Guide to Editing ANSSWeb

Purpose and Background

ANSSWeb is an electronic communication publication that maintains items of interest to the section members. It strives to be original in content and does not seek to duplicate information readily available in other sources. Although responsibility for content and editing rests with the Publications Committee of ANSS, ANSSWeb is not published nor maintained by ALA or ACRL.

ANSSWeb began publication at Yale University in 1996 and moved to Old Dominion University in 1996. In January of 2011, the site was moved from the ALA/ACRL servers to WordPress.  The current ANSSWeb Editor is Erin Gratz.

Past editor(s) of ANSSWeb include Joyce L. Ogburn, 1996-2002; Joyce L. Ogburn and Erin Daix, 2002-2003; Erin Daix, 2003-2008; Carol Bell, 2008-10; Erin Gratz 2010 -.


Getting Involved

  • Update address on volunteer form after Annual meeting

Officers and Committees

  • Update officers after Annual meeting

Conferences and Programs

  • Update conference information as soon as the schedule is known
  • Add bibliography from program after Annual meeting
  • Include additional entries as warranted
  • Keep as current as possible
  • Send messages regarding updates and changes to ANSS-L


  • Bibliography of Selected Anthropology & Sociology Resources