Guide to Editing ANSS Currents

Purpose and Background

ANSS Currents communicates information on the activities of the section to keep section members and other stakeholders apprised of efforts on their behalf.

ANSS Currents began publication in May 1986 and is published twice a year (Fall and Spring, typically late October/early November and late April/early May).  Two issues have been double issues: v. 2(2)-v. 3(1) and v. 7(2)-v. 8(1).

Editor(s) serves as an ex-officio member of the Publications Committee and the Executive Committee.

Past editor(s) of Currents include: Steve MacLeod and Janet Steins v. 1(1)-v. 3(1); Maija Lutz and James Williams v. 3(2)-v. 7(1); James Williams and Fred Hay v. 7(2)-v. 9(2); Fred Hay and Joyce Ogburn v. 10(1)-v. 10(2); Joyce Ogburn and Ellen Gilbert v. 11(1); Ellen Gilbert and Isabel Quintana v. 11(2)-v. 12(2); Isabel Quintana and Mary Nofsinger v. 13(1)-v. 17(1); Mary Nofsinger and Shawn Nicolson v. 17(2)-v. 18(2); Shawn Nicolson v. 19(1); Shawn Nicolson and Thomas Mann v. 19(2)-v. 21(1); Shawn Nicolson, Stephen Fowlkes, and Susan Metcalf v. 21(2); Stephen Fowlkes and Susan Metcalf v. 22(1); Susan Metcalf v. 22(2); Susan Metcalf and Jenny Bowers v. 23(1); Jenny Bowers v. 23(2)-v. 24(1); Jenny Bowers and Lesley Brown v. 24(2)- v. 27(2); Hailey Mooney and Kathleen Pickens-French v. 27 (2); Hailey Mooney and Erin Pappas v.28(1)-v.29(2); Erin Pappas v.30(1); Hailey Mooney v.30(2)-

The editor may at his/her discretion enlist members of the Publications Committee as co-editors in order to assist with copyediting or other duties.


ANSS is responsible for producing the copy, design, and layout.

ACRL Section Newsletter Information:


Every Issue

  • Message from the Chair
    • Include a photograph
  • Preliminary meeting schedule
    • Ask for this from the Chair
  • Reports from standing committee meetings, subcommittees, task forces
    • Spring reports from current chair
    • Fall reports from past chair (they were chair during Annual)
    • Chairs rotate after Annual
  • Reports from discussion groups
    • Same authorship notes as committee chairs
  • AAA and ASA Liaison reports
  • Reviews from Resource Review & Bibliography Committee
    • List reviewer, affiliation, and date reviewed
    • Contact head of RR&B Committee for information on expected reviews
    • A recent development is one full review and one short review
  • Member profile
    • This is often written by a member of the Membership or Publications committee
  • Membership news and notes (new jobs, publications, etc)
  • Articles
    • Solicit at Midwinter/Annual, particularly from committees
    • Potential recurring columns
      • Tech Corner
      • History Corner
  • Notice of ANSS publications (when applicable)
    • e. g., New publications on ANSSWeb such as Toolkits, Bibliographies, etc.
  • “Filler”
    • ACRL advertisements provided by our ACRL staff contact. Used to fill in space between articles as needed for layout purposes. Use as much or as little as the provided filler as needed.
  • Social photo spread
    • Solicit social photographer prior to conference from Membership/Publications Committees. Photos are usually posted to Facebook, and then can be pulled from there.
  • Publication Information


  • Candidate statements
    • Contact Nominating Committee chair for these
  • Report on Annual program
    • Contact Conference Program Planning Committee chair


  • Notice of the Annual program

Further information about reports and article types is available in the Guide for Authors:

Design and Layout

Beginning with Volume 27 Issue 2, in coordination with the new ANSS logo, a new layout is in use. This layout was designed by Hailey Mooney. The layout uses a Microsoft Word template to produce and is transformed into a PDF file for final production and distribution. Refer to the MS Word template for specific instructions. There is no page limit. Some general information is presented here.

Publication Information

  • Front page header
    • Logo
    • Newsletter title, ANSS Currents
    • “The newsletter of the ACRL Anthropology & Sociology Section”
    • ISSN 0888-5559
    • Volume and Issue No.
      • New volume starts each calendar year
      • Spring = issue No. 1
      • Fall = issue No. 2
    • Date
      • [Fall or Spring] [YEAR]
    • Last page full publication information
      • Must include this statement, per ACRL guidelines, with correct contact information for ACRL/ALA and copyright statement.
        • The ANSS Currents (ISSN 0888-5559) newsletter is a biannual electronic publication of the Anthropology and Sociology Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 50 E. Huron St., Chicago, IL 60611, (800) 545-2433, Ext. 2523,
        • © American Library Association, [YEAR].
      • List names and contact information for Editor(s), Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect
      • ANSSWeb URL
      • ANSS Currents on ANSSWeb URL


Information and colors here for documentation purposes. Use the logo image on file.

The logo uses two fonts. For the acronym, the font is Franklin Gothic Demi Condensed.  For the text beneath the logo, I used different sizes of Myriad Pro Semibold Condensed.

The colors on the hands from left to right are from the Pantone color wheel and are as follows:

PMS 4635 – RGB 140-89-51
PMS 615 – RGB 226-219-170
PMS 460 – RGB 234 – 221 – 150
PMS 175 – RGB 109-51-33

The text is black for ANSS and the first line under ANSS. The Association of College and Research Libraries is PMS 4635.

For print items, these can be changed to process colors for 4-color printing.

Newsletter Fonts and Colors

  • Arial Narrow for headings
  • Arial for author names
  • Times New Roman for text. Size 11.5.
  • Use black and ANSS Brown (R140 G89 B51)
  • Picture Borders Brown(140-89-51), 3pt, Compound type Thick Thin (Flat, Round)

Formatting Conventions


  • Title Caps for article titles


  • Committee reports list co/chairs by name only (no full author info). If report was submitted by someone other than one of the co/chairs, note it underneath. For Fall issue, the co/chairs for the previous year should be listed, as it represents who was chair from Annual, which is when the reports are from (new chairs start after Annual, and will be listed in Spring for the Midwinter reports).
    Sally Wilson Weimer and Rosalind Alexander, Co-Chairs
    Report by Gina Schlesselman-Tarango
  • Full author info for articles:
    Title, Institution
    Juliann Couture
    Assistant Librarian, University of Colorado-Boulder

ACRL Guidelines

Although many are included here, refer to list of ACRL newsletter checklist for further details and tips:

Production of PDF

PDF Guidelines

Hyperlink table of contents to articles

It is preferred to use the professional version of Adobe Acrobat to create the PDF and the table of content hyperlinks. Other versions are prone to issues.

Guidelines for Editing Style

ANSS Stylesheet

Use the APA style manual (beginning with Vol. 27 No. 2. Previously Chicago style was used. This is at the discretion of the current editor. Most important is to use a consistent style throughout an issue.)

Use one space between sentences.

Some common ANSS language conventions:

  • e-book
  • Internet
  • Web, Web site, Web page. ANSSWeb, ANSSWiki, wiki
  • the committee, Membership Committee
  • Social
  • Midwinter meeting, Annual meeting
  • Fall issue, Spring issue
  • Full-text article, full-text database, articles are available full text, foreign-language materials
  • LibGuides
  • Oxford comma: anthropology, sociology, and criminology
  • Be consistent with capitalization of anthropology, sociology, etc; Sociology department


  • Include website links in text as hyperlinked words, unless a full reference citation is merited. This is a deviation from formal APA, so likely more appropriate for the committee reports than the more formal articles.
  • APA parenthetical cites/references: to journal articles, books, reports, etc. should appear in the full-length articles (as opposed to committee and discussion group reports)

Logistical Coordination of Production and Editing Process

ALA Meetings

At the Annual and Midwinter meetings, the upcoming ANSS Currents content list should always be an agenda item. At ANSS Executive, remind everyone that committee reports should be written along with minutes and solicit committee chairs for articles.


The official production due date will be sent by the ACRL liaison. Due dates are generally end of April for the Spring issue and mid-October for the Fall issue.

Submissions due date: Count back 4 weeks from the production due date.

Call for Submissions: Send the first call at least 5 weeks out from the submissions due date. Send periodic reminders. After the due date, send individual reminders to late submitters. It is also helpful to notify expected authors at the time of the call for submissions.

Post the timeline to the editor workspace.


Create a workspace for the editorial process, e.g. Google Drive. Create a folder for each issue. Make a document with the timeline. Make a spreadsheet with the expected content. Use this to track authors, submissions, and editing. Be in touch with authors as needed to ensure submissions. There will always be some late submissions where you will need to contact the author. Ideally, editing should occur in the first two weeks after the submissions due date. Layout and design occur in the two weeks leading up to the due date.

As production due dates are usually Monday at 5pm, the final draft of the newsletter should be completed by the prior Friday. Send out the final draft to at least 2 members of the Publications Committee to review for errors. Fix any errors (there will always be some!) on Monday in time for the 5pm deadline.


In recent practice, one co-editor has responsibility for the bulk of actual text editing and one co-editor has responsibility for logistics and layout.

Editing of the message from the chair, committee reports, etc. should be basic with a  focus on editing for general clarity and grammar. Staying true to the tone/style of the author is important.

Editing of the resource reviews and articles should be more in-depth, covering clarity and grammar, but also edit for content. This may include some back and forth between editor and author.

Making small changes is at the prerogative of the editor and there is no need to contact the author regarding any minor edits. For any substantial edits, including requests for additional information/re-writes, the author should be contacted.

Common Errors in Editing and Layout

Watch for these common errors:

  • Spelling of names
  • Overall consistency across issue
  • Correct page numbers
  • Correct dates in header
  • Orphans (tiny bit of article hanging over page)

ACRL Staff Liaison Contact

Dawn Mueller
Senior Production Editor
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611
Our ACRL liaison provides production due dates, “filler” materials, and answers any questions that may arise.


  • ANSS distributes the newsletter via ANSSWeb, ANSS-L, and ANSS Facebook page

On the production due date, the PDF of the newsletter should be emailed to the ACRL liaison and to the ANSSWeb editor. Notify the ACRL liaison that the newsletter will be posted on ANSSWeb and that we will announce it ourselves to the ANSS-L listserv.

The ANSSWeb editor will post to ANSSWeb and send the URL.

Currents editor writes post to ANSS-L announcing the publication of the newsletter. This may include a brief intro letter highlighting the contents.

Currents editor posts announcement to Facebook.

(updated June 2016)