2016 New Subject Headings in the Social Sciences

Monthly List 1 (January 18, 2016)

Architecture, Tropical–British influences
Asian American dance
Authors, Afghan
Autobiographical fiction, Hungarian
Bast shoes
Biometric identification cards–Law and legislation
Bomboná Hacienda (Colombia)
Bonai (Malay people)
Bora baskets
Boruca cooking
Breast cancer patients’ writings, Canadian
Bullet wipe
Bunkershill (North Berwick, Scotland)
Buqūm (Arab tribe)
Cache-sexes in art
Choloma (Curaçao)
Christianitas (The Latin word)
Colorados Site (Argentina)
Communalism in motion pictures
Cuarteto (Dance)
Cultural landscapes–Evaluation
Curuguaty Massacre, Curuguaty, Paraguay, 2012
Decoration and ornament, Hezhen
Decorative arts, Hezhen
Egyptians in literature
English literature–Bakhtiari authors
English literature–Korean influences
Fables, French-Canadian
Fathers in mass media
Folk songs, Judeo-Tajik
Folklore in popular culture
Forensic historians
Freak folk (Music)
Gadabano (African people)
Gay veterans
Gunshot residues
Gutazar (African people)
Hairwork embroidery
Hawwārah (Berber people)
Ho Chi Minh Trail
Horse armor
House of Epidius Rufus (Pompeii)
Income distribution
Intellectual property insurance
Intellectual property insurance–Law and legislation
Internet personalities
Jewish cooking–Moroccan style
Kadu (Asian people)
Kalmakareh Cave (Iran)
Kyburg, Counts of
Llanllŷr (Wales)
Lubuagan Kalinga language
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Crash, Ukraine, 2014
Marranos (Jewish law)
Marriage (Byzantine law)
Mexican American baseball players
Millmoor (Rotherham, England)
Monument, The (London, England)
Nama poetry
Okiek language
Picture dictionaries, Shan
Poets, Bakhtiari
Primaries–Law and legislation
Prose poems, Serbian
Proverbs, Talysh
Reuss, House of
Revolutionary literature, Uzbek
Rifāʻah (Arab tribe)
Sexual minority veterans
Skarhults slott (Sweden)
Spanish-speaking countries
Sports betting
Talaandig (Philippine people)
Thumb–Religious aspects
Thumb–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Transgender veterans
Trials (Separation)
Triveni, Urdu
Ultra running–Training
Villa di Igno (Piazza, Pistoia, Italy)
Villa “Le Lac” (Corseaux, Switzerland)
Women, Talaandig

Monthly List 2 (February 15, 2016)

Academic-industrial collaboration–Law and legislation
Air cargo insurance–Law and legislation
Arab American men
Arab American men in literature
Arg (Kabul, Afghanistan)
Art, Qiang
Assandun, Battle of, England, 1016
Bi’r Minayh Site (Egypt)
Cabezo Pardo Site (Spain)
Cafetal Angerona (Cuba)
Caserón de Rosas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Cherokee educators
Columna de la Independencia (Vizarrón de Montes, Mexico)
Decorative arts, Oroqen
Diminished-value damages
Dispute resolution (Islamic law)
Dominican Republic–History–English Invasion, 1655
Express highways–Texas
Families, Javanese
Filipino diaspora
Filipinos–Foreign countries
Filipinos–United States
Financial institutions–Religious aspects
Financial institutions–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Flour mills–Poland
Folk literature, Pashayi
Folk poetry, Shor
Fort Brown Site (Brownsville, Tex.)
Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site (Wyo.)
Fort Knox State Historic Site (Me.)
Fulham Palace (London, England)
Habbānīyah (Arab tribe)
History–Research–Law and legislation
Holmwood (Glasgow, Scotland)
Honouliuli National Monument (Hawaii)
Huaca 20 Site (Lima, Peru
Industrial relations–Religious aspects
Industrial relations–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Iowa Valley Scenic Byway (Iowa)
Jermyn Street (London, England)
Jews–Art patronage
Knowle Cottage (Sidmouth, England)
Kolumna Barska (Rapperswil, Switzerland)
Korekawa Site (Hachinohe-shi, Japan
Lakhmid dynasty, ca. 300-ca. 600
Linden Row (Richmond, Va.)
M6 Motorway (Ireland)
Madagascar–Politics and government–2010-
Male beauty contests
Mazahua art
Medina Sidonia, Dukes of
Młyn “Nowość” (Niegów, Poland)
Munchkin (Game)
Nursery rhymes, Arabic
Nursery rhymes, Hebrew
Official residences–Afghanistan
Older designers
Organ theft
Palazzo Minoletti (Gallarate, Italy)
Pushto drama
Radio plays, Pushto
Riddles, Crimean Tatar
Rue Sainte-Catherine (Montréal, Québec)
Sandwich generation in art
Sarkhej Roza (Ahmadābād, India)
Satire, Pushto
Scholars, Black
Sepulchral monuments–India
Shopkins toys
Ślub (The Polish word)
Sri Lankan diaspora
Sri Lankans–Foreign countries
Sri Lankans–Migrations
Sri Lankans–United States
Still Bend (Two Rivers, Wis.)
Tan Yeok Nee House (Singapore)
Tattoo removal
Those Who Play (Game)
Tourism–Anthropological aspects
Turkey–History–Gezi Park Protests, 2013
Ūltān Qālāsī (Extinct city)
Uspanteco Indians
Vietnamese restaurants
Women, Black, in popular culture
Women directors of corporations
Wood sculpture, Taiwan aboriginal
Wumbvu language
Zacatecas, Battle of, Zacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico, 1914, in art

Monthly List 3 (March 21, 2016)

Abbreviations, Armenian
Artists’ writings, American
Authors, Jaintia
Bioethics on television
Boundaries–Anthropological aspects
Casino (Dance)
Cochiti sculpture
Community centers–Virginia
Convict labor–Law and legislation
Crises–Religious aspects
Crises–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Cuna artists
DNA fingerprinting–Technique
Dramatists, Nigerien
Eltham’s Landing, Battle of, Va., 1862
Europe–Civilization–Shamanistic influences
Fort Monroe National Monument (Hampton, Va.)
Game theory in motion pictures
Garden gnomes
Holy fools in motion pictures
Hungarian diaspora
Indian ceramic sculpture
Indian rap musicians
Indian Removal, 1813-1903, in art
Industrial revolution in art
Italian American men
Kewa Indian pottery
LGBT History Month
Lihir language
Maori (New Zealand people) in the performing arts
Mummies in art
Musical instruments, Medieval
Paid companions (Household employees)
Punishment in the Hadith
Quaker almanacs
Quotations, Shina
Radicalism in motion pictures
Red Power movement
Reformation in numismatics
San Pietro in Cotto Site (Italy)
Seal Island Historic District (Alaska)
Taoism and science
Terina (Extinct city)
Tewa architecture
Tolle Site (Italy)
Travelers’ writings, Colombian
Women mathematics teachers

Monthly List 04: (April 18, 2016)

Adoptees as artists
Aleksandra (Name)
Altaĭ Uriankhaĭ dialect
Amusement parks–Wales
Antinuclear movement in art
Arco Metropolitano do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Artists as fashion designers
Asian Americans in mass media
Banten Lama Site (Indonesia)
Bāriq (Arab tribe)
Baseball stories, Cuban
Belle Vue Sheep Farm Site (Wash.)
Belov family
Bible stories, Kazakh
Billaud family
Bindschedler family
Black Hills War, 1876-1877
Brainerd International Raceway (Brainerd, Minn.)
BreBeMi Motorway (Italy)
Bryson-Paddock Site (Okla.)
Buckland (East New Market, Md.)
Budūr (Arab tribe)
Campello family
Cardigan Castle (Cardigan, Wales)
Casa E (Valparaíso, Chile)
Casotti family
Cedar Creek, Battle of, Mont., 1876
Chast family
Commemorative textile fabrics
Cooking, Sikkimese
Court Street (Boston, Mass.)
Czechs in literature
Doctrine and Covenants–Relation to the Bible
Dover International Speedway (Dover, Del.)
Elms Farm Site (Heybridge, Maldon, England)
Embroidery–Japan–History–Meiji period, 1868-1912
Folk literature, West African
Genocide investigation
Greece–Civilization–Turkish influences
Grkacharian family
Hardwick Hall Country Park (Sedgefield, England)
Haunted palaces
Hirsel Site (Coldstream, Scotland)
Holodomor Memorial (Washington, D.C.)
Holodomor memorials–Washington (D.C.)
Hourglass quilts
Iran–History–Attempted coup, 1980
Ixlu Site (Guatemala)
Jewish punk rock musicians
Korea–Civilization–Russian influences
Kufr (Islam)–Qurʼanic teaching
Küllüoba Mound (Turkey)
Latin America–Civilization–Polish influences
Laurie Island (South Orkney Islands)
Maker movement
Maker movement in education
Maruffi family
Masks, Tibetan
Mauriac family
Minerbi family
Mound Key (Charlotte County, Fla.)
Navajo Indians–Urban residence
Nazareth Speedway (Pa.)
Ndonga poetry
Nineteen thirty-four, A.D.
Packwood House (England)
Palazzo dell’arte dei giudici e notai (Florence, Italy)
Palazzo Pretorio (Lucca, Italy)
Parents of transgender children
Piazza d’Armi (Perugia, Italy)
Plaza de San Francisco (Seville, Spain)
Political prisoners’ writings, French
Political prisoners’ writings, Moroccan (French)
Ponte di Augusto (Narni, Italy)
Powell Island (South Orkney Islands)
Proverbs, Western Pahari
Qabr Abu al-ʻAtiq, Tell (Syria)
Racetracks (Automobile racing)–Delaware
Racetracks (Automobile racing)—Minnesota
Raising of the widow’s son (Miracle)
Red River Bridge Controversy, 1931
Same-sex marriage (Islamic law)
Sánchez Navarro family
Santu Antine Site (Italy)
Scaloria Cave (Italy)
Self-esteem in rabbinical literature
Sexual minorities (Islamic law)
Soldiers on television
SouthGate Site (Bath, England)
Terrorism–Finance–Law and legislation
Tolotang (Indonesian people)
Traffic cameras
Traffic monitoring–Equipment and supplies
Travelers’ writings, Pushto
Turkey–Civilization–Greek influences
Via Faentina (Italy)
Villa Rosebery (Naples, Italy)
Wakley family
Warren Ballpark (Bisbee, Ariz.)
Weill-Sonder family
White Tower (Thessalonikē, Greece)
Witnesses–Protection–Law and legislation
Women farmers in motion pictures
Women midwives
Women nurses
Wood-carving, Bai
Zedtwitz family
Monthly List 05 (May 16, 2016)

African American bisexual women
African American sexual minorities
Alcoholic beverage adulteration
Andreasi family
Anonyms and pseudonyms, Gujarati
Armenia (Republic)–Languages
Art, Rwandan
Bachman-Wilson House (Bentonville, Ark.)
Bachman-Wilson House (Millstone, N.J.)
Bear Paw Battlefield (Mont.)
Berit (The Hebrew word)
Bible stories, Czech
Bloody Marys (Cocktails)
Boutflower family
Brachtl family
Carols, Kashubian
Casa Barbieri (Italy)
Casa degli Atellani (Milan, Italy)
Casati family
Cassitto family
Castello di Carpineti (Carpineti, Italy)
Cigarroa family
Cisgender people
Classen Boulevard (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
Clausholm Slot (Denmark)
Coins, Sikh
Cold War–Law and legislation
Concheros (Dance)
Corkagh House (Ireland)
David and Gladys Wright House (Phoenix, Ariz.)
De Lorenzi family
Dildilian family
Diouboye (Extinct city)
Dudley Farm Historic State Park (Fla.)
Epic literature, Karachay-Balkar
Evolve (Game)
Extinct cities—Senegal
Fania family
Faraway (Wash.)
Folk literature, Karachay-Balkar
Folk music—Laos
Folk poetry, Karachay-Balkar
Forced migration in motion pictures
Forum Holitorium (Rome, Italy)
Hasdeu family
Hunt House (Waterloo, N.Y.)
Incantations, Polish
Indian young men
Indigenous men
Indigenous men–Identity
Jadun (Pakistani people)
Jefferson Highway
Jingchuan Caves (China)
Judaculla Rock (N.C.)
Kokatha (Australian people)
Krzyzowski family
Larchmont Boulevard (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Lira family
Luard family
Luing (Scotland)
Lunar calendars
Masseria Pettolecchia (Italy)
Mawlam (Music)
Naples (Kingdom)–History–War of 1815–Campaigns
National cemeteries, British
National cemeteries, French
National cemeteries, German
National cemeteries, Russian
New York State Roosevelt Memorial (New York, N.Y.)
Noriega family
North (The concept)
North (The concept) in motion pictures
North (The concept) on television
Nuclear power plants–Michigan
Oddi family
Palazzo Orsini (Monterotondo, Italy)
Palmieri family
Pangkor Island (Perak, Malaysia)
Peer-to-peer travel
Physicians’ malpractice insurance–Law and legislation
Plessner family
Puerto Rico–History–Indian Rebellion, 1511
Rawḍ ‘Ā’id Wadi (Egypt)
Red House (Aldeburgh, England)
Religious dance–Mexico
Rocca di Acquaviva Picena (Acquaviva Picena, Italy)
Rocca di Gualdo Cattaneo (Gualdo Cattaneo, Italy)
Roccoia Site (Italy)
Rohner family
Rongkong (Indonesian people)
Sanctuary of Demeter (Dion, Pieria)
Sannazzaro family
Servien family
Sex in video games
Shillourokambos Site (Cyprus)
Socialism and individualism
Soldiers, Black, in motion pictures
Songs, Campa
Staffel family
Sudlon (Philippines)–History–Siege, 1899-1900
Tabard Square Site (London, England)
Tae kwon do on postage stamps
Tamuda (Extinct city)
Thanon Čharœ̄n Krung (Bangkok, Thailand)
Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal
Tolentino, Battle of, Italy, 1815
Turkey–Foreign relations–1878-1909
Ulica Oleandry (Kraków, Poland)
Vaughan-Lewis family
Villa Monticello (Rome, Italy)
Women, Mon
Yucundaa Site (Mexico)

Monthly List 06 (June 20, 2016)

33 Fitzroy Square (London, England)
Alige Mēlina family
Almanacs, Tatar
Altaĭ Uriankhaĭ (Mongolian people)
Asexual people
Asexuality (Sexual orientation)
Atapattu Walawwa (Galle, Sri Lanka)
Bhavaralāla Hirālāla Jaina family
Bible stories, Maori
Body marking in art
Book burning in art
Brahms family
Bus accidents–Investigation
Butuanon (Philippine people)
Cary-Elwes family
Catechisms, Turkish
Children’s songs, Ao
Choctaw baskets
Chong language
City children in literature
City children in motion pictures
Daubeneys (Colerne, England)
De Nully family
De Weck family
Dickstein family
Diplomatic privileges and immunities (Islamic law)
Domus Augustana (Rome, Italy)
Dorlodot family
Ecclesiastical law in motion pictures
Effigy mounds
Ekaterina (Name)
Folk songs, Corsican
Forkan family
Freedom of religion in motion pictures
Funeral prayer cards
Gay detectives
Girls in music
Grillete Cave (Cuba)
Hammelburg family
Hemewend (Kurdish tribe)
Ibani (African people)
Immigrants’ writings, French
Indian women painters
International law–British influences
Jewish fashion designers
Jewish jazz musicians
Jicarilla art
Joʼiyah (South Asian people)
Juggalos (Music fans)
Krivitski family
Laurine family
Lea Hall (Leaton, London, England)
Maidu painting
Mandalay Road (Singapore)
Manuscript fragments
Mermaids in motion pictures
Michalek family
Molino family
Muirfield Gate (Gullane, Scotland)
Muriedas family
National characteristics, Angolan
National characteristics, Botswanan
National characteristics, Djiboutian
National characteristics, Gabonese
National monuments–Cuba
Neustadt family
Nina (Name)
Nunziante family
Nürburgring (Nürburg, Germany)
Oglala artists
Old Manor House (West Lavington, Wiltshire, England)
Old Orchard (Oyster Bay, N.Y.)
Orang Asli (Malaysian people)
Palazzo Molin-Erizzo (Venice, Italy)
Patwin language
Pirincay Site (Ecuador)
Planetary hours (Astrology)
Pueblo decoration and ornament
Qełatî Hewlêr (Irbil, Iraq)
Quiverfull movement
Racetracks (Automobile racing)—Germany
Rap music fans
Relief (Sculpture), Croatian
Sanctuary of Persephone (Locri Epizephyrii)
Schloss Sargans (Sargans, Switzerland)
Talismans in art
Tom’s Brook, Battle of, Va., 1864
Trading posts in art
Travelers’ writings, Slovak
Trijtel family
Two thousand fourteen, A.D.
Villa Mills (Rome, Italy)
War damage compensation–Law and legislation
Yakut imprints
Zughaft family

Monthly List 07: (July 18, 2016)
Acıbadem Caddesi (Istanbul, Turkey)
African American conservationists
African American zoologists
Almanacs, Algerian
Almanacs, Berber
Anti-communist movements in motion pictures
Archery ranges
Archery ranges–Korea (South)
Arena do Grêmio (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil)
Axel jump
Baecula, Battle of, Baecula, 208 B.C.
Baecula (Extinct city)
Ballads, Kankanay
Bixie in art
Bonifacio family
Bookplates, Kazakh
Boz͡henko family
Bruneian literature
Bruneian literature (English)
Bruneian poetry (English)
Caribbean Area–Civilization–Irish influences
Catridge Farm (Lacock, England)
Cēra dynasty, ca. 20 B.C.-1122 A.D
Chakhesang Naga (Indic people)
Chinese American figure skaters
College verse, Bruneian (English)
Colloredo-Mansfeldský palác (Prague, Czech Republic)
Conflict of laws–Copyright
Conservationists–United States
Cooking (Couscous)
Diablets Cave (Spain)
Discrimination against intersex people
Doolady family
Dung-dkar Caves (China)
Electronic monitoring of children
Electronic monitoring of youth
Enemies in motion pictures
Excellence in the Qurʼan
Experimental poetry, Cuban
Fados in motion pictures
Fans (Persons) in mass media
Female-to-male transsexuals in art
Figure skaters–United States
Figure skating jumps
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Japan, 2011, in literature
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, Japan, 2011, in motion pictures
General Strike, Martinique, 1974
General strikes–Martinique
Giltner family
Greece–History–Currant Growers’ Rebellion, 1935
Green Valley of Russian River Valley American Viticultural Area (Calif.)
Haddo House (Scotland)
Hardwick Hall (England)
Hayu (Nepalese people)
Hehuang Valley (China)
High school students’ writings, Bruneian (English)
High school students writings, New Zealand
Human-Neanderthal encounters
Hunters as soldiers
Ingilois (South Caucasian people)
Itinerant entertainers
Jackets–Pattern design
Journalism in motion pictures
Kakinte Indians
Khonkho Wankane Site (Bolivia)
Kibbutzim–Law and legislation
Knickerbocker family
Koi language (Nepal)
Konkow Indians
Kumal (Nepalese people)
Lacquer and lacquering, Yi
Lamawolor (Indonesian people)
Language isolates
Lesothan fiction (English)
Lotha (Indic people)
Love poetry, Tamashek
Medicine Fort Site (Ariz.)
Medicine Valley (Ariz.)
Mexican American figure skaters
Mier y Guerra family
Minority women college teachers
Munkácsy family
Muslim biographers
Mythology, East Asian
Nahua weavers
Nahua women weavers
National characteristics, Burkinabe
National characteristics, Rwandan
National characteristics, Tanzanian
Neanderthal children
Nordhoff family
Obscene words–Religious aspects
Obscene words–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Obscenity (Aesthetics)
Okande (African people)
Palmnicken Massacre, I͡Antarnyĭ, Kaliningradskai͡a oblastʹ, Russia, 1945
Peasant uprisings–Greece
Plateia Syntagmatos (Athens, Greece)
Popular music–Romania
Prisoners’ writings, Hindi
Raley Field (West Sacramento, Calif.)
Santuario nuragico di Santa Vittoria Site (Italy)
Serpent Column (Istanbul, Turkey)
Soccer commissioners
South Asians in motion pictures
South Asians on television
Strada delle Palade (Italy)
Sufi literature, Pushto
Tellini family
Timangarh Fort (India)
Tŏgyujŏng (Nonsan-si, Korea)
Tusayan Ruins (Coconino County, Ariz.)
Urban poor in motion pictures
Versaw family
Via Trieste (Brescia, Italy)
Villa Caristo (Stignano, Italy)
Villa Mondragone (Monte Porzio Catone, Italy)
Warblington Roman Villa Site (Warblington, Havant, England)
Work environment in art
Zoologists–United States

Monthly List 08 (August 15, 2016)

Abused women in art
Art, Gambian
Banī Bū Alī (Arab tribe)
Black lives matter movement
Brunant Estate (Wales)
Calle Hospital Viejo Site (Logroño, Spain)
Causation (Islamic law)
Ceremonial objects–Papua New Guinea
Child sexual abuse in sports
Collage, Algerian
Comic books, strips, etc.–Congresses
Courtesy on television
Dance in opera
Desgrées family
Disabilities in literature
Drawing, Iraqi
Einstein family
Electoral courts
Folk art quilts
Gay musicologists
Girls, Maori
Gope boards
Holocaust survivors in art
In-flight entertainment systems–Law and legislation
Informers (Jewish law)
Kanatha (Extinct city)
Makerspaces in libraries
Maori meeting houses
Morpeth Castle (Morpeth, England)
Mythology, Arakanese
North Carolina Highway 12 (N.C.)
Nursing (Islamic law)
Outer Banks National Scenic Byway (N.C.)
Panel painting, Greco-Roman
Pawassar family
Political prisoners’ writings, Arabic
Political prisoners’ writings, Tagalog
Praz Berthoud Site (Switzerland)
Proverbs, Khowar
Religious occupations
Russian American women
Scenic byways–New Mexico
Shrubs (Cocktails)
Socialist literature
Stop and frisk (Law enforcement)
Sukhorukov family
Surveillance in motion pictures
Suwŏn P’altalmun (Suwŏnsŏng, Suwŏn-si, Korea)
Talhouët family
Technological innovations–Religious aspects
Technological innovations–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity,  etc.]
Textile crafts and popular culture
Thailand–Civilization–Burmese influences
Totonac youth
Ulit͡sa Varvarka (Moscow, Russia)
User interfaces (Computer systems)–Law and legislation
Video music games
Waimiri-Atroarí language
Willow Fire, Ariz., 2004
Women, Ainu
Wrestlers with disabilities
Yidgha language

Monthly List 09 (September 2016)

143 Allen Street House (New York, N.Y.)
190 Grand Street House (New York, N.Y.)
192 Grand Street House (New York, N.Y.)
32 Dominick Street House (New York, N.Y.)
34 Dominick Street House (New York, N.Y.)
36 Dominick Street House (New York, N.Y.)
Almirante family
Ambarawa, Battle of, Ambarawa, Indonesia, 1945
Asopos (Extinct city)
Ateshgah (Azerbaijan)
Authors, Sundanese
Bandjoun literature
Belonging (Social psychology) in art
Beretta family
Berit shalom (Welcoming ceremony)
Bima literature
Bima poetry
Bisexual men–Relations with women
Bisexuality and education
Bow and arrow in literature
Brierfield Plantation (Miss.)
Broechoven family
Calcagnini d’Este family
Casa do Rio Vermelho (Salvador, Brazil)                                                                                                 Castillo de Valderradela (Chinchón, Spain)
Castle Road (Portsmouth, England)
Cataldi family
Celebrities in literature
Chinese language–Written Chinese
Compulsive hoarding
Credit card holders (Persons)
Crowd funding–Law and legislation
Demonology in music
Denkmal für die Verfolgten der NS-Militärjustiz (Vienna, Austria)
Dennison and Lydia Wood House (New York, N.Y.)
Devil’s Causeway (England)
Distance education graduates
Dolaucothi Estate (Wales)
Embroidery, Bedouin
Engagement rings
Erotic stories, Croatian
Fabroni family
Folk drama, Minangkabau
Folk literature, Bandjoun
Folk poetry, Bima
Foreign workers, Central American
Forensic engineers
Gawwada language
Gledholt Hall (Huddersfield, England)
Gori family
Gourds in art
Grandfathers in art
Handicap (The English word)
Hartness family
Healing of the woman with the flow of blood (Miracle) in art
Hill 70, Battle of, France, 1917
Hispanic American bisexual men
Hispanic American gay men
Hoàng-Huỳnh family
Hybrid warfare
Ightenhill Manor (England)
International law (Jewish law)
Isconahua language
Karon language
Khat abuse
Kings Road (Portsmouth, England)
Knitting in art
Kukele language
Lame Deer Fight, Mont., 1877
Landenberger family
Lanelay Hall (Wales)
Lê Khắc family
Lens, Battle of, Lens, France, 1917
Liberty in music
Llanelly House (Llanelli, Wales)
Llanerch Colliery Disaster, Wales, 1890
Lomison family
Mataco women
Medicine in the Hadith
Mid Grand Valley Dani language
Mizrahi novelists
Monte Li Santi-Le Rote Sanctuary Site (Italy)
Music–Burmese influences
Music–Polish influences
National characteristics, Nigerien
National characteristics, Ugandan
Neopagan gays
Nukna language
Operation Millpond, 1961
Oulton family
Piercefield Estate (Wales)
Political participation–Religious aspects
Political participation–Religious aspects–Buddhism, [Christianity, etc.]
Priestmere (Tadworth, England)
Proto-Central Chadic language
Rural college students
Sanctuary of Demeter (Eleusis, Greece)
Sick children in literature
Sikh engineers
Songs, Palauan
Stonewall National Monument (New York, N.Y.)
Tintagel Castle (England)
Verdura Plantation (Fla.)
Villa Patumbah (Zurich, Switzerland)
Vivarini family
Women athletes with disabilities
Women, Orang Asli
Wood sculpture, Orang Asli
Yandaixie Jie (Beijing, China)
Young male prisoners
Zoroastrian temples–Azerbaijan