Tell Congress to Protect Public Access to Information

ALA has long believed that when taxpayers fund scientific research, the public should have access to the information that results. Unfortunately, after years of bipartisan progress, some in Congress are now trying to put a stop to this.

Exorbitant serials prices have been a problem for years, especially for academic libraries. Ensuring public access to publicly-funded research is crucial to addressing that issue.

Public access to research helps not only researchers, but also students, healthcare providers, patients, and innovators. Unfortunately, a new House appropriations bill includes a provision that would block a Biden Administration order that ensures public access to unclassified research.

We must remind Congress why access to information is vital for libraries and the users we serve. Libraries have won hard-earned advances on this issue over the George W. Bush, Obama, Trump, and now Biden Administrations. We can’t let Congress roll back access to information now.