SCOE Updates, Midwinter Forum

The ALA Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE) was pleased to share the Forward Together recommendations with ALA members this fall through ALA Connect. The timeline for Forward Together has been extended and a vote on Constitution and Bylaws/Policy changes will not occur in June 2020. Instead, a new member group will take over the work of Forward Together in late Spring, informed by the work of the Committee on Organization, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee, and SCOE. This new member group will take a closer look at what Forward Together being implemented might actually look like for the association, potentially test some of the ideas and in real time, and work with members to continue refining the recommendations.

To prepare for this transition to a new member group, SCOE would like to take the opportunity at Midwinter to discuss how the association can continue moving forward together, what information and processes this new group can gather and identify, and how constituent groups envision making changes to the association over the next few years, tied to Forward Together or through unit strategic plans. SCOE knows quite a few groups have taken this opportunity to look at best practices and begin making changes ahead of recommendations and hopes those groups can share their experiences and how they relate to Forward Together.

Please join SCOE on Saturday, January 25, at 12:00 p.m. in PCC-Room 112-AB for a conversation facilitated by SCOE on how groups can all work together to continue strengthening ALA and moving the association forward. This conversation will include a very brief update on the timeline and work involved in Forward Together and will primarily be conversation and sharing among groups. The conversation will be open to all ALA members but will be focused specifically on Divisions.