Boston, MA – Midwinter 2010 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Executive Committee/General Membership Meeting
ALA Midwinter Meeting 2010
Sunday, January 17, 2010, 1:00pm (Eastern)
Virtual Meeting, ACRL Arts Group, ALA Connect

Caroline Caviness (Rutgers University), Joe Clark (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Claudia Covert (Rhode Island School of Design), William Hemmig (Bucks County Community College), Eric A. Kidwell (Huntingdon College), Helice Koffler (University of Washington), Megan Smith-Heafy (Nova Southeastern University)

Chair: William Hemmig
Vice-chair/Chair-elect: Claudia Covert
Secretary: Caroline Caviness

The meeting was convened at 1:09 p.m. EST.

In his new role as chair, W. Hemmig welcomed virtual meeting attendees, as well as those able to join him onsite at the conference.

The minutes of the Annual 2009 Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership meeting were approved without any revisions.

Report on Midwinter 2010 meetings of ACRL Leadership Council and Communities of Practice Assembly (William Hemmig)
It was noted that Friends money is still available if any worthy projects arise, so programming ideas shouldn’t be discouraged due to a perceived lack of funds.

Report from Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator
Adam Burling was unable to attend the virtual meeting, but posted his report online. W. Hemmig added supplementary information about the demise of the action plan.

Report from Mary Carr, ACRL Board Liaison
[This report was actually presented with the committee reports, but it’s included here – where it was slated in the agenda – to help keep this as clear as possible.]

Mary Carr joined the meeting and explained that the Board is looking at changing the council of liaisons and how it functions. The main objective is to try and determine which associations have a broad reach and which are more subject-specific – the idea being that after that is determined, sections and all communities of practice can work directly with associations. At the same time the board is reviewing the funding of sections, so that sections will have as much as they need and hopefully more to send members to associations. In the end the board hopes that this will reduce the delays in funding associated with action plans, and make it easier for communities of practice to foster involvement with other associations. It appears that there will be a moratorium on international conferences for the next several years. This only affects ACRL-sponsored international conferences.

Discussion items from 2009 Annual Chicago Meeting
Feedback on first electronic-only Arts Newsletter
There was no negative feedback about the first electronic-only Arts Newsletter. All agreed it was very well done.

Report from Vice-Chair (Claudia Covert)
C. Covert announced that program planning for 2011 is set. There were no questions about appointments. C. Covert composed an email to encourage volunteers, and she will post it on ALA Connect for review before posting it on the blog, Facebook, and the listserv.

Status of revision of governance procedures
Thanks to the efforts of M. Smith-Heafy the governance procedures have been updated on the Arts Section website. M. Smith-Heafy will continue managing the web page through the DC conference, so any updates should go to her for the time being.

According to the Arts Section bylaws, the Newsletter Editor is a member of the Executive Committee but has thus far not been included in the executive roster. It was suggested that this structure of the Executive Committee was likely the standard when the section newsletter was the primary means of communication with members and the public. With several alternative avenues of communication now in place (blog, electronic newsletter, website, Facebook page), and with the newsletter transferred to the Membership and Outreach Committee, the general consensus was that inclusion of the Newsletter Editor on the executive roster doesn’t reflect current practices. Any modification of the bylaws and the executive roster was postponed until a more formal vote could be held at the annual meeting, when more members would of course be present.

New Business
Discontinuation of ACRL Strategic Initiative Action Plan Process
Attendees agreed that the discontinuation of the action plan was more or less expected. W. Hemmig also noted that it in cases where a valuable project arises funding can still be sought – and perhaps in a less forced manner now.

Discussion of virtual meetings
All agreed the virtual format of this and other committee meetings worked well. C. Covert suggested that for the Discussion Forum we explore platforms that allow for text questions during the presentation. She also proposed that the Publications and Research Committee might also consider organizing virtual discussion forums outside of conferences if there are presenters, since it could potentially help attract members and increase overall awareness. There was general consent on these points, and enthusiasm for the new opportunities provided via digital platforms. The section will only schedule virtual meetings when it is certain that in-person attendance of the conference will be very low. W. Hemmig noted that the section is only authorized to meet virtually at Midwinter.

W. Hemmig also suggested that the Strategic Planning Committee might compose a best practices document that committees could use for planning virtual meetings. Virtual meetings would appear to be a necessity at the upcoming Midwinter, which also makes it a good opportunity to refine/improve the way in which they’re conducted.

Scheduling for ALA Annual 2010
The deadline for meeting room requests isn’t until February, so W. Hemmig speculated that meeting locations would not be available until April. However, E. Kidwell will check in with Megan Griffin at ACRL.

Digital Arts Discussion Group Convener Search
Lucie Wall Stylianopolous has graciously agreed to convene the newly formed Digital Arts Discussion Group but might not be attending Annual due to her research. All agreed that the group should still convene this June, with someone else stepping in. W. Hemmig is attempting to arrange the meetings so that the Arts Program will be held in the same building as the Discussion Group, so that one discussion can feed into the other – and it would seem likely that someone from the Digital Technologies and the Arts Committee could fill in as convener for the group. W. Hemmig will ask ACRL to create the group on the website, roster, etc.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports
Note: In advance of this virtual meeting, committees and discussion groups posted summary reports on the ACRL Arts Section Blog.

Program Planning 2010
E. Kidwell noted that the 2010 program is filling up with very enthusiastic speakers; people have generally been very responsive to invitations. It is still hoped that ARTStor can participate somehow. C. Caviness will be editing the D.C. ArtsGuide revisions, and Eamon Tewell (who is on the P&R Committee) will be heading up the Program Planning Committee’s supplement to the D.C. ArtsGuide, which will cover the local memorials. As noted in his report, E. Kidwell is also working on organizing a tour of the Japanese-American memorial.

Program Planning Committee 2011
The 2011 Annual program will be on controlled vocabulary standards in the arts. Susan Wiesner will chair. Kathleen Haefliger has expressed interest but hasn’t confirmed co-chairing yet.

Nominating Committee 2010
M. Smith-Heafy has agreed to be our candidate for vice chair/chair elect. She will be running unopposed, but it would be a good idea for everyone to vote nonetheless.

Nominating Committee 2011
Anyone interested in serving on the Nominating Committee 2011 should contact W. Hemmig.

Strategic Planning
The committee offered no report.

Membership and Outreach Committee
There was general agreement that an Arts Section Twitter feed would be a good idea, even if it only gets significant action around conferences. W. Hemmig currently uses #acrlarts at conferences but so far hasn’t seen many people follow his lead. M. Smith-Heafy noted that the twitter feed could be set up to also promote the Section’s blog posts.

H. Koffler mentioned that all of the Dance Librarians Discussion Group attendees this time around were non-Arts members, so it would be worthwhile to have conveners gather contact information from the discussion group attendees to give to the membership committee. E. Kidwell agreed that attendance sheets should be collected at all meetings.

Publications and Research Committee
The Virtual Discussion Forum and ArtsGuide were very successful, and people love the Google map. E. Kidwell noted that these provide a great means of increasing our profile within ACRL and ALA. M. Smith-Heafy suggested (and all agreed) that it would help publicize the ArtsGuide if it were included in the slideshow on the main ACRL, ARLIS, and ALA websites. There is a committee that reviews slide submissions. M. Smith-Heafy has information about the proper format for submissions.

Digital Technologies and the Arts Committee
As noted in their posted report, the committee has written a new charge, “to investigate and synthesize digital initiatives used in libraries and archives and to provide information to those who create or collect materials in the visual and performing arts.” The committee will be helping to develop the program for 2011, a panel discussion on controlled vocabularies for the performing arts.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group
The Dance Librarians Discussion Group had a successful discussion, followed by a presentation from an invited speaker. Many thanks to H. Koffler for being our sole face-to-face presence!

Film and Broadcast Studies Librarians Discussion Group
The Discussion Group meeting at 2009 Annual in Chicago was extremely well attended. There will be no meeting for Midwinter 2010. The group will meet face-to-face at 2010 Annual.

First old business topic for Annual will be the low attendance for this meeting – there was some speculation that conference attendance made it more difficult for people to gain affordable/reliable internet access. There was informal agreement that a weekday before or after the conference would probably be a better time to meet, but a poll on this will be taken at annual, or via the blog.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:04 p.m. EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Caviness, Arts Section Secretary