Volunteer Now for ACRL Division or Section Committees

Are you looking for ways to expand your professional network and contribute to ACRL? Committee volunteers help shape ACRL by advancing its strategic plan and influencing the direction of academic and research librarianship. Serving on a committee or editorial board is a great way to become involved and make an impact on the profession. If you’d like to become more engaged, I invite you to volunteer to serve on a 2014—15 division or section committee.

One of my favorite library school professors advised me that becoming professionally active would be rewarding, energizing, and essential to my own growth — all of which proved to be true.  I chose ACRL as my professional home and I have been rewarded with stellar colleagues, opportunities to hone my leadership skills, and the deep satisfaction of knowing my contributions have made an impact.  Volunteers make ACRL a vibrant organization.  Please accept this invitation to help advance the strategic goals of our Association by investing your time, knowledge, and creativity

Karen Williams, ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect

The ACRL committee volunteer form for section and division-level appointments is now open! If you wish to be considered for a committee appointment, complete the ACRL volunteer form by February 15, 2014.  For more information and a link to the volunteer form, visit the ACRL website.