Conference Program Planning Committees identify appropriate topics for conference programs and plan program activities, locations, and participants for the Annual conference. Typically a program committee member compiles a bibliography of resources related to the program topic, which is published on ANSSWeb. These committee also set up tours of local sites of interest to the section members, such as a museum or library.

The Instruction and Information Literacy Committee is charged to follow guidelines set forth by ACRL in reviewing and developing disciplinary concepts, standards, and framework for practices of information literacy in anthropology, sociology, criminal justice/criminology and related fields; to recommend how ANSS IL practices can be applied or adapted; to co-sponsor information literacy activities within ANSS; to work with related disciplinary organizations and ACRL/ALA committees to address recent developments in instruction, information literacy, librarian-faculty collaboration and other areas identified and recommended by the ANSS Executive Committee.

The Liaison Committee is charged to a) identify organizations in the fields of anthropology, sociology, criminal justice/criminology and related fields with which to build collaborative partnerships; b) support ANSS members in building and sustaining relationships with these organizations; c) advise and support the ANSS-appointed liaison(s) in working with their target organization(s).

The Membership Committee coordinates recruitment and retention activities, encourages participation in ANSS activities, consults and cooperates with the Publications Committee in connection with the production and distribution of the section brochure, and serves as a link between ACRL/ALA membership committees and the section. The committee plans and hosts ANSS social events at Midwinter and Annual Conference. It also sends letters to new members and to individuals who have dropped their membership.

The Nominating Committee recommends a slate of candidates for elections.

The Publications Committee produces ANSS Currents and oversees other publishing projects, such as ANSSWeb, ANSS-L, a publicity brochure, and the ANSS Manual.

The Resource Review and Bibliography Committee reviews and analyzes the current state of bibliographic control of publications in anthropology and sociology. It identifies specific areas needing improved bibliographic control and communicates these needs to publishers. The committee also disseminates information about the bibliography of these fields to the section membership. The primary product of the committee is reviews of indexes and abstracts (print and electronic), which are published in Currents first and then published on ANSSWeb.

Review and Planning reviews the section as mandated by ACRL and reviews and makes recommendations regarding the section’s goals, future directions, policies, and procedures.

The Subject and Bibliographic Access Committee provides a forum for exchange of information and a clearinghouse for issues and concerns related to bibliographic access (including, but not restricted to, subject headings, call numbers, and name authorities) to materials in anthropology, sociology, criminology and criminal justice, and related fields. Each month the Committee answers a different question on cataloging issues and policies. In addition, the Committee posts a monthly lists of new subject headings in the social sciences. The Committee also processes proposals for Library of Congress Subject Headings including changes to existing headings, additions of new cross-references to existing headings, and new subject headings policies.

Visit the ACRL ANSS Section webpage for other details.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, contact the Membership Committee chair!