RBMS Guidelines for Borrowing and Lending Review

The ACRL/ RBMS Task Force for the Guidelines for Borrowing and Lending Special Collections Materials solicits final comments on the ACRL/RBMS Guidelines for Interlibrary and Exhibition Loan of Special Collections Materials. The Task Force has been working for a year and a half to review, update, and revise the 2004 revised Guidelines for the Interlibrary Loan of Rare and Unique Material and the 2005 revised Guidelines for Borrowing and Lending Special Collections Material for Exhibition. The new guidelines combine these two documents into a single set of guidelines for borrowing and lending special collections material.

The Task Force has held public hearings and disseminated earlier drafts and now seeks commentary on its current draft in advance of final review at the ALA Annual meeting, June 2011. The draft is posted on the RBMS Website at http://www.rbms.info/committees/task_force/borrowing/index.shtml.

Please send comments by May 1, 2011, to Hjordis Halvorson, Task Force Chair, at halvorsonh@newberry.org.