2013 New Subject Headings in the Social Sciences

2013: List 1 (January 21)

Cooking (Blood)

Earth resistance in archaeology

Fanti language

Feast of the Savior of the World

Goa Made Site (Indonesia)

Gods, Thai

Gods, Thai, in art

Jandavlattepa Site (Uzbekistan)

Kera language–Tone

Kwere (African people)

Malalmuerzo Cave (Spain)

Middle Ages in popular culture

National characteristics, Brazilian, in motion pictures

Orria Pithinna (Extinct city)

Premarital examinations (Islamic law)

Right to health

Rural-urban relations in art


Sara Kaba Náà language

Sierra Leone–History–1896-1961

Wall of Gorgan (Iran)


Womanism–Religious aspects

Womanism–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]


2013: List 2 (February 18)

Aleuts–Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945

Altarpieces, Colombian

Antichak Site (India)

Archaeological surveying–Laser use in

Arroyo de la Presa Site (Tex.)

Baiae (Extinct city)

Bube literature

Bube poetry

Bullying in schools–Law and legislation

Carnival plays

Chan Site (Belize)

Chanctonbury Ring (England)

Childbirth in mass media

Colonization in art

Communance Site (Delémont, Switzerland)

Dance and race

Disabilities in motion pictures

Discrimination in mental health services–Law and legislation

Dreros (Extinct city)

Estakhr (Extinct city)

Etiquette in art


Folk poetry, Bube

Gorowa (African people)

Gumuz (African people)

Hispanic American professional employees

Ikaan dialect

Jewish women photographers

Kala Uyuni Site (Bolivia)

Karajarri (Australian people)

Kimbridge Quarry Site (Dunbridge, England)

Kryts language

Kunda language

Kurāyī (Iranian people)

Ladner-Dedeaux Site (Miss.)


Lesotho Sign Language

Lower Xiajiadian culture

Lullabies, Persian


Meliador (Legendary character)

Mersa Gawasis Site (Egypt)

Orchomenus (Extinct city)

Phil Stratton Site (Ky.)

Proverbs, Hazaragi

Qeiyafa Site (Israel)

Ruscino Site (France)

Sihó Site (Mexico)

Technology in popular culture

Three-dimensional imaging in archaeology

Tzintzuntzan Site (Mexico)

Upper Xiajiadian culture


Vindication in literature

Wipi language

2013: List 3 (March 18)

Africanisms in literature

Art objects, Tanzanian


Butch and femme (Lesbian culture) in motion pictures

Cambodian American art

Camfranglais language

Colonization in literature

Computer file sharing–Law and legislation

Doromu-Koki language

Epic literature, Arabic

Erotic poetry, Korean

Ethnology–Côte d’Ivoire

Fables, Slovenian

Filipino American college students

Gay erotic poetry

Gay erotic poetry, American

Gay erotic poetry, English

Gay erotic poetry, French

Gay erotic poetry, Greek

Gay erotic poetry, Greek (Modern)

Gay erotic poetry, Japanese

Gay erotic poetry, Philippine (English)

Gay erotic stories, Philippine (English)

Gay erotic stories, Tagalog

Green children of Woolpit (Legendary characters)

Heraion (Perachōra, Greece)

Horror tales, Cornish

Horror tales, Indonesian

Human information processing in older people

Hymns, Bambara

Kanlı Kümbet (Battalgazı, Malatya İli, Turkey)

Kingsley Fields Site (Nantwich, England)

Kingston Fortifications National Historic Site (Kingston, Ont.)

Love stories, Indonesian

Manga dialect (Niger and Nigeria)

Master of laws degree

Meṣad Site (Israel)

Mon Repos (Greece)

Nafana (African people)

Ndebele fiction (South Africa)

Organizational resilience

Personal Internet use in the workplace–Law and legislation

Population assistance–Finance

Population assistance–Finance–law and legislation

Proverbs, Fanti

Quebrada de los Burros Site (Peru)

Sadāprarudita (Buddhist deity)

Short stories, Ndebele (South Africa)

Strikes and lockouts–Television broadcasting

Strikes and lockouts–Television broadcasting–California

Sulocanā (Hindu mythology)

Suspense fiction, Philippine (English)

Text messaging (Cell phone systems) and traffic accidents

Tiresias (Greek mythology) in literature

Valley of the Muses Site (Greece)

Wild women in art

Wild women in literature

2013: List 4 (April 15)

African American Christians

Ananʹinskīĭ Mound (Russia)

Attawapiskat Indian Reserve No. 91 (Ont.)

Attawapiskat Indian Reserve No. 91A (Ont.)

Bad Malente-Grellenkamp (Extinct city)

Bartoccini Tomb (Tarquinia, Italy)

Children’s literature, Bosnian

Children’s periodicals, Hindi

Earthworks (Archaeology)–England

Ethnology–Burkino Faso

Filippovka Mound (Russia)

Folk poetry, Dagestanian

Hymns, Pennsylvania German

Lü (Asian people)

Museum buildings–Mexico

Nacimiento Site (Guatemala)

Palacio Cantón (Mérida, Mexico)

Pech Maho Site (Sigean, France)

Pedra do Ingá Site (Brazil)

Pré de la Mottaz Site (Switzerland)

Prose poems, Hindi

Rơmăm (Southeast Asian people)

San Martino di Ovaro Site (Ovaro, Italy)

Sexual orientation–Religious aspects

Sexual orientation–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Short stories, Cornish

Snuff boxes and bottles–China

Songs, Kamaiurá

Stonehenge Cursus (England)

Tiéfo (African people)

Tuki language

Üzėmchin (Mongolian people

Vagina in literature

Vagina in popular culture

Waura arts

Women authors, Serbian

Women poets, Uzbek

2013: List 5 (May 20)

Anacreontic poetry, Italian

Azor Cemetery Site (Israel)

Botswanan students

Braj fiction

Civilization, Ancient, in art

Coconuco Indians

Cultural diplomacy

Dagur literature

Dagur poetry

Folklore in the Qur’an

Gangamma (Hindu deity)

Hadith stories

Hadith stories, Arabic

Hadith stories, Gujarati

Hadith stories, Malay

Hadith stories, Urdu

Ice patch archaeology

Korean language–Business Korean

Names, Ding


Raman (Kurdish tribe)


Samaritan women

Savior siblings

Sexting–Law and legislation

Short stories, Braj

Spirituality–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Trip hop (Music)

Valentine’s Day in art

Women roller skaters

Wood sculpture, Nigerian

Zen stories, American

Zen stories, Australian

Zen stories, Chinese

Zen stories, English

Zen stories, Hebrew

Zen stories, Indic (English)

Zen stories, Sinhalese

2013: List 6 (June 17)

Abruzzese dialect

Althiburos (Extinct city)

Anahita Temple (Kangāvar, Iran)

Anglo-Indian prose literature

Aztec goddesses in art

ʻAzzah (Arab tribe)

Barnenez Cairn (France)

Bàsura Cave (Italy)

Bobastro (Extinct city)

Brain death–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Cable knitting

Canadian football–Law and legislation

Cell phones–Religious aspects

Cell phones–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Child welfare–Awards

Child welfare–Awards–India

Children’s songs, Sanskrit

Chiron (Greek mythology) in literature

Christian poetry, Australian

Country music–Scottish influences

Cyrrhus (Extinct city)

Czech Republic–Civilization–Islamic influences


Domestic tragedies (Drama)

Emerald Mound (Miss.)

Estonian prose literature

Ethics–Anthropological aspects

Family reunification

Family reunification–Law and legislation

French-Canadian women

Guarayo mythology

Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor

Heraion (Samos, Greece)

Historic sites–South Atlantic States

Holocaust denial–Law and legislation

Humorists, Uzbek

Indian reservations–Northwest Territories

Indian reservations–Yukon

Inuvialuit Settlement Region (N.W.T. and Yukon)

Jaugada Site (India)


Kadada Site (Sudan)

Mantle Site (Ont.)

Marias Massacre, Mont., 1870


Memphis Race Riot, Memphis, Tenn., 1866

Migration, Internal, in motion pictures

Mochica mural painting and decoration

Movima mythology

Muchukunda (Hindu mythology)

Parents of intersex children

Piegan Indians–Wars

Pottery, French-Canadian

Proverbs, Gusii

Qurʼan stories, Urdu

Race in musical theater

Race riots—Tennessee

Racially mixed people in popular culture

Sexual minorities in mass media

Suburban life in motion pictures

Suburban life on television

Tacana mythology

Temple of Apollo (Delphi)


Urusagrig (Extinct city)

Yggdrasil (Norse mythology)

2013: List 7 (July 15)

Agutaynen literature

Agutaynen poetry

Annaberg, Battle of, Germany, 1921

Aragon (Spain)–History–Martin I, 1396-1410

Aranui Cave (N.Z.)

Archaeological integrity

Archaeological significance

Archaeological significance—Evaluation

Avinguda del Paral·lel (Barcelona, Spain)

Baada Point (Wash.)

Baldoyle Bay (Ireland)

Ballintober Castle (Ireland)

Bank Employees’ Strike, Argentina, 1959

Bannow Bay (Ireland)

Batangas Bay (Philippines)

Bays–Northern Mariana Islands

Bisexual teenagers

Bishrī Mountains (Syria)

Block 20 (Mauthausen (Concentration camp))

Book of Mormon stories, English

Book of Mormon stories, Spanish

Branding irons

Buglere language

Calamian Group (Philippines)

Cannonau (Wine)

Cát Bà Island (Vietnam)

Cedar Creek State Park (Ala.)

Ch (The Spanish letter)

Chants, Maori

Château de Kerjean (Saint-Vougay, France)

Chicano Park (San Diego, Calif.)

Chichester Castle (Chichester, England)

Children–French Guiana


Christian poetry, Austrian.

Circumcision–Equipment and supplies

Circumcision knives.

Civil rights demonstrations–North Carolina

Collective memory in music.

Concentration camp buildings–Austria

Coron Bay (Philippines)

Coups d’état—Mali

Cuyo West Pass (Philippines)

Dialect poetry, Syriac (Modern)


Dogali, Battle of, Dogali, Eritrea, 1887


Dunluce Castle (Northern Ireland)

Egerton Buildings (Barrow-in-Furness, England)

Egyptian fiction, Modern (French)

Eritrea–History–To 1890

Expatriate nurses

Fairy Cave Quarry (England)

Feminist drama, American

Filipino American Catholics

Flatrock Road Site (Tex.)

Folk poetry, Syriac (Modern)

Fort Loudoun (Tenn. : Fort)

Gan ha-madaʻ Alberṭ Ainshṭain (Jerusalem)

Gardens in motion pictures

Gay erotic literature, English

Gay erotic literature, French

Ghost stories, Czech

Goddesses, Roman, in art

Great Western Greenway (Ireland)

Green Mountain Fire, Colo., 2008

Greensboro Sit-ins, Greensboro, N.C., 1960

Haitian American children

Heverkan (Kurdish tribe)

Homosexuality in video games

Huapi Island (Chile)

Humanitarian assistance, American—Rwanda

Indian press

Industrial districts—Connecticut

Intelligent dance music

Ionia (Turkey and Greece)

Jumpers (Dresses)

Kaisareia Hadrianopolis (Extinct city)

Kalamian languages

Kalevi-Liiva Massacres, Estonia, 1942-1943

Kanto (Turkish popular music)

Ketamine abuse

Kilian Island (Nunavut)

Korea–Intellectual life–1910-1945

Laolao Bay (Northern Mariana Islands)

Law–Spanish influences

Law, Dong

Law, Hmong

Le Conte Bay (Alaska)

Lesbian erotic poetry

Lesbian erotic poetry, American

Lesbian erotic poetry, Canadian

Lesbian erotic poetry, English

Lesbian erotic stories

Lesbian erotic stories , American

Lesbian erotic stories , Canadian

Lesbian erotic stories , English

Liquanfang Kiln Site (Xi’an shi, China)

Mafjar Site (West Bank)

Mali–History–Coup d’état, 2012

Mali–History–Tuareg Rebellion, 2012



Monumento do Marquez de Sá da Bandeira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Mothers of entertainers

Museggmauer (Lucerne, Switzerland)

Nakanai Mountains (Papua New Guinea)

Ndamba language

Nine Days (Jewish mourning custom)

Nineteen thirteen, A.D.

Noir fiction, Colombian

Nurses–South Africa

Operation Babylift, 1975

Operation Felix, 1940

Operation Poland, 1938

Operation Support Hope, 1994

Pagan Island (Northern Mariana Islands)

Palacio de Liria (Madrid, Spain)

Palazzo Datini (Prato, Italy)

Palazzo delle colonne (Milan, Italy)

Peacekeeping forces, South Korean

Personal belongings in art

Pikes Portage Route (N.W.T.)

Pipe music (Pipes (2))

Poets, Mari

Political posters, Brazilian

Pompeiopolis (Kastamonu İli, Turkey : Extinct city)


Quatrains, Kyrgyz

Quotations, Scots

Race War, Cuba, 1912

Rompers (Clothing)

Ruakuri Cave (N.Z.)

Rwanda–History–Civil War, 1994–Civilian relief

Sabotino Mountain (Italy and Slovenia)

Sam Browne belts

Self-portraits, Australian

Serampas (Indonesian people)

Short stories, Tunisian (French)

Spanish language–Alphabet

Speeches, addresses, etc., Uruguayan

Stefansson Island (Nunavut)

Storkerson Peninsula (Nunavut)

Strikes and lockouts–Bank employees–Argentina

Suicide (Roman law)

Sundanese philology

Suzume Island (Chiba-ken, Japan)

Three Governors Controversy, Georgia, 1946-1947

Tibradden (Ireland)

Torah mantles


Trabzon Kalesi (Trabzon, Turkey)

Tunisian fiction (French)

Ugliness in opera

Ulica Próżna (Warsaw, Poland)

Verde Island Passage (Philippines)

Video blogs




Women prisoners in motion pictures

Woodwind trios (Pipes (3))

World War, 1939-1945–Atrocities—Estonia

World War, 1939-1945–Campaigns—Gibraltar

Yashar (The Hebrew word)

Zağnos Burcu (Trabzon Kalesi, Trabzon, Turkey)

2013: List 8 (August 19)

Art, American–Mexican influences

Assyrians in mass media

BASE jumping

Baseball players as soldiers

Basketball players with disabilities

Bidistili Giants Tomb (Italy)

Castellot de la Roca Roja Site (Spain)


Cliff diving

Collective memory and motion pictures

Comorian fiction (French)

Coppice Colliery (England)

Crucifiés (Cult)

Eno Indians

Flash mobs–Law and legislation

Fort Dobbs State Historic Site (N.C.)

Forte di San Felice (Chioggia, Italy)

Heidengraben Site (Germany)

Hiiumaa Island (Estonia)

Hoxie Farm Site (Ill.)

Iraq–History–Kurdish Uprising, 1991

Kenton Caves (Okla.)

Kinston, Battle of, Kinston, N.C., 1862

Korean language–1894-


Megalithic monuments—Italy

Ngor Island (Senegal)


Palazzo Albani del Drago (Castel Gandolfo, Italy)

Racetracks (Automobile racing)–North Carolina

Racially mixed youth

Rajghat Site (India)

Rednecks in literature

Rednecks in popular culture

Roca Site (Italy)

Romangia (Italy)

Selvello Site (Italy)

Serial murderers in mass media

Serial murderers in popular culture

Siuren I Site (Ukraine)

Tractor pulling (Motorsports)

Uman, Battle of, Umanʹ, Ukraine, 1941

Via Marmorata Site (Rome, Italy)

Wheelchair basketball players

Women insurance investigators

2013: List 9 (September 23)

African American women newspaper editors

Amusement parks–South Carolina

Animal welfare (Islamic law)

Art, Acadian

Authors, Divehi

Autobiographical fiction, Caribbean (French)

Autonomy–Religious aspects

Autonomy–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]

Barhūt Wādī (Yemen)

Barrington Court (Somerset, England)

Bourekas films

Brokers (Islamic law)

Buddhist literature, Sinhalese

Buhaoyisi (The Chinese phrase)

Cannock and Leacroft Colliery (England)

Cape Verde–Politics and government–1991-

Chain gangs in motion pictures

Chedworth Roman Villa Site (England)

Children’s writings, Belizean

Civilization–Korean influences

Cooking, Mahoran

Culturally relevant pedagogy

Cyclone Aila, 2009

Dialect literature, Ukrainian

Didactic literature, Sinhalese

Divehi poetry

Drug traffic in literature

Drugs (Islamic law)

Dūr-Abiešuḫ (Extinct city)

Environmental disasters–Law and legislation

Erotic stories, Irish

Estancia El Pino (Matanza, Argentina)

Ethiopian drama



Fair trade clothing

Fire Base Illingworth, Battle of, Vietnam, 1970

Folk literature, Ugandan

Fort Defiance (N.C. : Dwelling)

Fort Fisher State Historic Site (N.C.)

Galite Islands (Tunisia)

Gangkar Punsum (Bhutan)

Gawthorpe Hall (England)

Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009, in mass media

Hadrianopolis (Albania : Extinct city)

Hangzhou Bay (China)

Hijab (Islamic clothing) in literature

Historic sites–South Africa


Horn calls

Independence Day (Ghana)

Intermittent fasting

Johari dialect


Lag b’Omer sermons

Lei feng ta (Hangzhou Shi, China)

Liberty Hall Plantation (Kenansville, N.C.)



Mîrawdelî (Kurdish tribe)

Mountain shelters—Italy

Old Nectar Homestead and Garden (South Africa)

Operation Vistula, 1947

Pagu (Indonesian people)

Pagu language

Palazzo Emilei Forti (Verona, Italy)

Peachtree Creek, Battle of, Ga., 1864

Police lineups

Racially mixed families

Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, Newtown, Conn., 2012

School shootings–Connecticut

Simancas, Battle of, Simancas, Spain, 939

Soccer fields—Netherlands

Speeches, addresses, etc., Cape Verdean

Tell el-Ghaba Site (Egypt)

Tibetan language—Alphabet

Trastejón Site (Spain)

White Bend Site (Ill.)

Women newspaper editors–United States

Zoroastrian clothing and dress

Monthly List 10 (October 21, 2013)

Abbreviations, Tibetan

Angry Birds: Star Wars (Game)

Arab American scholars

Äspö Island (Kalmar län, Sweden)

Association Island (N.Y.)

Bargello quilting


Blackness Castle (Scotland)

Buddhist temples—China

Castle Campbell (Scotland)

Château de Buoux (Buoux, France)

Chinqua-Penn Plantation (N.C.)

Coal mine accidents–West Virginia

Coatis as pets

Conduit Colliery (England)

Cooking (Makkŏlli)

Correo Shrine Site (N.M.)

Cossacks in art

Dāphā (Music)

Dębe Wielkie, Battle of, Dębe Wielkie, Poland, 1831

Disabilities and popular music

Douglas C-133 (Turboprop transport)

Drombeg Stone Circle (Ireland)

East Asian libraries–Collection development

East Asian libraries–Reference services

El Salvador–Economic conditions–1992-

Elva automobiles

Eyre Square (Galway, Ireland)

Farm manure–Law and legislation

Filsø (Denmark)

Folk dancers

Folk dancing, Assyrian

Food intolerance

Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park (New York, N.Y.)

Gays, Black

Good and evil in motion pictures

Hadrian’s Cycleway (England)

Hermitage Castle (Scotland)

Horse Guards (London, England : Building)

Hutte Sauvage Lake (Québec)

Imaginary organizations

Korean American Presbyterians

Kunoy Island (Faroe Islands)

Laugavegur (Reykjavík, Iceland)

Lesbians, Black

Littleton Colliery (England)

Makgadikgadi Pans (Botswana)

Middletown Valley (Md.)


Music–Dutch influences

Music–Romani influences

Nineteen fifty-three, A.D

Nineteen ninety-five, A.D.

Nineteen ninety-two, A.D

Noin Ula Mound (Mongolia

Palazzo Zani (Bologna, Italy)

Personal recordings–Law and legislation

Pitahayas in art

Proverbs, Gurani

Proxy war

Qiandao Lake (China)

Race riots–Michigan

Reivers Cycle Route (England)

Sala degli animali (Museo Pio-Clementino, Vatican City)

Sarlak (Iranian people)

Sea to Sea Cycle Route (England

Sebasteion (Aphrodisias)

Shikchin Temple Ruins (China)

Social security–Finance–Law and legislation

Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge (Saint Louis, Mo.)

Steinberggasse (Winterthur, Switzerland

Stone circles–Ireland

Sumgait Pogrom, Sumgait, Azerbaijan, 1988

Surfboard industry

Święto Wojska Polskiego

Teatro Manzoni (Calenzano, Italy)

Teatro Manzoni (Milan, Italy)


United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2005-2014

Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster, W. Va., 2010

Vashgird (Extinct city)

Verse drama, Korean

Villa Leïhorra (Ciboure, France)

Vita icons

Vizmburk Castle (Czech Republic)

Wolseley 21/60 automobile

Women, Karen

Wood sculpture, Ukrainian

Wooden domes

Youths’ writings, Urdu

Monthly list 11 (November 18, 2013)

Acambay Earthquake, Mexico, 1912

Accounting (Islamic law)

Aliens in mass media

‘Almâ (The Hebrew word)

Alto Velo Island (Dominican Republic)

Anglo-French War, 1778-1783–Campaigns–Jersey

Antisemitism in music

Arabic literature–Malta

Arabic poetry–Malta

Archipelagoes–United Arab Emirates

Art and craft debate

Auditing (Islamic law)

Averasboro, Battle of, N.C., 1865

Beaches in motion pictures

Benefit Street (Providence, R.I.)

Bishop’s Palace (Salisbury, England)

Black Seminole women

Black Seminoles


Bullies in mass media

Burqas (Islamic clothing)–Law and legislation



Cerro Danush Site (Mexico

Cerro de la Virgen Site (Spain)

Channel Islands

Chilcotin language

Children, Soninke

Chinese American college teachers

Cholula Site (Cholula, Hidalgo, Mexico)

Ch’ŏnggye Mountain (Korea)

Ch’ŏngnyang Mountain (Korea)

Christmas poetry, Czech

Chumash women

City halls—Wisconsin

Civics, Latin American

Consensual contracts (Islamic law)

Cooking (Soft drinks)

Copper Box (London, England)

Crump Theater (Columbus, Ind.)

Deben Estuary (England)

Derwent Reservoir (Durham and Northumberland, England)

Diplomatic and consular service, Azerbaijani

Domaine de Trévarez (Saint-Goazec, France)

Donation of organs, tissues, etc. (Jewish law


Douglas A. Munro Coast Guard Headquarters Building (Washington, D.C.)

Duke Homestead (N.C.)


Fisk-Harkness House (New York, N.Y.)

Folk literature, Cameroonian


Gardens–Northern Ireland

Goat farming

Guyer Hot Springs (Idaho)

Halal food

Hanyang gu qin tai (Wuhan Shi, China)

Hardenbrook-Somarindyck House (New York, N.Y.)


Haw River State Park (N.C.)

Hockey commissioners

Holcombe Court (Holcombe Rogus, England)

Holy Island (Wales)

Hualfín Inka Site (Argentina)

Huey P. Long Bridge (Jefferson Parish, La.)

Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (New York, N.Y.)

Humanitarian assistance, Dominican

Indian fashion designers

Indian football players

Indian grandmothers

Indian nuns

Innominate contracts (Islamic law)

Inuit periodicals

Islands–English Channel


Jāharapīra (Tale)

Jani Site (Iran)

Jebero Indians

Jebero language


Jopadhola (African people)

Kansa language

Kasi (Pakistani people)

Khirbet et-Tannur Site (Jordan)

K’o Site (Guatemala)

Korea (South)–Economic policy–1948-1960

Leigh Place (Leigh, Surrey, England)


Litlu-Núpar Site (Iceland)

Little Muskegon River (Mich.)

Luleå Archipelago (Sweden

Lure, Lake (N.C.)

Maiwand, Battle of, De Maywand Kārīz, Afghanistan, 1880

Maltese drama

Maltese poetry

Mandura dialect

Medoc Mountain State Park (N.C.)


Merchants Millpond State Park (N.C.)

Methodist band meetings

Miyobe language

MOOCs (Web-based instruction)

Mount Stewart (Northern Ireland)

Much Park Street (Coventry, England

Mythology, Chuvash

Nent, River (England

Nitra Castle (Nitra, Slovakia)

North Carolina–Capital and capitol

North Carolina State Capitol (Raleigh, N.C.)

Numeration, Ethiopic

Numeration, Papuan

Nunez River (Guinea)

Old Wardour Castle (England)

Older Navajo women

Operation Poland, 1938

Oral tradition in motion pictures

Paez Indians

Paez philosophy

Palm Jumeirah (United Arab Emirates

Parque Etnobotánico Omora (Chile)

Passing (Hockey)

Pattersquash Island (N.Y.)

Peacekeeping forces, East Indian

Peñas Blancas Mountains (Jinotega, Nicaragua)

Perry Hall Mansion (Md.)

Petroleum in submerged lands–Law and legislation

Phalōreia (Extinct city)

Portugal–History–Luís I, 1861-1889

Propaganda, Asian

Prose poems, Sindhi

Protest poetry, Honduran

Radio plays, Maltese

Randy Poynter Lake (Ga.)

Rangpur Site (India)

Rava Island (Croatia

Raya (African people)

Reichsburg Kyffhausen (Germany)

Religious literature, Basque


Rocchette Pannocchieschi Site (Italy)

Russians in art

Sheikh-e Abad Site (Iran)

Sherry in literature

Singletary Lake State Park (N.C.)

Slave trade in the theater

Social interaction in motion pictures

Social interaction on television

Song of Ice and Fire (Game)

Stone Mountain State Park (N.C.)

Substance abuse in art

Teatro Portugalete (Portugalete, Vizcaya, Spain)

Trinidadian Americans

Trinidadians–United States

United States Embassy Attack, Islāmābād, Pakistan, 1979

Villa Belgiojoso (Usmate Velate, Italy)

Winstanley Hall (England)

Zuni girls

Monthly List 12 (December 16, 2013)

Anglo-Manipuri War, 1891

Arigidi dialect

Arigidi language

Askolʹd Island (Russia)

Aslam (Arab tribe)

Astrology, Etruscan

Bainouk-Gunyuño language

Bangandu (Cameroonian and Congolese (Brazzaville) people)

Banyun (African people)

Battle Park (Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Bayot language

Beretta shotguns

Bitur language

Blewett Pass (Wash.)

Body piercing services

Brimham Rocks (England)

Capitalist realism (Art)

Cawston Manor (Norfolk, England)

Coal-fired power plants—Wisconsin

Concealed carry of firearms

Cosmology, Aboriginal Australian

Cuiba literature


Dēmētsana, Battle of, Dēmētsana, Greece, 1948

East 54th Street Bath and Gymnasium (New York, N.Y.)

Filipino American teenage girls

Folk dancing, Komi

Geladaindong Peak (China)

Germania Fire Insurance Company Bowery Building (New York, N.Y.)

Gubëeher dialect

Gymnasiums–New York (State)

Inupiaq dialect–Dictionaries

Kākirekka-vāndlu (Indic people)

Kitezh (Legendary place) in literature

Leadership on television

Makimuku Site (Sakurai-shi, Japan)

Market Street (San Francisco, Calif.)

New Zealand–Social life and customs–1918-1945

Niantic Indians

Otmichi Site (Russia)

Paiján culture

Palazzo Steripinto (Sciacca, Italy)


Pech language

Pendejo (The Spanish word)

Picture dictionaries, Inupiaq

Plantation Place (London, England)

Poets, Khowar

Poumai Naga (Indic people)

Proverbs, Comorian

Qurʻān (Arab tribe)

Rauchuvagytgyn Site (Russia)

Riddles, Comorian

Rocky Arroyo Site (N.M.)

Rosneath Peninsula (Scotland)

Rustamid dynasty, ca. 761-909

Saint John’s Freehold (Saint Marys City, Md.)

Sparsely populated areas in popular culture

Stapleton Road Gas Works (Bristol, England)

Tatrzański Park Narodowy (Poland)

Tērein (The Greek word)

Terrain vague

Totten Inlet Watershed (Wash.)

Veterans’ spouses

Virtual reality in mass media

Washington Slagbaai Nationaal Park (Bonaire)

Women sadhus

Women temporary employees

Women’s periodicals, Kurdish

Yaruro literature

Yendang language

Yŏnp’yŏng Island (Korea)