Strategic Directions

Submitted by: Mallory Sajewski,
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In January 2016, the Arts Section Executive Board adopted a new core values and a new strategic direction to be evaluated by the Strategic Planning Committee on an annual basis.

The Arts Section provides a forum in which art library professionals promote and contribute to the improvement of library services through the exchange of information, leadership opportunities, discussions of current issues and trends, and through the implementation of suitable initiatives.

Core Organizational Values
The Arts Section is committed to
• Developing an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment for students interested in becoming an academic liaison to the arts and art library professionals (includes, but is not limited to: arts, art history, dance, and theater in all types of libraries).
• Cultivating excellence and innovation of art library services to all types of users.
• Employ ethical practices, professionalism, and integrity related to library services and resources.

Strategic Directions
Membership. Seek ways to engage and actively involve both new and existing members for increased retention.
• Maintain a better understanding of the membership by implementing a personnel survey.
• Offer networking and mentoring opportunities for members in order to increase their involvement and sense of belonging within the organization.
• Promote Arts Section activities and values and share best practices and materials through postings to blogs and other media in higher education.
• Feature members through editorial content in the blog.
• Support discussion groups that currently exist and encourage discussion groups on new topics and trends.

Professional Development. Foster and develop programming and continuing education opportunities for members discuss current trends in academic art librarianship.
• Continue Virtual Discussion Forums with engaging topics.
• Explore partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to
share information and provide offerings on topics of mutual interest.

Organization within the Section. Facilitate the transfer of leadership and continuity within committees through record keeping and communication.
• Develop a policy and workflow for committees to submit and record meeting minutes and annual reports.
• Develop an orientation to section leadership.
• Update and improve the orientation manual.

Strengthen communication within the section in order to improve the presence and value of the resources to the Arts Sections members.
• Develop a website to improve the navigation of the Arts Section resources and information.
• Use of the listserv to share information about section activities, professional development and job opportunities, etc.
• Continue to produce the Arts Guide for midwinter and annual conferences.