News from ACRL/ Arts Section chair, Kai Alexis Smith


ACRL/Arts Section members,


I am your new ACRL/Arts Chair. Unfortunately, chair elect Greg Hatch of the University of Utah decided to step down in early Fall 2015. With the support of the Executive Committee and ALA Liaison Megan Griffin, I am getting caught up on my new responsibilities. I am very excited to lead the section and am very happy to bring you a number of updates and developments.


First, we are very happy to have Sandra Gekosky from West Virginia University at Parkersburg as our new Social Media Manager. Shortly, we will have our Twitter, Facebook and blog up and running again after a long hiatus. We are also excited to have Shannon Robinson of Drexel University on the team to maintain our website presence.


It looks like we don’t have all our users switched over to using the ALA hosted listserv. If you are on the old one please understand we have shut that down. Privacy issues and concerns prevent us from automatically moving all subscribers from the old list to the new list, so please, subscribe to the new list as soon as possible. If you want to stay abreast of what the ACRL/Arts Section is doing please join the new listsserv here:


We are looking for volunteers for the 2016- 2017 service. If you are interested or have expertise in any of the committees below, please fill out the volunteer form here:


Open positions (select the name of the committee to learn more about it):

2017 Conference planning Committee 3 members needed

Membership and Outreach Committee 5 members needed

Strategic Planning Committee 4 members needed

Publications and Research Committee 2 members needed


Because many of our members often cannot attend Midwinter, there is a virtual forum webinar conducted in it’s place and provides members the opportunity to share projects around a theme. The recording of our Midwinter Virtual Webinar on Introducing the Artists’ Books Thesaurus is available here:


Even if you didn’t attend Midwinter, check out our Arts Guide here. The Membership and Outreach Committee works hard to assemble these guides for the membership for both the Midwinter and Annual Conferences.


We are always looking for ways for the membership to engage with each other and discuss topics of interest. However, there were a number of discussion groups and a committee that was recently dissolved because of inactivity. These include the Digital Technologies in the Arts Committee, Digital Arts Discussion Group, and the Film and Broadcast Studies Librarians Discussion Group. We strongly encourage discussion groups. Please feel free to contact me if you have ideas or bring them to the Executive Committee meeting at the Annual Conference in Orlando. Both the Executive Committee and I would be delighted to hear from you!

Before we know it, the Annual Conference will be here in no time. Again this year, the Section will be holding meetings at the conference. I look forward to engaging with you all then and working with you all in the coming years!


Kai Alexis Smith

Chair, ACRL/Arts Section