2014 New Subject Headings in the Social Sciences

Monthly List 1 (January 20, 2014)

Academy Site (Athens, Greece)
Bahai Faith and science
Beʼer Resisim Site (Israel)
Bohemia (Czech Republic)–Civilization–Italian influences
Bombing and gunnery ranges—California
Capitalism and education
Chlemoutsi Castle (Greece)
Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range (Calif.)
Comoros–Politics and government
Comoros–Politics and government–1975-
Cook Islands–Languages
Didactic fiction, Korean
Epigrams, Sanskrit
Fijian language—Dictionaries
Funeral singers
Gouache painting, Iranian
Grange, The (Northington, England)
Hacienda de Nogueras (Mexico)
Havera (Scotland)
Hawkwind Site (Tex.)
Historical drama, Pacific Island
Horsell Common (Horsell, England)
Human beings in motion pictures
Japanese–Mexico–Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
Jebel Qa’aqir Site (Israel)
Jewish historical fiction
Jewish historical fiction, German
Judicial independence (Islamic law)
Long (The Chinese word)
Magic–Religious aspects–Judaism
Manoir de Villers (Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville, France)
Manuscripts, Ajami
Marine parks and reserves–Kiribati
Mausoleul Eroilor Neamului (Mărășești, Vrancea, Romania)
Mazatec cosmology
Men—Southwest, New
Narration in the Qur’an
Navajo men
Navajo men—Identity
Niuean language—Dictionaries
Pacific Island drama (English)
Pacific Island drama (French)
Palazzo Descalzi (Chiavari, Italy)
Phunoi (Southeast Asian people)
Picture dictionaries, Fijian
Picture dictionaries, Niuean
Picture dictionaries, Rarotongan
Picture dictionaries, Tokelauan
Picture dictionaries, Tongan
Polish newspapers–Sections, columns, etc.
Poverty in mass media
Propaganda, Anti-Iranian
Punta El Chiquirín Site (El Salvador)
Rarotongan language—Dictionaries
Refuge (Humanitarian assistance)–United States
Riddles, Bangaru
Rockingham Speedway (N.C.)
Science fiction, African
Sumbawa (Indonesian people)
Tokelauan language—Dictionaries
Tongan language–Dictionaries
Trinidad and Tobago–History–To 1800
Twierdza Zamość (Zamość, Poland)
Wit and humor in rabbinical literature
World War, 1939-1945–Evacuation of civilians–Mexico
Złota Kamienica (Gdańsk, Poland)

Monthly List 2 (February 17, 2014)

Abduction–Law and legislation
Absence without leave–Law and legislation
Achilles Sanctuary Site (Ukraine)
ʻAdnān (Arab tribe)
Adultery–Law and legislation
Advance fee fraud–Law and legislation
Affray–Law and legislation
Afghān (The Persian word)
Air France Flight 447 Crash, 2009
Archaeological thefts–Law and legislation
Arson–Law and legislation
Art thefts–Law and legislation
Arts, Ethiopian
Arts, Malawi
Assassination–Law and legislation
Assault and battery–Law and legislation
Atrocities–Law and legislation
Automobile theft–Law and legislation
Bank fraud–Law and legislation
Bekehren (The German word)
Bigamy–Law and legislation
Blanks in legal documents–Law and legislation
Blasphemy–Law and legislation
Boating while intoxicated–Law and legislation
Bombings–Law and legislation
Breach of the peace–Law and legislation
Bribery–Law and legislation
Burglary–Law and legislation
Campus violence–Law and legislation
Capabilities approach (Social sciences)
Carjacking–Law and legislation
Cattle stealing–Law and legislation
Cell phone theft–Law and legislation
Cell phones–Law and legislation
Cemeteries–Desecration–Law and legislation
Check fraud—Law and legislation
Child sexual abuse–Law and legislation
Child trafficking–Law and legislation
Civil disobedience–Law and legislation
Commercial credit fraud–Law and legislation
Commercial crimes–Law and legislation
Compound offenses–Law and legislation
Computer crimes–Law and legislation
Conspiracy–Law and legislation
Counterfeits and counterfeiting–Law and legislation
Credit card fraud–Law and legislation
Crimes aboard aircraft–Law and legislation
Crimes against humanity–Law and legislation
Crimes against humanity (International law)
Crimes against peace–Law and legislation
Crimes of passion–Law and legislation
Crimes without victims–Law and legislation
Criminal syndicalism–Law and legislation
Cyberbullying–Law and legislation
Cyberterrorism–Law and legislation
Cyzicus (Extinct city)
Daylami language
Debit card fraud–Law and legislation
Desertion, Military–Law and legislation
Disorderly conduct–Law and legislation
Domestic terrorism–Law and legislation
Drug abuse–Law and legislation
Drugged driving–Law and legislation
Drunk driving–Law and legislation
Drunkenness (Crime)
East Asian drama
Eavesdropping–Law and legislation
Embezzlement–Law and legislation
Employee crimes–Law and legislation
Employee theft–Law and legislation
Espionage–Law and legislation
Ethiopian American arts
Evolutionary developmental biology
Extortion–Law and legislation
False certification–Law and legislation
False imprisonment–Law and legislation
False personation–Law and legislation
False testimony–Law and legislation
Fashion design–Digital techniques
Filicide–Law and legislation
Flags–Desecration–Law and legislation
Food stamp fraud–Law and legislation
Forcible entry and detainer–Law and legislation
Forgery–Law and legislation
Fornication–Law and legislation
Fraud–Law and legislation
Fraudulent conveyances–Law and legislation
Gang rape–Law and legislation
Genocide–Law and legislation
Hate crimes–Law and legislation
Hate speech–Law and legislation
Heresy–Law and legislation
Hierarchical clustering (Cluster analysis)
Hijacking of aircraft–Law and legislation
Hijacking of ships–Law and legislation
Hispanic American public worship
Homicide–Law and legislation
Honor killings–Law and legislation
Human smuggling–Law and legislation
Human trafficking–Law and legislation
Humanitarian assistance, Turkish
Husband abuse–Law and legislation
Identity theft–Law and legislation
Impostors and imposture–Law and legislation
Incest–Law and legislation
Inchoate offenses–Law and legislation
Indecent assault–Law and legislation
Indecent exposure–Law and legislation
Infanticide–Law and legislation
Insubordination–Law and legislation
Insurance crimes–Law and legislation
Insurgency–Law and legislation
Intellectual property infringement–Law and legislation
International crimes–Law and legislation
Internet fraud–Law and legislation
Intravenous drug abuse–Law and legislation
Jataka stories, Korean
Jewish morning customs
Justifiable homicide–Law and legislation
Juvenile delinquency–Law and legislation
Juvenile homicide–Law and legislation
Kidnapping–Law and legislation
Kurdish newspapers–Headlines
Larceny–Law and legislation
Lese majesty–Law and legislation
Libel and slander–Law and legislation
Loitering–Law and legislation
Longola Site (Italy)
Lynching–Law and legislation
Mail fraud–Law and legislation
Malicious accusation–Law and legislation
Malicious mischief–Law and legislation
Malicious prosecution–Law and legislation
Malingering–Law and legislation
Manslaughter–Law and legislation
Mariticide–Law and legislation
Maritime terrorism–Law and legislation
Medicaid fraud–Law and legislation
Medicare fraud–Law and legislation
Melodrama, Polish
Military decorations–Law and legislation
Military offenses–Law and legislation
Money laundering–Law and legislation
Mugging–Law and legislation
Murder–Law and legislation
Murder for hire–Law and legislation
Mutiny–Law and legislation
Names, Personal—Hindu
Narco-terrorism–Law and legislation
Naval offenses–Law and legislation
Nuclear terrorism–Law and legislation
Offenses against foreign heads of state–Law and legislation
Offenses against property–Law and legislation
Offenses against public safety–Law and legislation
Offenses against religion–Law and legislation
Offenses against socialist property–Law and legislation
Offenses against the environment–Law and legislation
Offenses against the person–Law and legislation
Online hate speech–Law and legislation
Opium abuse–Law and legislation
Organ trafficking–Law and legislation
Organized crime–Law and legislation
Parental kidnapping–Law and legislation
Parlor domes
Parricide–Law and legislation
Perjury–Law and legislation
Pillage–Law and legislation
Piracy–Law and legislation
Pleading (Islamic law)
Poaching–Law and legislation
Poisoning–Law and legislation
Police murders–Law and legislation
Political kidnapping–Law and legislation
Ponzi schemes–Law and legislation
Presidents–Assassination–Law and legislation
Pride and vanity–Religious aspects
Pride and vanity–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Prime ministers–Assassination–Law and legislation
Prison riots–Law and legislation
Prostitution–Law and legislation
Psychological abuse–Law and legislation
Quacks and quackery–Law and legislation
Ransom–Law and legislation
Rape–Law and legislation
Rape in marriage–Law and legislation
Receiving stolen goods–Law and legislation
Resisting an officer–Law and legislation
Riots–Law and legislation
Robbery–Law and legislation
Sabotage–Law and legislation
Sacrilege–Law and legislation
Securities fraud–Law and legislation
Sedition–Law and legislation
Seditious libel–Law and legislation
Seduction–Law and legislation
Seizure of vessels and cargoes–Law and legislation
Sex crimes–Law and legislation
Shoplifting–Law and legislation
Simony–Law and legislation
Smuggling–Law and legislation
Soccer hooliganism–Law and legislation
Sodomy–Law and legislation
Sovereignty, Violation of (International law)
Stalking–Law and legislation
State crimes–Law and legislation
State-sponsored terrorism–Law and legislation
Statutory rape–Law and legislation
Substance abuse–Law and legislation
Subversive activities–Law and legislation
Tax evasion–Law and legislation
Terrorism–Law and legislation
Theft–Law and legislation
Torture–Law and legislation
Traffic violations–Law and legislation
Transnational crime–Law and legislation
Travelers’ writings, Catalan
Treason–Law and legislation
Trespass–Law and legislation
Unlawful entry–Law and legislation
Urban agriculture–Law and legislation
Uxoricide–Law and legislation
Vagrancy–Law and legislation
Vandalism–Law and legislation
Ventriloquists’ dummies
Violent crimes–Law and legislation
Welfare fraud–Law and legislation
White collar crimes–Law and legislation
Wife abuse–Law and legislation
Wiretapping–Law and legislation

Monthly List 3 (March 17, 2014)

Alaska Native masks
Ambelikou-Aletri Site (Cyprus)
Attention-deficit-disordered parents
Aypate Site (Peru)
Beeches Manor (Wokingham, England)
Benbros toys
Bible stories, Syriac
Blacks on postage stamps
Boller Slot (Horsens, Denmark)
Boston Marathon Bombing, Boston, Mass., 2013
Casa de Gobierno (La Rioja, Argentina : 1937- )
Castello di Montorio (Sorano, Grosseto, Italy)
Cell phone users
Château d’Arnouville (Arnouville-lès-Gonesse, France)
Checks (Islamic law)
Children of attention-deficit-disordered parents
Chinese Americans with disabilities
Christian poetry, Cuban
Concealed carry of firearms–Law and legislation
Cooking (Tamarillo)
Costa Rica–Administrative and political divisions
Costa Rican provinces–Population
Cuban Americans in the mass media industry
Cummeragunja Mission (N.S.W.)
Didactic poetry, Kurdish
Eastern gorilla
Electronic cigarettes
Ethnological archives
Eye tracking
Family vacations in art
Fascism on postage stamps
Flass House (England)
Food craft
Fulling Mill (Alresford, England)
Gay prisoners
Gesellschafthaus Palmengarten (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
Gorilla (Genus)
Greyston Gatehouse (New York, N.Y.)
Gungywamp Site (Groton, Conn.)
Hacienda Collana (Bolivia)
Haworth Parsonage (Haworth, England)
Hoolock (Genus)
Hylobates albibarbis
Hymns, Iloko
Indian cooks
Indian dancers
Indian entertainers
Indian women photographers
Indians in advertising
Indic states
Iraq–Kings and rulers
Japanese Americans with disabilities
John Deere snowmobiles
Jongmyo Shrine (Seoul, Korea)
Joseph B. and Josephine H. Bissell House (New York, N.Y.)
Korean Americans with disabilities
Littlecote House (England)
Malicious prosecution (Roman law)
Manor Farm (Guildford, England)
Martin Storm, 1999
Mill Springs Battlefield (Ky.)
Milwaukee Avenue (Minneapolis, Minn.)
Mortality in art
Mountain gorilla
National characteristics, Mauritanian
Operation Agreement, 1942
Palazzo Nicolosio Lomellino (Genoa, Italy)
Palazzo Pretorio (Vicopisano, Italy)
Palmerston Road (Portsmouth, England)
Parents of attention-deficit-disordered children
Pima calendar
Politicians with disabilities
Popular culture–Korean influences
Riddles, Gurani
Rural roads—Australia
San Jacinto, Battle of, Nicaragua, 1856
Såntorp Site (Sweden)
Search and rescue operations–Law and legislation
Sexual minority college athletes
Shea Site (Cambridge, Mass.)
Siren Site (Georgetown, Tex.)
Sumatran orangutan
Tennis rackets
Thai provinces
Thai provinces–Politics and government
Thailand–Administrative and political divisions
Under-the-table employment
Unemployment insurance premiums
Women novelists, Bolivian
Women poets, Haitian
Xbox One (Video game console)
Zangid dynasty

Monthly List 4 (April 21, 2014)

Adobe Walls, 1st Battle of, Tex., 1864
Adoption (Islamic law)
Aircraft theft–Law and legislation
Alderbrook House (New York, N.Y.)
Amusement parks—Indiana
Authors, Garo
Automobile driving–Human factors
Banyun languages
Bawakaraeng Mountain (Indonesia)
Beaumont’s Farm (St. Albans, England)
Berel Mounds (Kazakhstan)
Bergenhuis festning (Bergen, Norway)
Cantonments Road (Accra, Ghana)
Casa Ravera (Bene Vagienna, Italy)
Castillo de Torija (Torija, Spain)
Child molesters’ families
Chrysē Island (Crete, Greece)
Cluny Castle (Scotland)
Cosmology, Dogon
Creole dialects–Timor-Leste
Dhangar (Southeast Asian people)
Elegiac poetry, Sindhi
Fables, Honduran
Fantasy literature, Angolan (Portuguese)
Fashion on television
Firearms in motion pictures
Firearms in the theater
Folk songs, Sikkimese
Folk songs, Yanomamo
Geba Karen language
Ghadamès language
Government advertising–Law and legislation
H F Bar Ranch (Wyo.)
Hacienda de Ñadó (Toluca de Lerdo, Mexico)
Hacienda San Miguel Acocotla (Mexico)
Haiku, Tagalog
Håkonshallen (Bergenhuis festning, Bergen, Norway)
Hall, The (Bradford-on-Avon, England)
House in the Horseshoe (N.C.)
Human population genetics–Law and legislation
Hymns, Tinggian
Indiana Beach (Monticello, Ind.)
Islamic law–Non-Islamic countries
Jain diaspora
Jaipong (Dance)
Letter writing, Panjabi
Love poetry, Estonian
Main Street (Cockermouth, England)
Maraekakaho Station (N.Z.)
Mashonaland (Zimbabwe)
National characteristics, Greek, in literature
Nilgiriseya Site (Sri Lanka)
Nunnington Hall (England)
Old Man’s Playing Ground Site (Alta.)
Oxford Street (Accra, Ghana)
Palazzo Orsetti (Lucca, Italy)
Park im. Jana III Sobieskiego (Wałbrzych, Poland)
Petras Site (Greece)
Plants–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
Political plays, Guatemalan
Political posters, Chilean
Posters, Serbian
Psychological fiction, Telugu
Quilmes Indians
Schloss Heessen (Hamm, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
Sex in the Tripiṭaka
Tel el-Kebir, Battle of, Egypt, 1882
Tetun Dili language
Values–Religious aspects
Values–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Violence in the workplace–Law and legislation
Wa-chen Cave (China)

Monthly List 5 (May 19, 2014)

Art, Polish–19th century
Art, Zhuang
Autobiographical poetry, Arabic
Banū Yās (Arab tribe)
Bati (Indonesian people)
Bead crochet
Beeleigh Abbey (England)
Bible stories, Kurdish
Bijarani (Pakistani people)
Bildungsforum Potsdam (Potsdam, Germany)
Bourbon whiskey
British Virgin Islanders
Buandig language
Buddhist literature, Buriat
Buddhist literature, Oirat
Burg Falkenstein (Falkenstein, Saxony, Germany)
Castillo de La Palma Site (Mugardos, Spain)
Château de Saumur (Saumur, France)
Chorti women
Christopher House (New York, N.Y.)
Collection laws (Islamic law)
College students’ writings, Chilean
College students’ writings, Puerto Rican
Combien (The French word)
Cooking (Bourbon whiskey)
Cooking (Rye whiskey)
Cooking (Scotch whiskey)
Costume design–Digital techniques
Cultural pluralism in motion pictures
Decoration and ornament–Western influences
Dialect literature, Arabic
Dialect poetry, Greek (Modern)
Dilazak (South Asian people)
Doaba (India)
Elite (Social sciences) in art
Erligang culture
Ethnology–British Virgin Islands
Ethnology–United Arab Emirates
Fantasy drama, Canadian
Folk poetry, Laz
Foreign workers, Nigerian
Fūʼād, Port (Egypt)
Göbekli Tepe (Turkey)
Godwick Great Barn (Godwick, England)
Granada (Spain : Reino)–Civilization–Arab influences
Great Fire, St. John’s, N.L., 1892
Hacienda de Cruces (Mexico)
Horror poetry
Horror poetry, American
Horror poetry, Australian
Horror poetry, English
Human population genetics–Research–Law and legislation
Internet in motion pictures
Jemmeh Site (Israel
Kamaran Island (Yemen)
Kemankeş Caddesi (Istanbul, Turkey)
La Grava Site (England)
Laz poetry
Lesbian erotic poetry, Mexican
Lesbian erotic poetry, Puerto Rican
Lingala language—Dictionaries
Longovicium Site (England)
Majiayao culture
Massaciuccoli Romana Site (Massarosa, Italy)
Medical tourism–Law and legislation
Middleton S. and Emilie Neilson Burrill House (New York, N.Y.)
Montagnais cosmology
Mute persons in literature
National characteristics, Chinese, in art
Nizamani (Pakistani people)
Northern Subanen dialect
Odaia-Miciurin Site (Moldova)
Older men in art
Otavalo cosmology
Paglatek Site (India)
Palazzo Magio Grasselli (Cremona, Italy)
Peterstone Site (England)
Picture dictionaries, Lingala
Play groups (Jewish law)
Poets, Shina
Political posters, Georgian (South Caucasian)
Political posters, Greek
Pottery, Assyro-Babylonian
Prisoners’ writings, Puerto Rican
Proverbs, Mnong
Qurʼan and literature
Redwick Site (England)
Retro (Style) on television
Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, Calif.)
Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands : Building)
Rye whiskey
Sanglier Cave (France)
Sarmizegetusa Regia (Extinct city)
Schlosshof (Bielefeld, Germany)
Scotch whiskey
Serial murders–Law and legislation
Sex and art
Sex between psychotherapist and patient–Law and legislation
Sexual minority community
Shina (South Asian people)
Soccer balls
Soccer fields–Switzerland
Sovereignty, Violation of–Law and legislation
Speeches, addresses, etc., Congolese (Brazzaville)
Swissporarena (Lucerne, Switzerland)
Tabajara Indians
Taverns (Inns)—Germany
Tell el-Borg Site (Egypt)
Thevar (Indic people)
Tolita Pampa de Oro Site (Ecuador)
Topnaar (African people)
United Airlines Flight 175 Hijacking Incident, 2001
Video games–Religious aspects
Video games–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Vietnam–Civilization–Korean influences
Villino Mattioli (Riccione, Italy)
War crimes (International law)
Weather forecasting–Law and legislation
Wergelandsveien (Oslo, Norway)
White Bird Canyon, Battle of, Idaho, 1877
Wolfenstein: the New Order (Game)
Women authors, Palestinian Arab
Women, Murzu
Women poets, Czech
Young adult literature, Korean
Youths’ writings, Zimbabwean (English)
Yuruna cosmology

Monthly List 6 (June 16, 2014)

African American women aerospace engineers
Archaeological parks—Argentina
Architecture, Bai
Arts, Tahitian
Bánffy-kastély (Romania)
Behrenstrasse (Berlin, Germany)
Bikol poetry
Buddhist poetry, Tibetan
Castello di San Martino (San Martino in Soverzano, Italy)
Clogh Oughter Castle (Ireland)
Corpus Christi Massacre, Mexico City, Mexico, 1971
Dagur drama
Dagur fiction
Dagur prose literature
Dance–Congo (Brazzaville)
Dos Hombres Site (Belize)
Dramatists, Kyrgyz
Electric Football (Game)
Entrelac knitting
Epic literature, Yiddish
Erotic design
Fairfield House (Stogursey, England)
Falak al-aflāk Fortress (Khurramʹābād, Luristān, Iran)
Fantasy fiction, Angolan (Portuguese)
Fashion prints
Fat-acceptance movement
Feminist poetry, Balinese
Folk literature, Gagauz
Folville Cross
Foreign workers, Kurdish
Fortification, Spanish
Galang Island (Indonesia)
Gene flow
Hanafuda (Game)
Herbs–Therapeutic use–Japan
Historical fiction, Egyptian
Historical poetry, Indonesian
Historical poetry, Romanian
Hungarian literature—Romania
Hunkpapa art
Incantations, Ugaritic
Indians on postage stamps
Indigenous authors
iPhone (Smartphone)–Mobile apps
Irony in the Qurʼan
Kébé-kébé (Dance)
Kenyah language
Khakha Rajput (South Asian people)
Kisar Island (Maluku, Indonesia)
Korowai (Indonesian people)
Lanterns–Religious aspects
Lanterns–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Legend City Amusement Park (Tempe, Ariz.)
Lytham Hall (England)
Magsi (Pakistani people)
Masāʻīd (Arab tribe)
Merdz̆umekja Site (Bulgaria)
Mingei (Art)
Misconduct in office (Islamic law)
Mobile apps
Montenegrin drama
Mubi language
Mukomuko (Indonesian people)
Myene language
Nappa Hall (Askrigg, England)
News of the World Phone Hacking Scandal, Great Britain, 2000-2012
Noir fiction, Argentine
Noir fiction, Chilean
Oirata (Indonesian people)
Ōrākau, Battle of, N.Z., 1864
Orton Plantation (N.C.)
Osmington White Horse (England)
Palazzo Dondi dall’Orologio (Padua, Italy)
Palazzo Panciroli-Trivelli (Reggio Emilia, Italy)
Palazzo Silvestrini (Mondolfo, Italy)
Palazzo Stefanopoli-Porciatti (Grosseto, Italy)
Palazzo Tempestivi (Montefalco, Italy)
Parco archeologico della Neapolis (Syracuse, Italy)
Parque Arqueológico Santa Fe la Vieja (Argentina)
Pine Tree Mound (Tex.)
Political prisoners’ writings, Cuban
Portland Castle (England)
Priddy Circles (England)
Prose poems, Dagur
Puig Site (Alcoy, Spain)
Rose Castle (England)
Rubber band craft
Saint Bernard Landslide, Philippines, 2006
Salvage logging–Law and legislation
Schloss Kossenblatt (Kossenblatt, Germany)
Science fiction, Nigerian (English)
Sex and design
Shabe (African people)
Slaves’ writings, Cuban
Solhan Rajput (South Asian people)
Stonesfield Roman Villa Site (England)
Stonlea (Dublin, N.H.)
Sylheti literature
Sylheti poetry
Tablet computers–Mobile apps
Tarkhan dynasty, 1554-1591
Transfert (The French word)
Turkey, Southeastern
Ulica Foksal (Warsaw, Poland)
Victims of bullying
War poetry, Siraiki
Wekais language
Willa Ernsta Claaszena (Sopot, Poland)
Women aerospace engineers–United States
Yawalapiti Indians
Young adult fiction, Korean
Youth, Romani

Monthly List 7 (July 21, 2014)

Alupat Island (Guam)
American Indian Veterans National Memorial (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Anglo-Dutch War, 1664-1667—Campaigns–Norway
Block 36 (Buchenwald (Concentration camp))
Cerro Arena Site (Peru)
Cherokee boys
Cherokee sculpture
Chetro Ketl Site (N.M.)
Children’s stories, Kiowa
Choctaw painting
Chumash dance
Coast Salish textile fabrics
Concentration camp buildings–Germany
Conquest of the Desert, Argentina, 1879
Cooking (Fermented foods)
Cornish language–Dictionaries
Cosmogony in literature
Crailo State Historic Site (N.Y.)
Creek women
Customary law–Côte d’Ivoire
Customary law–Ghana
Customary law–South Sudan
Dakota War, Minnesota, 1862
Dargwa imprints
Dauan Island (Qld.)
Diegueño baskets
Donation of organs, tissues, etc. (Islamic law)
Fables, Lithuanian
Fitzmaurice Ruin (Ariz.)
Folk songs, Mewari
Funana (Music)
Germiyan dynasty, 1300-1429
Ghost stories, Tok Pisin
Gullah girls
Gullah men
Historical fiction, Mongolian
Hot shops (Glass blowing and working)
Indian Mormons
Indian teenage boys
Indian traders’ spouses
Inuit motion picture actors and actresses
Inupiat baskets
Islamic literature, Sindhi
Jadʻān (Arab tribe)
Jahwah (Extinct city)
Jewish women cartoonists
Kashaya baskets
Kaska art
Kolbila language
Kulango (African people)
Kumyk imprints
Law, Abron
Law, Bini
Law, Murle
Law Ting Holm Site (Scotland)
Leith Hall (Scotland)
Magic–Southwest, New
Mahāmudrā (Tantric rite) in art
Male weavers–United States
Mapiko (Dance drama)
Marden Henge (England)
Meir Heath Windmill (Meir Heath, England)
Mining geologists
Mountain runners
Musical instruments–Ecuador
Names, Geographical–Laz influences
Navajo magic
Navajo male weavers
Navajo veterans
Ojibwa girls
Operation Flipper, 1941
Operation Valuable/Fiend, 1949-1954
Palazzo Torlonia (Rome, Italy)
Picture dictionaries, Cornish
Prison Ship Martyrs’ Monument (New York, N.Y.)
Protest poetry, Iloko
Pueblo girls
Pueblo Patricio (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Religious poetry, Scottish Gaelic
Reproductive technology (Islamic law)
Riddles, Kurukh
Romances, Persian
Rommel, Erwin, 1891-1944–Assassination attempt, 1941
Rumbula Massacre, Rumbula, Latvia, 1941
Saibai Island (Qld.)
Schloss Kastelbell (Castelbello-Ciardes, Italy)
School administrators’ spouses
Sermons, Norwegian
Severiane (Slavic people)
Sex preselection (Islamic law)
Social media–Religious aspects
Social media–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Social responsibility of business–Standards
South Mimms Castle (England)
Stephens Island (Qld.)
Swimming pools in motion pictures
Textile fabrics–Washington (State)
Threats–Law and legislation
Tigara Site (Point Hope, Alaska)
Tok Pisin fiction
Trailer camps–Netherlands
Uighur wit and humor
Upper Sorbian literature
Upper Sorbian poetry
Vågen, Battle of, Bergen, Norway, 1665
Veterans–Southwest, New
Waccamaw women
War memorials–Arizona
War memorials–New York (State)
Women–South Carolina
Women heroes in literature
Yukuben language
Zahara, Tel (Israel)

Monthly List 8 (August 18, 2014)

Aeronautics (Islamic law)
Aït Baʼamran (Berber people)
Alaska Native young women
Ancestral Pueblo culture
Ancestral Pueblo culture–Dwellings
Arapaho beadwork
Arbëresh language
Assamese (South Asian people)
Baku Archipelago (Azerbaijan)
Beaded jewelry
Beer festivals
Body image in the theater
Bonfires–Law and legislation
Camp Baker Quarry Site (Mont.)
Chinese New Year decorations
Creole dialects, French–Seychelles
Creole dialects, French–Seychelles–Dictionaries
Desmontà Necropolis Site (Italy)
Disparate impact (Law)
Domäne Marienburg (Hildesheim, Germany)
Dominican art (Order of Saint Dominic)
Drama teachers
Eatons’ Ranch (Wyo.)
Elegiac poetry, Hindi
Elegiac poetry, Kannada
Exchange of government information–Law and legislation
Folk art–Awards–China
Folk dancing, Uighur
Folk songs, Tuvaluan
Grindcore (Music)
Gufkral Site (India)
Guinea–History–To 1958
Gu̇n-Galuutaĭn Oron Nutgiĭn Tusgaĭ Khamgaalalttaĭ Gazar (Mongolia)
Hellens (Much Marcle, England)
High school students’ writings, Philippine
Historical ethnomusicology
Hopi mural painting and decoration
Horror poetry, Canadian
Human trafficking–Religious aspects
Human trafficking–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Hunkpapa drawing
Hymns, Tuvaluan
Iloko drama
Indian women artisans
Insider movements
Intercultural communication in education
Jewish peddlers
Jews in advertising
Law, Aboriginal Australian
Legal assistance to transgender people
Librarians as artists
Libraries and indigenous peoples
Lietūkis Garage Massacre, Kaunas, Lithuania, 1941
Manic-depressive illness in motion pictures
Memorial service programs
Mesmes language
Métis sculpture
Mewār Region (India)
Museums and indigenous peoples
Mythology, Georgian (South Caucasian), in literature
Nanishagi Ruin (N.M.)
National Day of Honour, Canada, 2014
Near field communication–Law and legislation
Organic farming
Parents of problem children
Patriotic poetry, Belarusian
Penzkoferhaus (Viechtach, Germany)
Perry Mesa (Ariz.)
Philanthropists in literature
Picture dictionaries, Seychellois (French Creole)
Picture dictionaries, Syriac
Portrait sculpture, Ukrainian
Presentation firearms
Presentation pieces (Gifts)
Presentation swords
Presentation vases
Product counterfeiting–Law and legislation
Pueblo del Arroyo (N.M.)
Punta de Ambar Site (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Rao (Malay people)
Șabrah Wādī (Jordan)
Same-sex marriage in art
Sculpture, Georgian (South Caucasian)
Seneca beadwork
Sermons, Faroese
Small sculpture, Canadian
Sodomy in art
Songs, Tuvaluan
Spain–Economic conditions–2008-
Stó:lō artists
Stó:lō women
Students with disabilities–Services for
Suri language
Syriac language–Dictionaries
Textile fabrics–Yukon
Tlingit masks
Traditional medicine–Awards—China
Travelers’ writings, Romanian
Tsimshian textile fabrics
Ukraine–History–Euromaidan Protests, 2013-2014
Umatilla language
Wachen Caves (China)
Yemen (Arab Republic)–History
Zhonghua fei wu zhi wen hua yi chan chuan cheng xin chuan jiang

Monthly List 9 (September 15, 2014)

Alkali Ridge National Historic Landmark (Utah)
Basket makers–California
Brown Island (Friday Harbor, Wash.)
Castello Carlo V (Lecce, Italy)
Center Island (Wash.)
Château de Goulaine (France)
Chibok (African people)
Coal Miners’ Strike, Ukraine, 1998
Comparative canon law
Contracts (Sumerian law)
Curling teams
Digital media–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Discrimination in language
Drowning (Execution)
Dry hopping
Eikos (The Greek word)
Encyclopedias and dictionaries, Tangut
Fictions (Law)
Folk songs, Sanskrit
France–Civilization–Indian influences
Gifted women in motion pictures
Gifted women on television
Henry Island (Wash.)
Indian television stations
Innu Indians
Iran–Civilization–Japanese influences
Jogailaičiai, House of
Kiowa drawing
Kistane (African people)
Kistane language
Mormon artists
Mormon women authors
Morocco–Civilization–French influences
Muher dialect
Navajo chants
Navajo sculpture
Navajo wit and humor
Nunamiut Eskimo masks
Palazzo Doria Spinola (Genoa, Italy)
Paniya language
Philippines–History–Philippine American War, 1899-1902–Campaigns
Plank houses
Pomo basket makers
Public universities and colleges–Law and legislation
Quotations, Pushto
Raḥāminah (Arab tribe)
Saraguro Indians
Sermons, Iloko
Sexual minority men
Sijilmasa (Extinct city)
Sikh music
Social media addiction
Status (Roman law)
Strikes and lockouts–Coal mining–Ukraine
Swords–Religious aspects
Swords–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Tamohi Site (Mexico)
Tangut literature
Tarahumara masks
Tshal-pa (Sect)
Turin Massacre, Turin, Italy, 1864
Unemployment in art
Ustʹe Site (Russia)
Watercolor painting, Arab
Women poets, Mexican
Yŏnp’yŏng Island (Korea)–History
Yŏnp’yŏng Island (Korea)–History–Bombardment, 2010
Zaparo pottery

Monthly List 10: (October 20, 2014)

Aguaruna Indians
Arrancaplumas Site (Colombia)
Art, Emirati
Authors, Hindko
Bardney Abbey Site (England)
Boccia (Game)
Buckton Castle (England)
Bunce Island (Sierra Leone)
Bunraku–Stage-setting and scenery
Burning (Execution)
Calumpit, Battle of, Calumpit, Philippines, 1899
Caparra Site (P.R.)
Cashibo art
Castelseprio-Torba Site (Italy)
Cerro Chepén Site (Peru)
Children of spies
Commercial correspondence, Esperanto
Cultural property–Destruction and pillage
Detective and mystery stories, Ecuadorian
Doiyang River Valley (India)
Dungur Site (Ethiopia)
Earthquake House (Kourion)
Erotic painting, Korean
Esperanto language–Business Esperanto
Et (The Hebrew word)
Fantasy fiction, Costa Rican
Fantasy literature, Slavic
Far‘ Wadi (Saudi Arabia)
Female circumcision (Islamic law)
Fredensborg Slot (Fredensborg, Denmark)
Ger (The Hebrew word)
Government Web sites–Law and legislation
Gujarati diaspora
Gujaratis (Indic people)—Migrations
Habitus (Sociology)
Haiku, Spanish American
Hemmeh Site (Jordan)
Hindko (South Asian people)
Hindu authors
Humanitarian assistance, Australian
Humanitarian assistance, Puerto Rican
Hymns, Ikwere
Hypertext literature, European
Immigrant business enterprises
Industrial districts–England
Israeli literature (Russian)
Israeli poetry (Russian)
Jews–Italy, Southern
Jews–Italy, Southern–Migrations
Jews–Persecutions–Italy, Southern
Kao (Indonesian people)
Kao language (Indonesia)
Kavod (The Hebrew word)
Language in families
Leadership in the Qurʼan
Línea P (Spain)
Long-term care of the sick–Law and legislation
Lucca (Italy)–History–Bombardment, 1944
Manuscripts, Austrian
Marketing (Islamic law)
Massacre survivors
Masturbation in motion pictures
Masturbation on television
Mesopotamia (Jamaica : Plantation)
Minority business enterprises
Mozarabic chants
Mythology, Abkhazian
Nanotechnology–Research–Law and legislation
One-act plays, Magahi
Operation Turquoise, 1994
Palazzo Bernini (Via del Corso, Rome, Italy)
Paleography, Austrian
Palmaria Island (Italy)
Patience in art
Peace-building, Australian
Peacekeeping forces—Rwanda
Picture Cave (Mo.)
Place marketing–Law and legislation
Public officers’ writings
Public officers’ writings, Korean
Racetracks (Motorcycle racing)
Rape in the military
Reportage literature, Ecuadorian
Riddles, Jarai
Rim Fire, Calif., 2013
Roqueta Island (Mexico)
Rugby football players as soldiers
Ṣafrāʼ Wadi (Medina, Saudi Arabia)
Sagen (The German word)
Santa Maria Creek Site (Tex.)
School prose, Scottish
Sexual minority youth in mass media
Shiite scholars
Shocó art
Sitting volleyball
Skelbo Castle (Scotland)
Stem cells–Research (Islamic law)
Takashima Kōzaki Iseki (Matsuura-shi, Japan)
Thami (South Asian people)
Translating and interpreting–Errors
Tzeltal philosophy
Ukrainian American journalists
Uninhabited combat aerial vehicles (International law)
Urban poor in literature
Verse drama, Telugu
Wheelchair fencing

Monthly List 11 (November 17, 2014)

Art, Lesothan
Art, Swazi
Asian American athletes
Ballads, Finnish
Bull riders
Bungu (African people)
Cagarras Archipelago (Brazil)
Cahuilla baskets
Catacombs in art
Catholic philanthropists
Children’s songs, Chamorro
Choctaw code talkers
Citizen’s arrest
Civilization, Modern, in music
Decorative arts in literature
Discrimination against caregivers
Discrimination against caregivers–Law and legislation
East Asian students
Economic assistance–Law and legislation
Economic assistance, Chinese–Law and legislation
Female impersonators on television
Flute teachers
Gold–Symbolic aspects
Hacienda de Piedras Negras (Mexico)
Hats in motion pictures
Hats on television
Holman Island (N.W.T. : Island)
Holocaust survivors—Marriage
Homeland in motion pictures
Indian cartoonists
Investment guaranty insurance–Law and legislation
Islamic sermons, Uzbek
Kalankó Indians
Kellie Castle (Fife, Scotland)
Kelly Castle (Arbirlot, Scotland)
Kergord House (Scotland)
Korop language
Marcahuamachuco Site (Peru)
Minecraft (Game)
Missing persons in mass media
Murder victims in mass media
Music–Korean influences
National characteristics, Martinican
Novelists, Puerto Rican
Occupational training for ex-convicts
Olveston (Dunedin, N.Z.)
Osobni͡ak na Furshtatskoĭ (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Palacio de la Madraza (Granada, Spain)
Palazzo Scotti (Narni, Italy)
Pedonglisong Latte Site (Sinajana, Guam)
Pinang Peranakan Mansion (George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia)
Porcelain, Korean–21st century
Puerto Ricans in mass media
Religious drama, Lithuanian
Return migration in motion pictures
Rocca di Narni (Narni, Italy)
Rwandan literature (English)
Rwandan poetry (English)
Slovak-Hungarian War, 1939
Slushies (Beverages)
Soldiers in mass media
Supervillains in art
Tenahaha Site (Peru)
Toba philosophy
Tongwe (African people)
Treblinka (Concentration camp)–Uprising, 1943
Vingen Site (Norway)
Vladivostokskai͡a krepostʹ (Vladivostok, Russia)
War poetry, Ukrainian
Weapons (Islamic law)
Western stories, Italian
Women Kapos
Yolngu Sign Language
Young adult literature, Tibetan

Monthly List 12 (December 15, 2014)

Aleksandrovskai͡a kolonna (Saint Petersburg, Russia)
Anthropology and the arts
Arab American sexual minorities
Arab Americans in motion pictures
Autos (The Greek word)
Children’s songs, Kiowa
Chilean diaries
Cities and towns, Ancient, in motion pictures
College prose, Thai
Columns–Russia (Federation)
Deep Bottom, 1st Battle of, Va., 1864 (July 27-29)
DeRemer House (Montague, N.J.)
Digital signatures (Islamic law)
Fermented beverages
Folk literature, Hmong
Franklin Street (Chapel Hill, N.C.)
Gender identity–Religious aspects
Gender identity–Religious aspects–Baptists, [Catholic Church, etc.]
Gender identity–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Global Day of Prayer
Hill of Tarvit (Scotland)
Huajicori, Nuestra Señora de
Human rights film festivals
Hunger strikes–Brazil
Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial (Boise, Idaho)
Idipsum (The Latin word)
Investments (Jewish law)
Jaina nuns
Jenukuruba (Indic people)
Koumongou dialect
Lushai fiction
Medical radiology (Islamic law)
Moldovan students
Montgomery Monument (New York, N.Y.)
National monuments–Nigeria
Navajo language–Technical Navajo
Novelists, Malayalam
Novi Zrin Fortress (Croatia)
Off-duty police
Olorua Island (Fiji)
Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove (Oshogbo, Nigeria)
Painting, Trinidadian and Tobagonian
Palazzo Pazzi (Florence, Italy)
Patent laws and legislation (Islamic law)
Peacekeeping forces, Hungarian
Perú Waka’ Site (Guatemala)
Pleasant Oaks Plantation (N.C.)
Police details (Supplementary employment)
Racetracks (Horse racing)–Connecticut
Rape in universities and colleges
Sacred groves–Nigeria
Sculpture, Chinese–Indic influences
Seyitömer Mound (Turkey)
Smoking of food
Social sciences–Awards
Social sciences–Awards–Cuba
Streets–North Carolina
Talking drum
Talking drum music
Tattooed women
Thai prose literature
Twierdza Poznań (Poznań, Poland)
Universal Studios Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif. : Amusement park)
Villa di Poggioreale (Naples, Italy)
Wages–Camp counselors
Yabrīn Well (Saudi Arabia)
Zamek Ujazdowski (Warsaw, Poland)
Zen poetry, Tamil