Opportunity to Serve on Contributed Papers Selection Committee ACRL 2011 National Conference

The co-chairs for the ACRL 2011 National Conference Contributed Papers are looking for volunteers to serve on the Contributed Papers Component Committee. This appointment will involve review and rating of contributed paper proposal submissions from Mid-May to Mid-June 2010. The review process is intense, but short in duration and occurs online.  Criteria for review will be provided.  Please note that serving on the committee does not preclude you from submitting a proposal.

If you are interested in serving on the committee, please email your affiliation and contact information (name, email, phone, fax) to Marie L. Radford (mradford@rutgers.edu) along with your 2pg CV ASAP, but no later than August 10, 2009.

Marie L. Radford, Rutgers University
Lisa Stillwell, Franklin & Marshall College
Co-Chairs Contributed Paper Committee, ACRL 2011 National Conference

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