Are Subject Librarians An Endangered Species?: A Select Bibliography

A Select Bibliography: 1975 – 2005
(in descending chronological order)

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“The more than 30 subject librarians at the Harold B. Lee Library are one of the most valuable yet underutilized resources available to students…I’d definitely go to [a] subject librarian so I could…be sure that I had gone to the expert.”

Vanessa Chavez, “Subject Librarians in Digital Reference,” Webjunction (May 19, 2005),
“A major change in reference services…has led many people to question the role of the librarian, including subject specific reference librarians.”

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“As librarians understand and college and university administrators often do not, the role of libraries and librarians is ever more important in assisting users in the hybrid world to navigate the dizzying universe of electronic information and relate these sources to print and archival materials. It also requires greater subject expertise and…will likely result in a need for more Ph.D.s on the library staff, especially in research universities.”

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Compiled by the ANSS 2005 Conference Program Planning Committee: Mimmo Bonnami Wade Kotter (ANSS Chair and Program Moderator) Pauline Manaka
Brian Quinn (Co-Chair) Lynn Westney (Co-Chair)