionals in tackling the greatest issues facing the profession. Organizational members of ACRL receive a 10% discount off the hosting cost!

Check out our below offerings and learn more about hosting a workshop for your library or organization:

NEW! – Open Educational Resources and Affordability

This introductory virtual workshop is intended for academic librarians and library staff interested in learning about OER and/or developing OER initiatives at their institutions. The online workshop begins with foundational knowledge about OER: What are OER? How do they impact faculty and students? Presenters and participants will also discuss examples of and opportunities for library involvement in affordability initiatives, analyze stakeholders and institutional context, and determine appropriate strategies and goals for real-world application.

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Putting the Standards for Libraries in Higher Education into Action

Libraries in higher education are increasingly required to demonstrate their value and document their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness. The Standards for Libraries in Higher Education is a framework for library planning and assessment that can be used for a variety of circumstances including annual planning, program review, and accreditation self-study. Through presentation, discussion, and group activities, learn how to use the Standards to communicate your library’s impact.

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Engaging with the ACRL Framework

This online workshop supports librarians seeking to engage more deeply with the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education and explore ways it may help enrich their individual teaching practices, as well as their local instruction programs and institutions. Throughout this online workshop, participants will explore concepts and pedagogical approaches outlined in the Framework and their significance to their own instructional work. Attendees will apply their learning and reflection by creating instruction plans with the Framework as a guide.

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Building Your Research Data Management Toolkit

Research data management has emerged as a need among academic researchers and liaisons are building skills in response. This online workshop will assist liaisons to identify their existing skills and mindsets that transfer to research data management services, and then create a learning plan for the RDM specific knowledge needed to serve their subject disciplines. Tools, hints, and tricks will be shared that facilitate partnerships on campus with disciplinary faculty and with other RDM service providers. Presenters will use interactive experiences to facilitate learning.

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More Opportunities Coming Soon!

Our RoadShow teams are hard at work transforming their high-quality in-person workshops into virtual experiences, including opportunities to learn as individuals and licensed programs that can be hosted by and tailored to your institution. Learn more.