SCOAP3 needs your support NOW to move forward

ACRL has long supported the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access in Particle Physics Publishing (SCOAP3) initiative and encourages members who subscribe to high-energy physics journals to sign an expression of interest. ACRL welcomes this experiment in new funding models and recognizes its potential to inform scholarly publishing more globally.

SCOAP3 proposes an innovative economic model to achieve open access to peer-reviewed literature in high-energy physics. The model seeks to redirect subscription expenditures to ensure open access and work to contain costs – and in doing so, achieve more value than is possible within a subscription-based system.

SCOAP3 proposes to create an international consortium of libraries and funding agencies that will centrally contract with publishers for the services of administering peer-review, editing, and open-access article dissemination.

U.S. libraries are invited to submit expressions of interest to SCOAP3 to determine whether there is sufficient support to advance to the next stage of the process: establishing a structure for governance. Expressions of interest are not binding, and signing one in no way obligates a library to transfer funds to SCOAP3 at this time. However, more expressions are required for this new model to move forward.

The cost of supporting SCOAP3 will not exceed the cost of subscription access to the identified suite of HEP journals: Springer’s European Physical Journal C, SISSA/IOP’s Journal of High Energy Physics, Elsevier’s Nuclear Physics B and Physics Letters B and APS’ Physical Review D. Additionally, SCOAP3 will target a smaller proportion of content from SISSA/IOP’s Journal of Instrumentation, Elsevier’s Nuclear Instruments and Methods, and APS’ Physical Review Letters.

Find out more about SCOAP3 in these FAQs by SPARC and ACRL.