Anaheim, CA – Annual 2008 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meeting
2008 Annual Conference—Anaheim, California
Sunday, June 29, 2008, 10:30am (Pacific)
Hyatt Regency Orange County, Pacific Room

Laurel Bliss (San Diego State University), Adam Burling (ACRL), Mary M. Carr (Spokane Community College), Claudia Covert (Rhode Island School of Design), Kathleen Haefliger (Chicago State University), Roland Hansen (Columbia College Chicago) Sara Harrington (Rutgers University), William Hemmig (Bucks County Community College), Beth Kerr (University of Texas at Austin), Eric A. Kidwell (Huntington College), Diana King (University of California, Los Angeles), Laura Kane McElfresh (Oklahoma State University), Stephen Patrick (East Tennessee State University), Michael Pearce (Harrington College of Design), Jane Sloan (Rutgers University), Megan Smith-Heafy (Nova Southeastern University), Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos (University of Virginia), Ed Teague (University of Oregon), Shannon Van Kirk (Blue Mountain Community College)

Chair: Eric A. Kidwell
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos
Incoming Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: William Hemmig
Secretary: Sara Harrington
Past Chair: Shannon Van Kirk

The meeting was convened at 10:32 a.m. There was no new business to be added to the agenda.

Chair Eric A. Kidwell welcomed Section members to the meeting.

There was one correction to the minutes of the Midwinter 2008 meeting. Diana King was in attendance at the meeting. The minutes of the ALA Midwinter 2008 meeting minutes were approved as amended.

Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator
Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator, stated that ALA Connect will be launched in fall 2008. This will allow Sections greater opportunities to involve virtual members. The second wave of ALA Connect will open up professional networking opportunities for ALA members. The Section thanked Adam Burling and Megan Griffin for all of their work on behalf of the Section.

Mary M. Carr, ACRL Board Liaison to the Arts Section
Mary Carr joined the meeting and opened a discussion about changes within the organization.

There will be a change to the vetting of program proposals for future ALA conferences. Such program proposals will, in the future, be peer-reviewed. (In the past, if a Section could organize and fund the program, it generally went forward.) Vetting of program proposals will pass through ACRL’s Professional Development Coordinating Committee (PDCC). ACRL is hoping that session proposals that are denied will perhaps be transformed into proposals for round tables or poster sessions. There was some concern about transparency and fairness issues in the peer review process. For example, who appoints the PDCC members? Who is on the PDCC? Is each Section represented on the PDCC, for example? It was stated ACRL appoints the PDCC members; it was also noted that potential audience size would not be a factor in proposal selection. As a larger issue, ALA is considering looking into shortening the length of the conference by one day, which would require a closer look at programs and meetings and the distribution thereof.

Mary Carr noted that the policy to put the vetting process in place has already passed. What’s in question now is the structure and procedures of the vetting process itself (this is now in Committee.) There is flexibility in how this is to be done. Mary Carr stated that if Sections have been producing good programming it is likely there will be no problem. ACRL would like to see enhanced collaboration. There were some questions raised about the standards and/or criteria by which program proposals will be judged. How is peer-review defined here? In short, how is quality going to be assessed? Is the concern about quality programming in response to some perceived problem? Arts Section members suggested that it might be useful to share in an appropriate venue a list of the PDCC members, and the respective Sections to which they belong. Alternately, it might be more productive to create a specially designated Program Committee with a larger number of members, including a representative from each Section, or have a rotation plan in place. Mary Carr will bring the Section’s wide-ranging concerns back to the Board.

It was underscored that all Sections must be vigilant about not including political speech tied to the support or non-support of candidates in either ALA or ACRL instruments of communication. Doing so puts the organization’s non-profit status at risk. It was queried if a template that defines political speech exists, so that the definition can be shared with membership.

Many thanks to Mary Carr for her diligent service to the Arts Section as ACRL Board Liaison.

Section Report from Chair (Eric A. Kidwell)
Leadership and Section Council Meetings and other information
Kidwell reported from the Leadership and Section Council meeting. The group discussed Interest Groups. ACRL has moved forward with the issue, as some ACRL members feel that they have no ‘home’ within the organization. A FAQ on interest groups was handed out. Membership in ACRL will allow one to join up to three units without an increase in dues. Interest Groups will require 25 signatures to form, and their existence will be reviewed after a period of three years. ACRL is looking to ensure that there is no duplication between discussion and interest groups. Interest Groups will be able to propose programs, so there is some concern about conflict between Interest Groups and other units. For example, Discussion Groups do not get funding, while Interest Groups will get funding. Thus far, ACRL has not been inundated with requests for the formation of Interest Groups. There has been some discussion within the Arts Section about potential arts-related Interest Groups such as architecture.

Kidwell reported that Sections no longer need bylaws as such and will move to a governance document. Sections cannot do anything contrary to ACRL and ALA policies and procedures and should let ACRL know what they wish to do (as one example, we have decided to change the name of the “Planning Committee” to the “Strategic Planning Committee”.)

Action plan proposals are due July 15. The Section wishes to put forth a proposal to pay someone to create a searchable database of the Arts Guides. A second proposal may be to send a representative to the conferences of various learned societies (such as the Society of Architectural Historians, the College Art Association, the American Institute of Architects, etc.) for the purpose of presenting the profession as a career option. Any representative sent to a conference must have a well-delineated purpose and plan of action at the conference.

IFLA Appointment
Ed Teague continues to serve as an Arts representative to IFLA. (The process is thus: the Arts Section nominates a candidate to the ballot who must then participate in an election voted on by IFLA members.) The Arts Section has the opportunity to submit a second name for nomination to the ballot, and Kidwell, as chair, has done this. We had three people interested in this current appointment. Kidwell had to provide a ranking of these three applicants.

ACRL National Conference 2009, Seattle
Registration for the ACRL 2009 conference in Seattle will open in the fall of 2008. Two proposals from Arts Section members have been submitted.

Section Response to ACRL Strategic Plan
Section chair Kidwell recently submitted the Arts Section response to the ACRL strategic plan. Information on the Section’s website, newsletter, potential programming, the ArtsGuides and the Discussion Forum was included.

Election 2008 Results
William Hemmig has been elected Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Many thanks and congratulations!

Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports
Program 2009 (Chicago) (Ed Teague and Roland Hansen)
The Arts Section program will explore artist’s books produced by small presses, including history, production, distribution, and collecting. The speakers currently slated include Professor Steve Miller (University of Alabama). The Committee is currently working on the Section’s 50th anniversary reception, including location and list of potential sponsors. The Committee proposes that the program and reception be scheduled back to back, perhaps in the same location. Stephen Patrick is working diligently on a timeline and chronology, see:

Please send all suggested revisions to Stephen at

Section members will have an “ACRL Arts @ 50” badge ribbon. Michael Pearce is preparing an invitation and commemorative broadside. Please forward suggestions for the invitee list to Roland Hansen ( and Stephen Patrick ( Kidwell suggested that Roland consult with Megan Griffin regarding upcoming deadlines and potential co-sponsorship of the program.

Nominating (Shannon Van Kirk)
We have a number of volunteers for upcoming committee vacancies. Please contact Shannon Van Kirk if interested in volunteering for a future committee assignment or for an office. Van Kirk will coordinate next year’s committee assignments with Hemmig, who as vice-chair will make the appointments.

Membership and Outreach (Claudia Covert)
As of April 2008, the Arts Section has 952 members. At the committee meeting, the group discussed what the Arts Section might be able to offer virtual members ( and virtual posters were considered as examples). Perhaps the new online community ALA Connect, discussed by Adam Burling, will offer some opportunities in this regard. The group also discussed the Arts Social.

Publications and Research (Beth Kerr)
There are a couple of people interested in the Committee and working on the ArtsGuides. Lisa Blankenship may work on the Denver guide, and Mark Gardner may work on the Chicago guide. We will add the ACRL National Conference host cities to our list of ArtsGuides, and Kidwell has volunteered to update the current Seattle Guide (from Midwinter ’07). Beth Kerr will put out a call for other members who may be interested in working on a guide. The formatting and template of the Arts Guides is under discussion, the action plan for a database may affect this discussion. One possibility is to have a static section of the guide, and a wiki section of the guide. We continue to receive positive feedback about the ArtsGuides; Kidwell reported that a member of the ACRL Board approached him at Friday’s Leadership Council and congratulated the Section on the Guides, there was a blurb in ACRL News and in American Libraries Direct. Beth Kerr wondered if it would be possible to include the ArtsGuides on the ACRL and ALA pages, as well as in the conference wiki.

Two papers, by Sara Harrington and Kathleen Haefliger, were offered at the Arts Section Discussion Forum. Both speakers received useful feedback. Descriptions of the papers will be posted on the Arts Section web page. Beth Kerr asked if we wish to limit the Discussion Forum submissions to Arts Section members. If we open up the submissions process, we must move back the deadlines significantly. It is important to keep the technological guidelines in mind as well, for the same reason. Currently we are operating in a low tech way.

Planning (Ed Teague)
Ed Teague offered the following two motions: The name of the Committee will change from “Planning Committee” to “Strategic Planning Committee” and that the Vice-Chair/Chair elect will join as an ex-officio member. Both motions passed unanimously.

Ed Teague also noted that the Committee would like to clarify the status of the environmental scan. Will the Committee hear about the environmental scan in advance? Ed Teague also wished to refer the “50 at 50” membership drive to the Membership Committee. Ed Teague queried if it would be useful for the Arts Section to have a Facebook page? Finally, Ed Teague noted that the Committee could use another member or two.

Technology in the Arts (Kathleen Haefliger)
Kathleen Haefliger noted that the Committee decided to create an arts blog in WordPress. After spirited discussion, the Section unanimously passed the following motion, “The Arts Section endorses having an arts blog and its research and development. The Section requests that the Technology and the Arts Committee come up with a prospectus of how the blog will be used and managed, to be resolved at the Midwinter 2009 conference.” The Committee will focus on how the blog will be used, and will flesh out policy surrounding the blog, to be reviewed at Midwinter. The blog will then be announced on the Arts Section listserv.

Film and Broadcast Librarians Studies Discussion Group (Diana King)
Much of the recent meeting was occupied with so-called “housekeeping,” as Diana King is rotating off as convener. The Group hosted a visit from Reframe, a media distributor and provider of streaming content. The Discussion Group does have the content to the subject guide to films on race and ethnicity, and the Group will discuss how best to host the guide. The Group also brainstormed future topics for discussion, including collection development in film studies, and a range of communication issues. For example, it is difficult to attend every conference and every discussion group. One action item may be to explore a listserv for the Group, and market this listserv to the Arts Section and to groups outside the Arts Section, such as the Video Round Table.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group (Laura Kane McElfresh)
A new convener has stepped forward. The Group is exploring ides for the Midwinter conference in Denver and will solicit ideas on the dance librarians’ listserv. The Group talked about the Dance Heritage Coalition. The Group also plans to work on its own web presence, and will consider a Discussion Group blog or wiki. The Group is also interested in preparing a resource for dancers who are looking for employment.

Webmaster(Beth Kerr)
The following statement of thanks to Tom Caswell was unanimously approved by Section members:

On behalf of the membership of the Arts Section, the Executive Committee and the membership present at the Executive Committee/General Membership Meeting at ALA Annual ’08 in Anaheim wish to thank Tom Caswell for his many (many) years of service as section webmaster. During his long and productive tenure, Tom guided us through innumerable changes including migrating our webpage to the ALA web site and working with the (many) technological changes ALA’s own site has gone through in recent years. During his time as webmaster Tom has always provided our section with a web presence that has been very professional, informative, and welcoming. Those who have worked directly with Tom have found him to be a great colleague and friend, and someone who has always responded quickly to keep our web presence current and an effective means of communicating with our membership and the larger community. As Tom passes the proverbial baton, we all look forward to working with him in other capacities within ACRL and the Arts Section.


Many thanks, too, to Beth Kerr for her agreeing to take over the work of Section webmaster.

Newsletter Editor (Kristina Keogh)
Kristina Keogh could not be present, so chair Kidwell reported. Kidwell recalled previous discussions about how we might increase content for the section newsletter. The Section may perhaps include summaries from the recent Discussion Group presentations in the newsletter. There was some discussion of what we can solicit for the newsletter to interest members and point forward to the next conference. Examples include arts current events, etc.

IFLA Liaison Update (Ed Teague)
Ed Teague announced that the 74th annual IFLA General Conference and Council will take place in Quebec, Canada from August 10-14, 2008. At least two arts related sessions will take place.

The Arts Section has two co-sponsored programs at this conference: “Reading Pictures: The Language of Wordless Books” with LES and “Action!: Setting Preservation Priorities and Ensuring Access to Your Moving Image Collections” With RBMS.

Jane Sloan attended the ACRL 101 session, and highly recommended that the Arts Section send a representative to this session every year. It is a wonderful way to share information about the Arts Section. Chair Kidwell thanked Jane for stepping forward to represent Arts and reiterated Jane’s recommendation. ACRL 101 is an orientation session to ACRL and for Anaheim each section was invited to staff a table to talk to conference attendees about what their section could offer. Jane reported that she had constant traffic at the Arts table.

Incoming Chair
The gavel was passed to incoming chair, Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos. Many thanks to Eric. A. Kidwell for his service as chair. Welcome to Lucie—the Section looks forward to working with you!

The meeting was adjourned at 12:45 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
Secretary, Arts Section