ANSS Currents – Vol. 17, No. 2 November 2002

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The Newsletter of the ACRL Anthropology & Sociology Section

Vol. 17, No. 2 ISSN 0888-5559 November 2002

Royce Kurtz

I would like to thank all committee members and discussion leaders for their participation and hard work over the past year. The continued vitality of ANSS as a force in promoting information awareness in the social sciences is dependent on the detailed work of its committees and discussion groups as reported below. ACRL is currently investigating software packages that will allow more committee work to take place online through the ALA Web site, increasing the opportunities for more section members to become involved.

As Chair of the Program Planning Committee for Toronto 2003, let me briefly describe the proposed program which currently features two speakers. Keren Rice, head of the Aboriginal Studies Program at the University of Toronto, will review how copyright issues effect peoples of the Fourth World. Patrick Boucher, director of the Aboriginal Portal, will address issues of information delivery via the Web to the First Nations of Canada. It is shaping up to be an exciting program. Make plans to attend!

Below is the final schedule for ANSS meetings at midwinter in Philadelphia. Room assignments have not yet been made. All meetings are open to visitors with the exception of the Nominating Committee. Please feel free to visit a committee on which you may wish to serve. It is a great way see what’s going on and meet colleagues with similar interests. To volunteer for a committee, please contact James Haug, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect or fill out a Volunteer Form. See you all in Philadelphia.

Preliminary Midwinter Schedule 2003

Saturday, January 25th
Executive Committee (1 of 2) 8-9 am
Bibliography Committee (1 of 2) 9:30-11 am
Liaison Committee 9:30-11 am
Nominating Committee 9:30-11 am
Review and Planning Committee 9:30-11 am
Subject and Bibliographic Access 9:30-11 am
Sociology Librarians Discussion Group 11:30-12:30 pm
Publications Committee 2:00-4:00 pm
Criminal Justice/Criminology Dis. Group 4:30-5:30 pm

Sunday, January 26th
Conference Program Planning 2003 8-9 am
Bibliography Committee (2 of 2) 9:30-11 am
Membership Committee 2:00-4:00 pm
Anthropology Librarians Dis. Group 4:30-5:30 pm

Monday, January 27th
Conference Program Planning 2004 8:00-9:00 am
Executive Committee (2 of 2) 9:30 am-11:30 am

Cathy Moore-Jansen, Chair, Nominating Committee

Wade R. Kotter, Weber State University
Christine A. Whittington, Greensboro College

Susan Erickson, Vanderbilt University
Penny Whitten, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Mimmo Bonanni, Arizona State University
Brita Servaes, New York University


Vice Chair/Chair-Elect Candidate’s Statement:

Kotter, Wade R. : Education: Brigham Young Univ., B.S., 1978; Andrews Univ., M.A., 1980; Univ. of Arizona, Ph.D., 1986; Univ. of Maryland-College Park, M.L.S., 1993. Present Position: Social Sciences Librarian, Stewart Library, Weber State Univ., 1994-Present. Previous Positions: Interim Head of Reference, Stewart Library, Weber State Univ., 1999-2000; Intern/Volunteer, Smithsonian Institution Libraries, 1992-1994. ALA Divisions: ACRL: Chapters Council, 1999-2001; ANSS: Bibliography Committee, 1997-2001, Chair, 1999-2001; Review and Planning Committee, 2001-present. State and Regional Library Association Activities: Utah Library Association (ULA), Academic Section, Chair, 1998-99; ULA ACRL Roundtable, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect, 1998-99, Chair, 1999-2001. Honors, Awards, Prizes, Medals, Citations: Beta Phi Mu, Univ. of Maryland, 1993; Most Outstanding Paper, ASIS Potomac Valley Chapter Student Paper Contest, 1993; Phi Beta Kappa, Univ. of Arizona, 1986. Publications: “Improving Subject Access in Anthropology,” Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian, 2002; “Bridging the Great Divide: Improving Relations between Librarians and Classroom Faculty,” Journal of Academic Librarianship, 1999.
Statement of Concern:
My appreciation of ANSS has grown significantly with my involvement in section activities. As a member, and later Chair, of the Bibliography Committee I became aware of the many opportunities ANSS provides for networking and professional service. As Chair, I also served on the Executive Committee, an opportunity that increased my understanding of ANSS and strengthened my commitment to serve. My ongoing work on the Review and Planning Committee has increased my awareness of section goals, procedures, and operations. If elected, I will focus on three areas: increasing member involvement on section committees by exploring opportunities for virtual participation; supporting new and ongoing liaison activities with professional associations in sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, and related fields; and broadening the appeal of our conference programs by continuing the recent trend towards collaboration and co-sponsorship with other sections.

Whittington, Christine A. : Education: Purdue Univ., B. A., 1972; Clarion Univ. of Pennsylvania, M.S.L.S. 1983. Present Position: Director of Library Services, Greensboro College, 2002-present. Previous Positions: Head of Reference and Assistant Access Services Librarian, Univ. of Maine, 1996-2002; Social Sciences and Humanities Reference Librarian, Univ. of Maine, 1991-96; Arts and Architecture Librarian and Head, Arts Library, Penn State, 1989-91; Reference Librarian, Penn State, 1983-89. ALA Activities: Reference Books Bulletin Editorial Board, 1985-89 (Chair 1987-89), ALA Divisions: ACRL: ARTS, 1983- (Chair 1995-96); ANSS, 1983- : Liaison Committee, 1996-2001, Member at Large, 2000-present; Popular Culture in Libraries Discussion Group, Leader, 1999-2000; CLS, 2002- : RUSA, 1983- : Reference Service in Medium-Sized Libraries Discussion Group, Steering Committee 1993-98. State and Regional Library Association Activities: Maine Library Association, 1991-98: Government Documents Section, 1995-97 (Chair, 1996-97). Membership in Other Professional Organizations and Learned Societies: American Folklore Society, 2000- . Publications: Body Marks: Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification, with Kathlyn Gay (Millbrook, 2002); “‘Unbeatable: The Guinness Book of Records.” In J. Rettig (Ed.), Distinguished Classics of Reference Publishing (pp. 138-146). Phoenix, AZ: Oryx, 1992; “General Social Sciences” and “Communication” in The Social Sciences: A Cross-Disciplinary Guide to Selected Sources (3rd ed.), ed. N. L. Herron. Littleton, CO: Libraries Unlimited, 2002.

Statement of Concern:
As a member of ANSS since 1983 and a member of the Publications, Liaison, and Membership Committees, I have had opportunities to discover and appreciate the importance of the Section to its members and to other ALA members who attend our programs, tours, and discussions. ANSS members hold a variety of positions in many kinds of institutions. ANSS members come together–physically and electronically–to share knowledge, ideas, experiences, and perspectives. The strength of ANSS lies in its members and their eagerness to share expertise with others. My goal as Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect of ANSS will be to continue to build the strength of our membership, explore ways for more of our members to benefit from ANSS membership and to participate, and to continue to share our expertise with all members of the anthropology and sociology academic communities as well as with one another.



Bibliography Committee
Domenico Bonanni, Chair

The Bibliography Committee met twice during the 2002 ALA Annual Conference in Atlanta, and accomplished several items. The major part of the meeting involved the final editing of Pauline Manaka’s review of Applied Social Sciences Index and Abstracts (ASSIA). The review was approved for publication in this issue of ANSS Currents. In addition, Penny Whitten distributed her draft review of Biological Abstracts. The Committee began to read and edit the review, and will continue to discuss the review at the next meeting in Philadelphia. Also for the next meeting, Valery King volunteered to prepare a draft review of Ageline for discussion.

Executive Committee
Royce Kurtz, ANSS Chair

Executive Committee is officially the officers and committee chairs of ANSS, but visitors who are interested in the workings of ANSS are always welcome. Committee chairs and discussion group leaders all report on their committee’s current and proposed activities. Guests also make reports and share information. Pamela Snelson, the ACRL board member who is liaison to ANSS, summarized ALA/ACRL news, particularly ALA’s formation of a new organization, Allied Professional Association, that will work on certification issues and pay and equity issues. Suzanne Calpestri of UC-Berkeley reported on celebrations of 100 years of anthropology at Berkeley. The map showing where students had done dissertation field work was one of their most popular exhibits. It’s now on the web.

Janet Steins provided an overview of Harvard’s new online catalog that allows anyone to search just the holdings of the Tozzer Library. Lynne Schmelz informed us that the Council for the Preservation of Anthropology Records is moving its database from Arizona State to UC-Davis. Lynne also updated everyone on HRAF’s progress. Their E-version is becoming ever more popular. Maggie Dittemore, Smithsonian Institution, discussed the American Anthropological Association’s initial explorations into a publishing model for an electronic format. Executive Committee meetings are a place to find out what’s going on with ANSS, ALA, and the social sciences library world.

Membership Committee
Erin Daix, Co-Chair

The Membership Committee met Sunday, June 16, from 2:00-4:00 p.m. The Committee discussed the Social on Friday night and future Socials. Friday seemed to be the best night for the event and an intimate venue is preferable. Committee members will try to find a smaller place in Philadelphia. Discussions also centered on creating a sign-up sheet for all discussion groups so the Committee can get membership attendance. These sign-up sheets will help the Committee get names of non-members in attendance in order to send information to those individuals. The Committee also revised the letter sent to all new members.

Publications Committee
Lynn C. Hattendorf Westney, Chair

The Committee thanked Ann Roselle (in absentia) for her industrious efforts on the attractive revision of the ANSS brochure. Erin Daix will assume responsibility for the ANSS Officers, Liaisons, Discussion Group Conveners and Committee Chairs web pages. Joyce Ogburn continues to maintain all other pages of the redesigned ANSSWeb. Shawn Nicholson and Mary Nofsinger have assumed co-editorship of ANSS Currents with the resignation of Isabel del Carmen Quintana. The Committee extends its appreciation and gratitude to Isabel for all her years of service as co-editor.

Stephen MacLeod is currently the ANSS-L Moderator. He stated his intention of resigning from this position a year ago. The Publications Committee is seeking nominations and/or volunteers for this important position. Interested applicants please contact Lynn C. Hattendorf Westney at

Review and Planning Committee Report
Cathy Moore-Jansen, Chair

During the committee’s meeting at Annual, the primary agenda item was the continuing, systematic review of the ANSS manual. Further changes and additions will be incorporated into the manual by Cathy Moore-Jansen and distributed to committee members for review prior to Midwinter 2003. It is hoped that a revised manual will be ready to present to Executive Committee at Midwinter. There are also a few minor revisions to the bylaws that will need to be distributed and voted on by the membership during the coming year. Committee members also discussed issues related to archiving ANSS documents. Wade Kotter and Sue Erickson have begun work on more detailed archiving guidelines and retention schedules including a review of how other Sections archive their materials and an accounting of ANSS materials that are stored in a number of different places. Further discussions and work on the archiving guidelines will continue at Midwinter 2003.



Anthropology Librarians Discussion Group
Gail Egbers, Convener

After introductions and some brief announcements, Wade Kotter gave a report about the Scholarly Communications Interest group at AAA. The group has been approved and Wade is waiting for more information from AAA.

Janet Steins, from Harvard’s Tozzer library, led the discussion about collection development resources for anthropology. She handed out lists of Useful Web Sites for Identifying Anthropology Publications, Selected New Periodicals in Tozzer Library, and Selected New Monographic Series in Tozzer Library. She also shared names and addresses of antiquarian and used book dealers who specialize in anthropology. Janet and her Harvard colleagues answered attendees’ questions on specific problems/situations, including approval plans. They also explained the collection development procedures at the various libraries at Harvard.

Topics that were suggested for the Midwinter 2003 Anthropology Librarians’ Discussion included information literacy in anthropology, choosing websites, and digitization of anthropology materials. A general call for a co-convener is also being made.

Criminal Justice/Criminology Discussion Group
Deborah Schaeffer, Convener

“Finding, Acquiring, and Using Crime and Justice Data” was the theme of the informative presentation made by Dr. Christopher S. Dunn, Director, National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD), Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), which is located at the University of Michigan. Dr. Dunn gave a thorough introduction to NACJD and its possible uses by librarians, students, faculty and other researchers. He stressed the need to utilize the Archive in conjunction with other criminal justice informational sources, such as the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS).

A forthcoming enhancement to the Archive’s website will allow users to directly link to new crime related reports and publications. The depth and breadth of the Archive is amazing! Dr. Dunn has graciously made his presentation slides available to any interested person. If you would like a set of these Power Point slides, contact Deborah Schaeffer at <> and she will email you a set. The next discussion session will occur on Saturday afternoon at 4:30 during Midwinter. Our guest speaker will be Marianne Zawitz, Chief, Publication and Electronic Dissemination, Bureau of Justice Statistics. So, mark you calendars!


Sociology Librarians Discussion Group
Dana Edwards, Co-convener

Discussion centered on “Using U.S. Census Materials Online.” Beatrice Piddock, Information Services Specialist in the Atlanta Regional Office of the U. S. Census Bureau, was the guest presenter. Ms. Piddock spoke at length about the design and evolution of the U. S. Census web site, and provided handouts and overhead projections as examples. She recommended viewing the web site with Internet Explorer if possible. Her presentation focused especially on the American Factfinder and Census data in map format, and clarified the differences between the Sample File Data Sets. Major topics of discussion were sampling methods, the new racial group categories and options, and searching options and alternatives. The approximately 20 librarians in attendance gained new insights for using the wealth of information available from the U. S. Census Bureau web site.


Anthropological Index Online. Submitted by David Zeitlyn. The Anthropological Index Online is the bibliographic index published by the Royal Anthropological Institute (London). It is based on the journal holdings of the Anthropology Library at the British Museum (incorporating the former Royal Anthropological Institute library) as well as being available via RLG (where a package enabling common searching with ‘Anthropological Literature’ is under development). The Anthropological Index Online is available from <>.

In 2002 an enhancement to the system was introduced whereby users can register to receive email notification of updates to the AIO data. Registration can be undertaken via the URL: From here you can save searches and the titles of journals of interest – when new data is added to AIO you will be notified via email. This service has been developed with the help of the Wenner-Gren Foundation.

Personnel: Christine A. Whittington is now Director of Library Services, Greensboro College, 815 West Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401-1875. (336) 272-7102 x315;

New Publication: Body Marks: Tattooing, Piercing, and Scarification. Millbrook Press, 2002, by Kathlyn Gay and Christine Whittington.

ACRL Awards Program 2003. The deadline for submitting applications, proposals, or nominations for the upcoming ACRL 2003 awards is December 6, 2002. ACRL offers many opportunities for librarians and library school students to be recognized for their outstanding achievements. Apply or nominate someone today! Please visit the ACRL website for information on all awards ( or contact Stephanie Sherrod at 800-545-2433 x2515, for informational flyers. Awards will be presented next summer during the ALA Annual Conference in Toronto.
ACRL 11th National Conference: Learning to Make a Difference.
Charlotte, North Carolina April 10-13, 2003.

This is your opportunity to explore the important issues facing academic librarianship and higher education!

Why you should attend ACRL’s 11th National Conference in Charlotte. . .

1. Stimulate your thinking about topics such as assessment, collaboration, innovations, teaching and learning, and technical and access services.

2. Take home practical ideas to put to use in your library.

3. Visit with vendors to find out about state-of-the-art products and services for academic librarians.

4. Network with colleagues from around the country during conference events.

5. Visit great attractions in and around charming Charlotte, North Carolina.

Available online:
*Registration and housing details (registration will open in the fall)
*Charlotte local arrangements information
*Exhibitor list
*Poster session and roundtable call for participation





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