Support ACRL this Giving Tuesday!

Today, ACRL is celebrating Giving Tuesday, a global day where people from all around the world come together to celebrate generosity and the spirit of giving.

During this season of gratitude and reflection, we find ourselves overflowing with thanks for the exceptional dedication of our members, volunteers, staff, and community. You have truly gone the extra mile to drive ACRL’s Plan for Excellence forward and invest in the future of academic and research libraries. Your unwavering support is a testament to your understanding of just how indispensable ACRL is to the library and higher education communities. In fact, none of the achievements we’ve celebrated this year would have been possible without the boundless generosity of our donors.

I value ACRL’s promotion of professional dialogue and its focus on helping library professionals produce new information. ACRL has supported me in growing as an academic librarian and has helped me make connections with peers.” – Christina Holm

Christina’s words encapsulate the essence of ACRL – a platform that fosters professional growth, sparks meaningful dialogues, and connects like-minded individuals in the pursuit of knowledge and inclusivity

Your gift fuels the passions we all share – advancing learning and reshaping scholarship. You have the power to make a real impact by contributing to the ACRL program that resonates most with you. Whether it’s the ACRL Advancement Fund, ACRL Conference Scholarship Fund, or RBMS Conference Scholarship Fund, your choice is your voice.

Not sure where to put your support? This year, inviting donations to the ACRL Advancement Fund. Your generous contributions empower us to not only overcome but thrive in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Thank you for being an essential part of the ACRL community! Your support makes a difference as we work together to shape the future of academic and research libraries.