RCL Thanks Peer Reviewers

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RCL logoResources for College Libraries (RCL), the database of 95,000 core titles for undergraduate libraries, is peer-reviewed by academic librarians and faculty to ensure continued credibility and excellence.

On behalf of the RCL editorial board and co-publishers Choice and ProQuest, we thank the following referees from 2018 for their valuable review of the RCL and RCL: Career Resources subject bibliographies and their service to the profession.

Karen Antell, University of Oklahoma
Ellen Barrow, Georgia State University
Brooke Becker, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Eileen Bentsen, Baylor University
Courtney Block, Indiana University Southeast
Aaron Bowen, Wichita State University
John Burke, University of Tennessee at Martin
Peggy Cabrera, San Jose State University
Lesley Caldwell, Pierce College District
Christianne Casper, Broward College
Teresa Chapa, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Stacy Charlesbois-Nordan, Oakland Community College
Katherine Chew, University of Minnesota
Allan Cho, The University of British Columbia
Adam Clemons, UC Berkeley
Chelsea Contrad,a Springfield Technical Community College
Joan Dalrymple, Bergen Community College
Michael Dudley, University of Winnipeg
Catherine Dwyer, University at Albany
Sheri Edwards, Florida Atlantic University
Brendan Fay, Emporia State University
Veronica Fu, University of Virginia
Kenny Garcia, California State University, Monterey Bay
Larissa Garcia, Northern Illinois University
John Hernández ,Northwestern University
LadyJane, Hickey Austin College
DeLoice Holliday, Indiana University
Sara Howard, Princeton University Libraries
Laila Hussein, Moustafa UIUC
Lisa Johnston, Eckerd College
Dianna Kim, Sam Houston State University
Eileen Kramer, Georgia State University
Alison Larsen, Siena College
Teresa LePors, Elon University
Meredith Levin, Columbia University
Rebecca Lloyd, Temple University
Amber Loos, Southern Illinois University
Kyle Lynes, University of Hartford
Kelly MacWatters, Siena College
Christopher Marcum, University of San Diego
Patricia Mardeusz, University of Vermont
Andy McCarthy, Bunker Hill Community College
Bryan McGeary, Dickinson College
Anne McMahan, Grant Clemson University
Joey Merritt, Merced College
Susan Montgomery, Rollins College
David Morris, UIUC
Erica Nicol, Washington State University
Kwaku Nti, Georgia Southern University
Lorena O’English, Washington State University
Marie Paiv,a University of Utah
Justin Parrott, New York University in Abu Dhabi
Alexis Pavenick, California State University, Long Beach
Lisa Payne, John Tyler Community College
Jane Marie, Pinzino Tulane University
Dan Reboussin, University of Florida
Alison Ricker, Oberlin College
Adam Rosenkranz, Claremont Colleges
Daniel Sabol, Pace University
Tracy Salvage, Schenectady County Community College
John Sandstrom, New Mexico State University
John Siegel, University of South Carolina Upstate
Alex Simons, University of Houston
Susie Skarl, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
Jordan Sly, University of Maryland
Donna Smith, Northern Kentucky University
Nancy Spiegel, University of Chicago
Cristina Springfield, Madison Technical College
James Steffen, Emory University
Jennifer Stidham, Houston Community College
Karla Strand, University of Wisconsin
Amy Tureen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Thuy Vo Dan,g UC Irvine
Elise Wallace, The Citadel
Rob Withers, Miami University of Ohio

For information about participating in RCL’s editorial development, contact RCL Project Editor Anne Doherty at adoherty@ala-choice.org.