Support Public Access to Taxpayer-Funded Research: Ask Your Senators to Cosponsor and Pass S. 779

Access to federally funded research is the top issue on ACRL’s 2015 legislative agenda. Contact your U.S. Senators to ask that they demonstrate their support of open access to taxpayer funded research by cosponsoring and pushing for passage of the Fair Access to Science and Technology Research Act of 2015 (FASTR). Ask the staffer who answers the phone if their boss is supporting FASTR. If they say yes, ask if that is a firm yes. If they have objections, ask if they can explain what those might be. Please take a moment to share what you learn with Jessica McGilivray in the ALA Washington Office, so that she can follow up. She will in turn share those concerns or supporters with the offices working on this bill and follow up with your Senator.