2015 New Subject Headings in the Social Sciences

Monthly List 1 (January 19, 2015)

Administrative courts (Islamic law
Alfred’s Castle Site (England)
Ashdod-Yam Fortress (Ashdod, Israel)
Bible college students
Binge watching (Television)
Burundian literature (French)
Cameroonian diaspora
Casa do Paço (Figueira da Foz, Portugal)
Castell Dinas (Wales)
Child acrobats
Child circus performers
Children of Holocaust survivors, Writings of, French
Corruption–Law and legislation
Dalabon language
Dance–Javanese influences
Decadence in motion pictures
Ennis House (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Epangelia (The Greek word)
Faringdon House (Faringdon, England)
Finance, Public (Greek law)
Folk drama, Mambila
Folk songs, Oirat
Folk songs, Talysh
Giẻ Triêng (Vietnamese people)
Handicraft industries–Alaska
Handicraft industries–Canada
Handicraft industries–Greenland
Henley Park (Surrey, England)
Hymns, Fula
Immigration courts
Indian single mothers
Indian tribal libraries
Jacobs House (Madison, Wis.)
Judicial corruption–Law and legislation
Kalindoia (Extinct city
Korea (South)–Economic conditions–2002-
Korea (South)–Economic policy–2002-
Kraus House (Kirkwood, Mo.)
Lasynys Fawr (Wales)
Laurent House (Rockford, Ill.)
Love stories, Belarusian
Malladeta Sanctuary Site (Villajoyosa, Spain)
Mambila drama
Mambila literature
Mansfield Plantation (S.C.)
Married people on television
Military prisons–Law and legislation
Mitino Mound (Russia)
Music–Javanese influences
Music and genocide
Myth in advertising
Mythology, Brazilian
Nelson Pillar (Dublin, Ireland)
Nineteen fifty-four, A.D
Nineteen seventy-four, A.D
Nuo religion
Pair roller skating
Pairs figure skating
Pakistani diaspora
Palazzo Cesaroni (Perugia, Italy)
Piazza del Mercato (Brescia, Italy)
Piazza Vittorio Veneto (Turin, Italy)
Police corruption–Law and legislation
Quimbanda music
Riddles, Yoruba
Ritidian Site (Guam)
Sagamok Indian Reserve (Ont.)
Seminole painting
Springfield House (Swansea, Wales)
Stockman House (Mason City, Iowa)
Stockton House (Stockton on the Forest, England)
Students as soldiers
Students as soldiers in literature
Television plays, Portuguese
Tibetan diaspora
Umbanda music
Video games in education
War poetry, Belarusian
Western Apache beadwork
Youths’ writings, Thai
Zombies in motion pictures
Zombies in popular culture

Monthly List 2 (February 16, 2015)

Abandoned children in motion pictures
Apostasy–Law and legislation
Bāhilah (Arab tribe)
Baʻja Site (Jordan)
Band directors
Bewsey Old Hall (Warrington, England)
Bigamy in literature
Bishop’s Palace (Ely, England)
Body image in girls–Religious aspects
Body image in girls–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Castillo de Turégano (Turégano, Spain)
Chiapas (Mexico)–History–Tzeltal Revolt, 1712
Child guerrillas
Child motion picture producers and directors
Chinese American veterans
Christian literature, Syriac
Constitutional law–English influences
Country music–Mexican influences
Extinct cities–Micronesia (Federated States)
Favella Site (Italy)
Fernvale Site (Tenn.)
Flash fiction
Flash fiction, American
Flash fiction, Chinese
Ghadr movement
Government information–Law and legislation
Great Action, Kaunas, Lithuania, 1941
Groby Old Hall (Groby, England)
Hostages (Jewish law)
Indian women singers
Intellectual property courts
Jazzo Fornasiello Site (Italy)
Kidnapping victims (Jewish law)
Kuman literature (Papua New Guinea)
Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy Trial, Washington, D.C., 1865
Lurline Baths (San Francisco, Calif.)
Mentally ill teenagers
Misrepresentation (Insurance law)
Mixteca (Mexico : Region)
Motion picture plays, Hebrew
Nanmadol (Extinct city)
National characteristics, Turkish, in literature
Natural law–Influence
Neumark-Nord Site (Germany)
Niuheliang Site (Chaoyang, Liaoning Sheng, China)
Noir fiction, Swedish
Oakham Castle (Oakham, Rutland, England)
Operation Pedestal, 1942
Orientalism in opera
Orphans in motion pictures
Palazzo a Prato (Trento, Italy)
Palazzo delle poste (Trento, Italy)
Pentecost hymns
Pic dels Corbs Site (Sagunto, Spain)
Pidyon shevuyim
Prisoners of war (Jewish law)
Proverbs, Guro
Punishment in motion pictures
Punishment on television
Quechua teenage girls
Quotations, Tatar
Rainier sport utility vehicle
Rhetoric in the Qurʼan
Rondels, Ukrainian
Saragarhi, Battle of, Pakistan, 1897
Satire, Finnish
Shkārat Msaied Site (Jordan)
Short stories, Kuman (Papua New Guinea)
Sobibór (Concentration camp)–Uprising, 1943
Southgate House (Derbyshire, England)
Speeches, addresses, etc., African
Speeches, addresses, etc., American–African American authors
Speeches, addresses, etc., Estonian
Spiritual works of mercy in art
Sports facilities–Hawaii
Tayinat Site (Turkey)
Teenage girls–Andes Region
Tierra Caliente (Mexico : Region)
Tottenham Palace (Tottenham, London, England)
Trewinnard Manor (England)
United States–Armed Forces–Chinese Americans
Waimea Sports Complex (Hawaii)
Western Apache girls
Women, Jaintia
Wood-engraving, Israeli
Woodcote (Leek Wootton, England)
Yoga teachers

Monthly List 3 (March 16, 2015)

Alto de las Guitarras Site (Peru)
Arts, Palestinian
Babars (South Asian people)
Castello di Bellumvider (Castelvetrano, Italy)
Château de Fougères (Fougères, Ille-et-Vilaine, France)
Cherokee code talkers
Cocktails in art
Cowboys–Material culture
Dance and globalization
Disguise in art
Dronfield Hall Barn (Dronfield, England)
Elle (The French word)
Folk dancing, Icelandic
Galloway House (Scotland)
Ghost stories, Mexican
Hidden ball trick (Baseball)
Hôtel Frugès (Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France)
Immigrant students
Inuit families
Islamic literature, Uzbek
Kambari languages
Khalils (South Asian people)
Kyak (African people)
Marine animal oils in human nutrition
Mexico–Civilization–Korean influences
Mohawk art
Mustaches in art
Nineteen seventy-one, A.D
Octopuses as pets
Palácio de Dom Manuel (Évora, Portugal)
Political plays, Catalan
Pomo cooking
Popular music–Historiography
Portugal–Kings and rulers—Dwellings
Posters, Algerian
Qāf (The Arabic letter)
Raḥamim (The Hebrew word)
Right to development
Rocca gonzaghesca di Vescovato (Vescovato, Italy)
Sakapulteko Indians
Salut (Extinct city)
Sama (Angolan people)
Saxwe Gbe language
Sheepshead Bay Race Track (New York, N.Y.)
Short sales (Real estate)–Law and legislation
Sipakapense Indians
Soccer (Islamic law)
Sports (Islamic law)
Third party litigation funding
Transgender people in art
Translating and interpreting (Islamic law)
Tsikimba language
Villa Litta (Lainate, Italy)
Villa Magnani (Pescia, Italy)
Voice (Islamic law)
Warbstow Bury (England)
Yanik Tepe (Iran)

Monthly List 4 (April 20, 2015)

Afghanistan–Foreign relations
Afghanistan–Foreign relations–2001-
Alune (Indonesian people)
Archaeological parks—Laos
Artists, Palestinian Arab
Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light (Wis.)
Asian American men in popular culture
Authors, Beninese
Ayacucho Quechua language
Bafo language
Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial (Wash.)
Balaikota Bandung (Bandung, Indonesia)
Beauty culture in art
BIBFRAME (Conceptual model)
Bowes Castle (Bowes, England)
Chaupisawakasi Site (Peru)
Children–Conversion to Islam
City halls–Indonesia
Creole dialects, Arabic–South Sudan
Crimea (Ukraine)–History–2014-
Devon Great Consols Mine (England)
Didactic drama, Swahili
Dunking (Basketball)
Ebrié (African people)
Ébrié Lagoon (Côte d’Ivoire)
Ebrié language
Ejsbøl Site (Denmark)
Elections–Religious aspects
Elections–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Electronic voting–Law and legislation
Epic poetry, Nepali
Experimental fiction, Central American
Ezra Church, Battle of, Ga., 1864
Fables, French Guianese
Fantasy soccer (Game)
Film teachers
Firearms–Religious aspects
Firearms–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Folk dancing, Swiss
Folk literature, Bhili
Folk songs, Svan
Gettysburg, Battle of, Gettysburg, Pa., 1863, in art
Government employees’ writings, Russian
Grad Strmol (Cerklje na Gorenjskem, Slovenia)
Hacienda La Llave (Mexico)
Hattee (Indic people)
Hinthāng ʻUtthayān Bōrānnakhadī (Laos)
Human-animal relationships in the performing arts
Indian freemasonry
Indian freemasons
Infertility, Female, in art
Japanese Americans–Monuments
Kadavu Island (Fiji)
Kandavu Island Group (Fiji)
Kewa Indians
Khawlān Ibn ʻAmr (Arab tribe)
Kibbutzim in motion pictures
Kurukh philology
Lannova vila (Prague, Czech Republic)
Lullabies, Sinhalese
Makhuwa-Shirima (African people)
Mali–History–Tuareg Rebellion, 2012—Campaigns
Malplaquet House (London, England)
Marriage in the Hadith
Maya families
Mayo dance
Mayo mythology
Megalithic monuments–Laos
Mexican letters
Missing persons in art
Mythology, Minangkabau
Mythology, San
Nature writers
Ndravuni Island (Fiji)
Nimrin, Tall (Jordan)
Official residences–Slovakia
Old Hall Farmhouse (Brightholmlee, England)
Operation Serval, 2013-2014
Pakistani American teenage girls
Pakkākot Site (India)
Palatul Parlamentului (Bucharest, Romania)
Pangchenpa (Indic people)
Paranormal fiction, Congolese (Brazzaville) (French)
Personnel management–Religious aspects
Personnel management–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Plaza de la Conchita (Mexico City, Mexico)
Peasant uprisings–Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prezidentský palác (Bratislava, Slovakia)
Public buildings–Romania
Quests (Expeditions) in motion pictures
Quinceañera (Social custom) in art
Quotations, Javanese
Rape in the military–Law and legislation
Rattlesnake Point Pueblo (Ariz.)
Romances, Albanian
Schloss Lichtenwalde (Niederwiesa, Germany)
Screenwriters in motion pictures
Speeches, addresses, etc., Angolan
Speeches, addresses, etc., Guyanese
Speeches, addresses, etc., Lithuanian
Spy stories, Ukrainian
Strikes and lockouts–Salt industry and trade
Strikes and lockouts–Salt industry and trade–Argentina
Stymphalos (Extinct city)
Sudanese Creole Arabic language
Suffrage–Religious aspects
Suffrage–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Tell en-Naṣbeh (Extinct city)
Thingbupa (Indic people)
Traffic regulations (Jewish law)
Turkey–Administrative and political divisions
Turkish provinces
Tybrind Vig Site (Denmark)
War memorials–Washington (State)
Wardwesân (Artificial language)
White House of the Confederacy (Richmond, Va.)
World War 1939-1945–Monuments–Washington (State)

Monthly List 5 (May 18, 2015)

Aesthetics, Peruvian
African American women in art
Aquatic sports facilities—England
Art, Sudanese
Áspero Site (Peru)
Aspromonte, Battle of, Italy, 1862
Astrology, Iraqi
At sign
Athens, Battle of, Athens, Greece, 1944-1945
Austria–Civilization–Korean influences
ʻAwāsij (Arab tribe)
Bank mergers–Law and legislation
Baskets–East (U.S.)
Bath Racecourse (England)
Bayḍāʼ Oasis (Saudi Arabia)
Belvidere Plantation (Orangeburg County, S.C.)
Berkeley Street (Boston, Mass.)
Bondage (Sexual behavior) in mass media
Calle San Ignacio (Havana, Cuba)
Carib astronomy
Carols, Slovenian
Casa del Virrey Liniers (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Castello del Carmine (Naples, Italy)
Château du Champ de Bataille (France)
Children’s writings, Yiddish
Chimney Rock National Monument (Colo.)
Civil procedure (International law)
Cobblers (Cooking)
Computer artists
Cowls (Neckware)
Cuban diaries
Domestic space in motion pictures
Domestic space in the theater
Eleme language
Emerald Downs (Auburn, Wash.)
English literature–Romani authors
Estancia Siguiman (Argentina)
Europe, Eastern–Civilization–Roman influences
Fasts and feasts–Neopaganism
Figure skating–Choreography
Fines (Penalties) (Jewish law)
Flash fiction, Australian
Flash fiction, Canadian
Flash fiction, Latin American
Flash fiction, New Zealand
Floods in art
Folk dancing, Cypriot
Folk literature, Burkinabe
Forced migration in rabbinical literature
Fortification–West Virginia
Friendship Plantation (Jamaica)
Gay public officers
Helong (Indonesian people)
Hoods (Headgear)
Ice dancing–Choreography
Illegitimate children in motion pictures
Indian rock musicians
Indian women jewelers
Indian women politicians
Indic drama (Comedy)
Isoko language
Jemez art
Kalø Estate (Denmark)
Lak (Kurdish people)
Lee Valley VeloPark (London, England)
Lender force-placed insurance
Lender force-placed insurance–Law and legislation
Mambai language (Cameroon and Chad)
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint–Apparitions and miracles–Colombia
Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint–Apparitions and miracles—Peru
Maxims, Persian
Mbula language (Nigeria)
Medical fiction, Mexican
Men, Maasai
Middle Eastern fiction
Midsummer (Festival)
Mind and body–Religious aspects
Mind and body–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Mmen language
Moghamo language
Moral damages (Civil law)
Music for the hearing impaired
Muslim religious leaders
Nat (Indic people)
N’Djamena, Battle of, N’Djamena, Chad, 2008
Ngwo language (Cameroon)
Number 1 (Royal Crescent, Bath, England)
Nurse educators
Olympic Stadium (London, England)
Pakistan Sign Language
Palazzo Citterio (Milan, Italy)
Part songs, Slovenian
Pastry wheels
Peacekeeping forces, Ghanaian
Photography in forensic anthropology
Pite Saami language
Postal surveillance
Preteen girls
Privateering–Law and legislation
Prose poems, Australian
Qasidas, Turkish
Ration cards
Rationing–Equipment and supplies
Riddles, Greek (Modern)
Rosario de Chiquinquirá, Nuestra Señora del
Sadomasochism in mass media
Sexual dominance and submission in mass media
Sexual minority legislators
Sexual minority politicians
Sexual minority public officers
Silo Site (Phoenix, Ariz.)
Slovakia–Civilization–Hungarian influences
Smith and Wesson revolvers
Smoking (Cooking)
Social justice in art
Social media–Semiotics
Songs, Gilaki
Songs, Slovenian
Speeches, addresses, etc., Ivoirian
Teenage girls, Black
Tewa textile fabrics
Textile fabrics–New Mexico
Tin sculpture
Tin sculpture, Chinese
Twierdza Modlin–Siege, 1915
Udine, Battle of, Udine, Italy, 1917
Ukraine Conflict, 2014-
Unmarried mothers in motion pictures
Villa Lontana (Rome, Italy)
Women authors, Yiddish
Woodland baskets
Youths’ writings, Yiddish

Monthly List 6 (June 15, 2015)

Aesthetics, Mogul
African Americans in numismatics
African Americans on bank notes
Alaska Native artists
Alaska Native baskets
Ash Cave (Ohio)
Aspen Shelter Site (Utah)
Assertion (Linguistics)
Basque newspapers
Bizat Ruhama Site (Israel)
Blackwell House (New York, N.Y.)
Bullying in popular culture
Business networks–Law and legislation
Cajamarca, Battle of, Cajamarca, Peru, 1532
Château du Grand-Lucé (Le Grand-Lucé, France)
Chitimacha art
Cowlitz mythology
Cuba–Civilization–Soviet influences
Droughts in rabbinical literature
East Africans
Elateia (Extinct city)
Fashion–African influences
Gender-neutral toilet facilities
Guiqiong language
Hammam, Tall al- (Jordan)
Haus Friedwart (Wetzlar, Germany)
Hawkins Hollow Site (Ill.)
Health insurance–Self-insurance–Law and legislation
Henson Robinson House (Springfield, Ill.)
Hermetism in motion pictures
Homophobia in art
Hopi masks
Hôtel de Galliffet (Paris, France)
Hurricane Isaac, 2012
Identification numbers, Personal–Law and legislation
Integrated coastal zone management–Law and legislation
Jesse K. Dubois House (Springfield, Ill.)
Jewish American newspapers
Jewish law teachers
Karate teachers
Königsstuhl (Rhens, Germany)
Kulawi language
Lakhva (Belarus)–History–Lakhva Ghetto Uprising, 1942
Macchiabate Site (Italy)
Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Incident, 2014
Manuscripts, German (Old High)
Mayo textile fabrics
Mediterranean Region–Civilization–Roman influences
Morean War, 1684-1699
Natural selection in literature
Nebi Mend, Tell (Syria)
Ngāti Tama (New Zealand people)
Parents of overweight children
Pine Tar Game, New York, N.Y., 1983
Poggio Civitella Site (Italy)
Quotations, Moldovan
Real Site (Peru)
Refusal to treat–Moral and ethical aspects
Rumeith Site (Jordan)
Sandy Bay 5 (Man.)
Sicilian American authors
Sicilian Americans
Sicilians–United States
Snodland Roman Villa Site (England)
Sports tourism
Sumi Naga (Indic people)
Tamarindito Site (Guatemala)
Te Aitanga a Mahaki (New Zealand people)
Teatro comunale (Todi, Italy)
Terni (Italy)–History
Terni (Italy)–History–Bombardment, 1943-1944
Thesmophorion (Locri Epizephyrii)
Typhoon Haiyan, 2013
Ukraine–Civilization–Roman influences
Urikara Naicken (Indic people)
Villa Girasole (San Martino Buon Albergo, Italy)
Wheelchair soccer
Women doctoral students
Women parolees
Yoruba (African people)–Migrations
Yoruba diaspora
Zaporozhians in literature
Zolochivsʹkyĭ zamok (Ukraine)

Monthly List 7 (July 17, 2015)

Alcaparrosa Site (Argentina)
Ancestral Pueblo architecture
Augmented reality–Law and legislation
Balearic Islands (Spain)–Kings and rulers
Banū Ghāniya dynasty, 1126-1203
Bisexual teachers
Bullying–Law and legislation
Bullying in universities and colleges
Cerrito Site (México)
Children–Great Lakes Region (North America)
Children–Middle West
Comechingone philosophy
Credit (Islamic law)
Daakaka language
Ethiopia–History–Attempted coup, 1989
Feminist haggadot
Hof van Moerkerken (Mijnsheerenland, Netherlands)
/Hua language
Huangshan ba mian ting (Shangxi Zhen, China)
IJsselstroom (Zutphen, Netherlands)
Indian women college students
Indians in television broadcasting
Inuit hunters
Kāti Kurī (New Zealand people)
Kiechlberg (Austria)
Killerton (England)
Korea–History–Musin Rebellion, 1728
Lagwan language
Lakota youth
Land tenure (Assyro-Babylonian law)
Mahoran literature (French)
Mardi Gras Indians
Motul de San José Site (Guatemala)
National characteristics, Burundian
National characteristics, Nicaraguan, in literature
Ngāti Ira (New Zealand people : Ngāti Porou)
Nineteen fifty-five, A.D.
Nineteen seventy-five, A.D.
Older Hawaiians
Older people–Hawaii
People with disabilities in music
Potawatomi children
Prague (Czech Republic)–History–Uprising, 1945
Protest literature, Korean
Public buildings–Paraguay
Pueblo masks
Pueblo sculpture
Raqa’i, Tell al- (Syria)
Revolutionary poetry, Chilean
Talbot Site (Utah)
Tasmasor Site (Turkey)
Te Raraw a (New Zealand people)
Terra Indígena Wedezé (Brazil)
Transgender teachers
Travelers’ writings, Islamic
Tŷ Mawr Wybrnant (Penmachno, Wales)
Utopias in mass media
Werowocomoco Site (Va.)
Youth–Great Plains
Yule (Festival)
Yun yan si (Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China)
Yun yan si ta (Yun yan si, Suzhou Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China)

Monthly List 8 (August 17, 2015)

Aging in mass media
Alaska Native basket makers
Ama language (Sudan)
Ammaia (Extinct city)
Asian American cooking
At sign
Barda Balka Site (Iraq)
Basket makers–Alaska
Borna language
Casa Bellesguard (Barcelona, Spain)
Casa professa dei gesuiti (Rome, Italy)
Castello di Carbonana (Italy)
Choctaw teenagers
College discipline–Law and legislation
Community currency
Coyote Ruin (Ariz.)
Cree boys
Cuna philosophy
Decorative arts, Ottoman
Deeg Palace (Dīg, India)
Dom Ipatʹeva (Ekaterinburg, Russia)
Drug use and traffic accidents
Economic assistance, Latin American
Elephants–War use
Families–Central America
Feminine beauty (Aesthetics) in art
Grote Street (Adelaide, S.A.)
Halloween television programs
Health services administration–Law and legislation
Helfenburk (Czech Republic)
Her Majesty’s Theatre (Adelaide, S.A.)
Hurricane Ginger, 1971
Indian women sculptors
Inuit infants
Inuit mothers
Irājākkaḷmaṅkalam Site (India)
Kainah calendar
Karmali (Indic people)
Karsilamas (Dance)
Kharwar (Indic people)
Kondapalli Fort (India)
Laka language (Central Sudanic)
Lungarno Guicciardi (Florence, Italy)
Métis women authors
Millennium Stadium (Cardiff, Wales)
Monte Baranta Site (Italy)
Muscovite-Lithuanian War, ca. 1486-ca. 1502
Navajo families
Navajo women in art
News Web sites–Law and legislation
Nez Percé girls
Palazzo Callori (Vignale Monferrato, Italy)
Palazzo Capponi-Barocchi (Florence, Italy)
Palazzo Orsini Pio Righetti (Rome, Italy)
Park und Villa Haas (Sinn, Germany)
Pauling & Co (Overseas) Strike, Belmopan, Belize, 1969
Pheriwala Jogi (Nepalese people)
Philosophy, Panamanian
Porcari Conspiracy, Rome, Italy, 1453
Ports of entry—Arizona
Praça da República (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Pregnant students
Public anthropology
Puglia (Italy)–Civilization–Islamic influences
Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry (Douglas, Ariz.)
Runsa borg (Sweden)
Safi (South Asian people)
Sickle dance
Sifter dance
Silver bracelets
Stem cell donors
Strikes and lockouts–Construction workers–Belize
Suicide–Law and legislation
Syrtos (Dance)
Tày (Northern Vietnamese people)
Teenagers–Southern States
Turpin Site (Ohio)
Tuscany Archaeological Site (Calgary, Alta.)
Via Cavour (Florence, Italy)
Vierges ouvrantes (Sculpture)
Vietnam–History–Bắc Sơn Uprising, 1940
Whales as pets
Women in musical theater
Zeibekikos (Dance)
Zubayd (Arab tribe)

Monthly List 9 (September 21, 2015)

Akit (Indonesian people)
Amphora stamps
Barlborough Hall (England)
Bildungsromans, Chinese
Brazilian literature–Indian authors
Brices Cross Roads National Battlefield Site (Miss.)
Cancer patients in literature
Cancer patients’ writings, English
Cataloging of streaming technology
Cooking (Jackfruit)
Ḥaddād (Arab tribe)
Hales Hall (England)
Ham Hill Site (England)
Hrad Helfštýn (Czech Republic)
James Iredell House (Edenton, N.C.)
Kafoa language
Letohrádek Hvězda (Prague, Czech Republic)
Ngā Ruahine (New Zealand people)
Ngāti Ruahine (New Zealand people)
Paez cosmology
Poets, Hindko
Proverbs, Kabyle
Proverbs, Nupe
Sasang constitutional medicine
Stoney Creek, Battle of, Stoney Creek, Ont., 1813
Te Aitanga a Hauiti (New Zealand people)
Te Aupouri (New Zealand people)
Ultra running
Virgen Site (Peru)
Waitaha (New Zealand people : Te Arawa)
Women, Khasi

Monthly List 10 (October 19, 2015)

African American high school boys
African American middle school boys
African American schoolboys
African American women performance artists
Age in literature
Amisfield Park (Haddington, Scotland)
Amusement parks–West Virginia
Andrew Snable House (N.J.)
Animal welfare in mass media
Apocalyptic films
Apocalyptic television programs
Architecture–China–History–Three kingdoms-Sui dynasty, 220-618
Australian football players as soldiers
Authors, Brahui
Authors, Siraiki
Autistic people in literature
Autonomous robots–Law and legislation
Banking law (Jewish law)
Bath Street (Ilkeston, England)
Black-Minisink Farmhouse (N.J.)
Boar’s Head and Yule Log Festival
Boys–Arctic regions
Boys–New York (State)
Boys–Southern States
Butterfly dance (Skirt dancing)
Canadian-American Border Region
Casa Serra (Barcelona, Spain)
Castello di Botestagno (Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy)
Castello di Torniella (Torniella, Italy)
Celebrities in popular culture
Chambers Bay (University Place, Wash.)
Charlie Hebdo Attack, Paris, France, 2015
Children’s literature, Pushto
Children’s songs, Lü
Children’s stories, Bashkir
Civita di Tricarico Site (Italy)
Coco Islands (Burma)
Commandments, Six hundred and thirteen, in art
Creek cooking
Cruciform brooches
Cruciform brooches, Anglo-Saxon
Deluge (Islam)
Dialect poetry, Tatar
Didjeridu and guitar music
Dragons in motion pictures
Electronic textiles
Elegiac poetry, Kurdish
Enforcement measures (International law)
English language–Demonyms
Engraving, Korean
Erdenheim Farm (Pa.)
Eskimo boys
Estancia El Sapo (Argentina)
Fables, Syriac
Face of God in literature
Family constellations (Families)
Foce Sarno Site (Sarno, Italy)
Great Redang Island (Terengganu, Malaysia)
Greek Revival House (Bevans, N.J.)
Hafodunos Hall (Wales)
Havasupai women
Haw War, 1865-1890
Hipódromo de la Castellana (Madrid, Spain)
Hockey uniforms
Honor killings–Religious aspects
Honor killings–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Hopi girls
Human-animal relationships in mass media
Humorous poetry, Azerbaijani
Indian Pentecostals
Intha (Burmese people)
Inuit dance
Iroquois boys
Just (The English word)
Kalingi (Indic people)
Kapoposang Islands (Indonesia)
Keith Marischal (Humbie, Scotland)
Longniddry House (Longniddry, Scotland)
Love poetry, Azerbaijani
Male rape in art
Manor House (Inveresk, Scotland)
Marghād (Berber tribe)
Marwell Estate (England)
Mass shootings
Mass shootings–Argentina
Mass shootings–Colorado
Mass shootings–Connecticut
Mass shootings–France
Mass shootings–Pennsylvania
Mass shootings–Scotland
Mass shootings–Texas
Mass shootings–Virginia
Middle school boys
Middle school boys–United States
Monkton House (Musselburgh, Scotland)
Montetosto Site (Italy)
Mothers of political prisoners
Negotiable instruments (Jewish law)
Nelden-Roberts Stonehouse (N.J.)
Ngarluma (Australian people)
Niger–History–Coup d’état, 2010
No-fly zones (International law)
Obychaĭ (The Russian word)
Off-reservation boarding schools in art
Otavalo women
Padayani (Dance)
Palazzo dei Convertendi (Rome, Italy)
Plazuelas Site (Mexico)
Pregnancy in popular culture
Propaganda, Austrian
Proto-Li language
Qashqai dialect
Race on television
Racetracks (Horse racing)–Spain
Rawang (Burmese people)
Reciprocity (International law)
Religious pluralism in motion pictures
Saint Martin (Collectivity)–Antiquities
Schloss Schwetzingen (Schwetzingen, Germany)
Scouting (Athletics)
Sculpture, Ghanaian
Seminole boys
Seró I Site (Argentina)
Seró II Site (Argentina)
Seró III Site (Argentina)
Serpentine dance
Shipwreck victims’ families
Short stories, Togolese (French)
Skirt dancing
SlutWalk movement
Social responsibility of business–Law and legislation
Solar eclipses–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Songs, Kui (Dravidian)
Songs, Kuvi
Stereotypes (Social psychology) in the performing arts
Stoneyhill House (Musselburgh, Scotland)
Suundi language
Tango musicians
Thalachangadu Site (India)
Tillamook boys
Tite Street (London, England)
Twenty-third Street (New York, N.Y.)
Unpaid labor
Uṣānlū (Turkic people)
ʻUtūb (Arab tribe)
Weapemeoc Indians
Westerdunes Court (North Berwick, Scotland)
Wintu mythology
Zēlos (The Greek Word)

Monthly List 11 (November 16, 2015)

Architecture and archaeology
Austria–Civilization–Czech influences
Bafo (African people)
Barid Shahi dynasty, 1538-1619
Białystok (Poland)–History–Białystok Ghetto Uprising, 1943
Biculturalism in motion pictures
Bothwell Castle (Scotland)
Cartier Island (Ashmore and Cartier Islands)
Chastleton House (England)
Choctaw boys
College fraternity members
College sorority members
College teachers, Foreign
Cornhusk bags
Creole dialects, English–Pitcairn Islands
Crete (Greece)–History–Insurrection, 1895-1896
Elena (Name)
Foreign workers, Mauritian
Georgia (Republic)–History–Conspiracy of 1832
Germans–Mexico–Evacuation and relocation, 1942-1945
God (Bahai Faith)
High school students’ writings, Russian
Hopi goldwork
Huntsman’s Quarry Site (Kemerton, England)
Incamisana (Ollantaytambo Site, Ollantaytambo, Peru)
Indian actors
Indian gays in literature
Indian women entertainers
Interfaith marriage–Law and legislation
Isconahua Indians
Kalāla (The Arabic word)
La Pausa (Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France)
Leadership, Aboriginal Australian
Lerma River Valley, Battle of, Argentina, 1817
Love nests
Mahé Island (Seychelles)
Manor House (Solihull, England)
National characteristics, Guinea-Bissauan
National characteristics, Guinea-Bissauan, in literature
Oeno Atoll (Pitcairn Islands)
Ohinetahi (Canterbury, N.Z.)
Omaha dance
Paramours–Homes and haunts
Pitcairn Island (Pitcairn Islands)
Place House Hall (Ware, Hertfordshire, England)
Polygyny–Religious aspects
Polygyny–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Proverbs, Nubian
Proverbs, Twi
San Cristóbal Island (Galapagos Islands)
Satire, Tamazight
Schloss Stuppach (Stuppach, Austria)
Tamazight wit and humour
Tatʹi͡ana (Name)
Transnationalism in motion pictures
Triq Id-Dejqa (Valletta, Malta)
Via de’ Tornabuoni (Florence, Italy)
Via Romea di Stade (Germany and Italy)
World Heritage areas in art
Yuwangcheng Site (Xia Xian, Shanxi Sheng, China)
Zámek Hrubý Rohozec (Turnov, Czech Republic)
Zwaan, De (Holland, Mich.)

Monthly List 12 (December 21, 2015)

1 Scott Avenue (Fort Leavenworth, Kan.)
Acquedotto del Sanguinone (Assisi, Italy)
African American choreographers
African American women choreographers
African American women dancers
African American women photographers
Algeria–Social conditions–1830-1962
Armenians–Foreign countries
Avenida de las Américas (Guadalajara, Mexico)
Azerbaijanis–Foreign countries
Azerbaijanis–Georgia (Republic)
Banū Bishr (Arab tribe)
Basketball and war
Basques–Foreign countries
Calderón Site (Mexico)
Cameroonians–Foreign countries
Casa Márquez (Hormigueros, P.R.)
Castillo Site (Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Guatemala)
Cham-Mwana (African people)
Choreographers–United States
Colombia–Civilization–Classical influences
Conflict of laws–Cultural property
Congo (Brazzaville)–History–Coup d’état, 1968
Congolese (Democratic Republic)–Foreign countries
Congolese (Democratic Republic)–France
Coups d’état–Congo (Brazzaville)
Creole dialects, English–Norfolk Island
Decorative arts–Asian influences
Dwellings–Puerto Rico
Eighteen forty-nine, A.D.
Elephant trade
Éparses Islands
Estadio Ebro (Martínez, Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Etching, Japanese
Europa Island
Exhibition games
Flight delays–Law and legislation
Flying B Ranch (Idaho)
Folk literature, Mapuche
Footbinding in art
Gambian literature (English)
Gembloux, Battle of, Gembloux, Belgium, 1578
Glorioso Islands
Gujaratis (Indic people)–Foreign countries
Gujaratis (Indic people)–Great Britain
Hindus–Great Britain
Igbo (African people)–Europe
Igbo (African people)–Foreign countries
Indians of South America–European Influences
Iranians–Foreign countries
Janjanbureh Island (Gambia)
Korean reunification question (1945- )–Religious aspects
Korean reunification question (1945- )–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.
Kurds–Foreign countries
Lust in motion pictures
Mālikīyah (Berber tribe)
Middleham Castle (England)
Monks Lodge (England)
Murunahua Indians
NERF toys
Norfolk Island–Languages
Official residences–Kansas
Pakistanis–Foreign countries
Pakistanis–Great Britain
Palazzo Ajò (Perugia, Italy)
Palazzo Della Morte (Naples, Italy)
Palazzo municipale di Mantova (Mantua, Italy)
Paleography, Romanian
Pangolin trade
Paraguay–History–War of Independence, 1810-1811—Campaigns
Plas Newydd (Llanfair Pwllgwyngyll, Wales)
Playmobil toys
Pottery, Cham-Mwana
Pottery, Nigerian
Proverbs, Kakwa
Race in mass media
Salad bars
Sarn Fawr (Wales)
Sexual minority political refugees
Somalis–Foreign countries
South Asians–Great Britain
South Orkney Islands
Spritzes (Cocktails)
Stalkers in literature
Tacuarí, Battle of, Paraguay, 1811
Tamil (Indic people)–Foreign countries
Tamil (Indic people)–Malaysia
Teatro de la Paz (San Luis Potosí, Mexico)
Tibetans–Foreign countries
Tromelin Island
Turtle trade
Unemployed, Writings of the, Greek (Modern)
Villa Cordellina-Lombardi (Montecchio Maggiore, Italy)
Villa d’Elboeuf (Portici, Italy)
Villa Ottolenghi Wedekind (Acqui Terme, Italy)
Vinca Massacre, Vinca, Italy, 1944
Wangiwangi Island (Indonesia)
Wearable technology
Women choreographers–United States
Women dancers–United States
Women photographers–United States
Xuenkal Site (Mexico)
Yezidi women
Yoruba (African people)–Cuba
Yoruba (African people)–Foreign countries