Tell Department of Education to Make Libraries Grant-Eligible

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) is seeing public comments on its “Proposed Supplemental Priorities of Discretionary Grant Programs,” that is the areas where the ED plans to focus competitive grant programs, due Monday, November 13.

Each time the ED revisits its priorities is an opportunity for libraries to demonstrate the many ways we provide high-quality education for students of all ages, from early learners to lifelong learners. It is a chance for libraries to have a voice at the national level and influence public policy.

Does your library promote STEM and computer science education? In what ways does your library foster literacy? Does your library implement programs for career readiness? If you see how your library contributes to these or any of the ED’s 11 proposed priorities, submit a letter by the November 13 deadline.

ALA will be filing comments and is encouraging librarians across the country to file as well. Tell the ED to make libraries grant-eligible. By using all the voices in our communities to help the ED set priorities, we can increase the chances libraries are eligible for federal funding that can provide more resources and opportunities to the communities we serve.