ANSS Currents Guide for Authors

Purpose and Background

ANSS Currents communicates information on the activities of the section to keep section members and other stakeholders apprised of efforts on their behalf. It is also a forum for section members to share professional information relevant to the ANSS community.

ANSS Currents began publication in May 1986 and is published twice a year (Fall and Spring, typically late October/early November and late April/early May).

Style Guidelines

Use the APA 6th edition style manual. Formal APA in-text citations and bibliographies are not necessary for shorter reports. Instead, include website links in text as hyperlinked words, unless a full reference citation is merited.

Use only one space after periods.

Use the oxford comma: anthropology, sociology, and criminology.

Article Guidelines

All articles should be submitted directly to the ANSS Currents editor via email.

Committee Reports

All committee chairs are expected to submit a report to Currents. These reports should summarize your committee’s meeting at Midwinter or Annual and any other activities of note. This is not a reprinting of your meeting minutes. The report should be kept short to approximately 1-3 paragraphs in length. Use a narrative format that summarizes and highlights key points. The goal is to create engagement among ANSS members in your committee activities and provide an update to those that may not want to read through your complete minutes.

Liaison Reports

The liaisons to AAA and ASA should submit a report of their activity to Currents. These can vary from a single paragraph to over a page in length depending on the level of activity to report. Use a narrative format. Longer reports are usually those that share experience of attending the AAA or ASA conference.

Discussion Group Reports

The chairs of the discussion groups are expected to submit a report to Currents. These reports should summarize your discussion topic at Midwinter or Annual. Use a narrative format. Sometimes short lists of recommended resources may be shared. The length is usually around 1 page, but may be as short as a half-page or as long as 2 pages depending on the content. The goal of these reports is primarily to share the topics covered in discussion, and secondarily to convey any group news or business (e.g., potential upcoming topics).

Conference Program Reports

The chair of the past Conference Program Planning Committee is responsible for submitting a report to Currents summarizing the Annual Program for the Fall issue. This report can be anywhere from 1 paragraph to 2 pages in length. It should recognize the contributions of the planning committee and the speakers and share the key points from the program. Including pictures of the program in action is encouraged.

The chair of the upcoming Conference Program Planning Committee is responsible for submitting an advertisement to Currents of the upcoming Annual Program for the Spring issue. This is generally shorter, and may take up to approximately a half-page.

Member Profile

This column feature profiles an ANSS member. The profile is a narrative based on the author’s interview with the ANSS member. It should be approximately 1-2 pages in length. Usually the profiles include professional history, areas of professional interest and work, involvement with ANSS, and some general personal details. A picture of the profiled member should be included.

The profile is usually written by a member of the Membership Committee. Contact the Membership Committee chair to suggest a member to profile and/or volunteer to write a column.

Tech Corner

This column feature profiles a new or otherwise interesting and useful technology. Past examples include Softchalk (content authoring software) and Mendeley (bibliographic management software), but any technology type in addition to software may be profiled. The Tech Corner runs approximately 1-3 pages in length, with screenshots. An overview of the technology and how it is useful in practice should be included. The Tech Corner author should provide their title, affiliation, and email.

Any ANSS member may volunteer to write a Tech Corner feature or serve as a multi-issue contributor: contact the Currents editor.


Feature articles may be written on any topic of relevance to the ANSS community. The length is approximately 1-3 pages. Articles may include a bibliography. Most article topics spring from the various ANSS committees, especially the Information Literacy committee. Topics include sharing of best practices and/or local programs, overviews of domain research areas and resources, sharing of major committee projects, etc. Article authors should provide their title, affiliation, and email.

Any ANSS member may contribute an article: contact the relevant committee chair (e.g., the Information Literacy committee for instruction related topics or the Subject & Bibliographic Access committee for cataloging related topics) for an opportunity to both write an article and engage in committee activities, and/or contact the Currents editor with article proposals.

Resource Reviews

Review articles may be written on any resources of relevance to the ANSS community. These are generally comprehensive reviews that look at a single resource in-depth, or may be a comparison of related resources. Usually resources under review are electronic resources: indexing, abstracting, and database services. Review articles generally range from 5-10 pages including screenshots. Previous reviews should be consulted for stylistic and content norms. Resource review authors should provide their title, affiliation, and email. These and some other additional guidelines are available at

ANSS members wishing to write a resource review should contact the Resource Review & Bibliography chair and the editor of Currents.

Other News and Notes

Other content, including brief news and announcements, or ideas for new feature and content types for Currents are welcome. Contact the editor of Currents.

(updated July 2013)