About ANSS

The Anthropology and Sociology Section brings together librarians and information specialists to discuss common issues; publish news, bibliographies, and reviews of important resources; and communicate with organizations devoted to scholarship in anthropology, sociology, and related fields.

If you are current, new, or returning member, we hope that you find your affiliation with ANSS rewarding,  informative, and enjoyable. You can browse the information below and learn more about the group, what ANSS has to offer, and how you can join and help.

How do I find out about what ANSS does and how it works?

  • ANSS Brochure
  • ANSS Currents the Section’s biannual newsletter. Online archival access going back to November 1997. Includes Section and Committee news and reports and reviews of scholarly resources.
  • ANSS Manual for Officers, Committee Chairs and Committee Members Everything you ever wanted to know about how ANSS is organized and the ins and outs of how it runs.  The Manual includes a section on the history of ANSS and provides information about how the discussion groups and committees began.  It also lists the major responsibilities of the offices of ANSS.

How can I connect with other ANSS members?

  • ANSS supports a discussion list called ANSS-L (pronounced Ansel). This list is a discussion forum for information specialists in anthropology, sociology, and related fields. The list also provides information about activities and news of the section. Postings may also include information about new publications, Internet resources, and topics of broad interest to its readership. ANSS-L is open to anyone who wishes to subscribe and the contents of the list are archived. To subscribe, send a message to listproc@ala.org. In the body of the message type “subscribe ANSS-L Firstname Lastname”.
  • The ANSS Social is held on the Friday night of Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference.  This is an excellent venue for meeting other ANSS members in a casual setting.
  • Discussion groups for anthropology, criminal justice, and sociology meet at the Midwinter Meeting and Annual Conference.

How can I get involved in committee work?

ANSS holds meetings, many of which are open to visitors, at the American Library Association Conferences. Check ANSSWeb prior to the conferences for meeting times and dates. We need volunteers! Check out our committees and contact the chair of the Membership Committee  with your interests.