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ACRL Podcast: Scholarly Communication Research Agenda

November 5, 2007 David Free 0

ACRL has issued a new white paper, “Establishing a Research Agenda for Scholarly Communication: A Call for Community Engagement,” resulting from a one-day invitational meeting to collectively brainstorm the evidence needed to manage and influence the changing system of scholarly communication. Listen to the co-chairs of ACRL’s Scholarly Communications Committee […]

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ACRL Podcast: Visual Literacy Meets Information Literacy

August 8, 2007 David Free 0

Randy Hensley (University of Hawaii at Manoa) interviews Danuta Nitecki (Yale University), Loanne Snavely (Penn State University), and Cindy Cunningham (The Corbis Corporation) about visual literacy and its connection to and role in information literacy, the subject of their ALA 2007 Annual Conference presentation on June 24, 2007. The conference […]

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ACRL Podcast: Ever Wonder What The Future Holds?

March 31, 2007 David Free 0

The ACRL Research Committee unveiled the top ten assumptions for the future of academic libraries during ACRL National Conference on Saturday March 31, 2007. A panel representing community and liberal arts colleges, research university libraries, as well as an observer of the higher education environment reacted and commented upon the […]

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ACRL Podcast: Julie Todaro On ACRL Emerging Leaders

March 22, 2007 David Free 0

Julie Todaro, Vice-President/President Elect of ACRL, talks about her work with the ALA Emerging Leaders and, in particular, with the two groups of Emerging Leaders that ACRL is sponsoring and mentoring. Time: 8:00 [display_podcast] About the Music: The music in ACRL Podcasts is “Don’t you,” mixed by stefsax and available […]

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ACRL Podcast: Passionate Policy Wonks Needed

March 20, 2007 David Free 0

Are you interested in federal legislation and policy affecting libraries? Are you connected in your campus community? Are you willing to work with your members of Congress for change? ACRL needs you! Listen to ACRL Government Relations Chair W. Lee Hisle discuss the ACRL Legislative Advocate program. Time: 3:46 [display_podcast] […]