Chicago, IL – Annual 2009 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meeting
2009 Annual Conference — Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, July 12, 2009, 10:30am (Central)
Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers, Ontario Room

Chair: Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: William Hemmig
Secretary: Sara Harrington
Past Chair: Eric A. Kidwell

Brenda Bikos (University of Virginia), Adam Burling (ACRL), Caroline Caviness (Rutgers University), Kathleen Haefliger (Chicago State University), Sara Harrington (Rutgers University), William Hemmig (Bucks County Community College), Kristina Keogh (Virginia Commonweath University), Beth Kerr (University of Texas at Austin), Eric A. Kidwell (Huntingdon College), Stephanie Krueger (ARTstor), Jennifer Mayer (University of Wyoming), Ann Medaille (University of Nevada, Reno) Anders Oftelie, Megan Smith-Heafy (Nova Southeastern University), Lucie Wall Stylianoupoulos (University of Virginia), Tonyia Tidline, Shannon Van Kirk (Blue Mountain Community College), Susan Wiesner (Dance Heritage Coalition)

The meeting was convened at 10:32am.

Stylianopoulos, in her role as chair, welcomed meeting attendees, particularly those members new to the Arts Section.

The minutes of the Midwinter 2009 Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership meeting were approved with revisions suggested by K. Haefliger regarding the Committee renamed Digital Technologies and the Arts and a separate Digital Arts Discussion Group.

Arts Section’s ALA Annual 2009 Program
The Arts Section’s ALA annual 2009 program is entitled “More than Paper: Small Press and Artist’s Books.” The Section also invites everyone to the Arts Section’s 50th anniversary celebration. Casalini generously funded this celebration (which coincides with their own 50th anniversary) and the Section offers sincere thanks to them. Thanks, too, to Section members who donated funds to the reception. L. Stylianopoulos also offered thanks to W. Hemmig for his work on the Arts Section ribbons and to Megan Griffin and Adam Burling for all of their efforts on behalf of the Section.

2011 ACRL Strategic Plan and ACRL Budget Impact for Sections
The ACRL budget has been impacted by the economic situation, and a variety of cost-saving scenarios will be considered.

Report from Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator
Some Sections are considering virtual meeting for Midwinter 2010, to be held in Boston. Under “Tips and Worksheets” on the ACRL site there is a FAQ which includes a set of rules that Sections should consult before meeting virtually. Sections may use ALA Connect or another method to meet virtually.

The Arts Section must change its bylaws and governance procedures to conform to ACRL practice. There is an existing form on the ALA site to be used as a template. Future conferences will be shorter in length. The Arts Section Chair will review the meeting slots proposed for the new conference structure.

Mary Carr, ACRL Board Liaison
Mary Carr, ACRL Board Liaison, was unable to attend the meeting.

Discussion Items from Denver Midwinter 2009 Meeting
The Section reviewed, discussed, and voted on a number of motions relating to the Section’s structure and the distribution of workload.

Motion 1
The website, blog, and newsletter shall be transferred to the responsibility of the Membership Committee. Rationale: Since there is an extant newsletter editor and webmaster it may be possible to ‘umbrella’ workflow in this area. The Section’s minutes will be posted to the blog for review by Section members, with approved minutes posted to the Section website. This motion passed unanimously.

Motion 2
The section will create the positions of Discussion Forum Manager and Arts Guide Coordinator for each year, appointed at ALA Annual. These positions will operate within the Publications and Research Committee. This motion passed unanimously.

Motion 3
ACRL has asked sections to consider publishing newsletters in electronic-only format. The motion moves that the Arts Section move immediately to an all-electronic newsletter. This motion passed unanimously.

Following a tabled vote on virtual meetings, Section members engaged in a broad discussion of the possibilities and limitations inherent in virtual meeting attendance and participation.

Section members are encouraged to discuss issues surrounding virtual membership and meeting attendance on our blog, at E. Kidwell encouraged the Section to consult with other Sections, particularly those approximately the size of the Arts Section, to determine how they are handling virtual membership. The Executive Board will arrive at a final decision regarding virtual meetings for ALA Midwinter 2010.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports
2010 Conference Program Planning Committee (E. Kidwell, S. Van Kirk)

The program for annual 2010 has been approved by the PDCC. It is tentatively titled “How We Memorialize: The Art and Politics of Public Memorialization.” The program organizers would like to recruit speakers including an academic, someone who has worked on a memorial, and someone who has worked the planning side. GODORT may co-sponsor this program in name only.

Membership and Outreach Committee
The Membership and Outreach Committee discussed the issues surrounding website, newsletter, blog and Facebook page. The Committee is making a major effort to reach out to library schools which is a priority for the fall semester.

Publications and Research Committee
The Publications and Research Committee discussed the timeline for completing Committee work, as well as issues that have already been raised.

Digital Technologies and the Arts Committee
The Digital Technologies and the Arts Committee thanked W. Hemmig for his work on the blog, and went on to explain the distinction the Committee and Discussion Group. The Committee also discussed metadata standards. The Committee is considering proposing a program for 2011 regarding digital image repositories.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee offered no report.

Strategic Planning Committee (Tonyia Tidline)
There was no report from the outgoing chairs. T. Tidline looks forward to working on strategic planning issues, which may play a role in helping the Section understand who our members are.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group
The Dance Heritage Coalition recently published “Best Practices in the Fair Use of Dance-Related Materials.” There was some discussion as to the process through which the Arts Section might endorse the document. A. Burling indicated that a “Board Action Form” would be necessary, and that Katie Coombes would be the appropriate contact.

Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group
There was no report from Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group.

Hemmig encouraged discussion groups to contact him regarding the time slots they would be interested in for upcoming annual conferences.

Ed Teague and Mary Edsall Choquette are the Arts Section representatives to IFLA. The Section may ask the representatives to write a short article about the IFLA conference for a future issue of the Section’s newsletter.

The Section’s Assessment of the Year
The Section’s assessment of the year took place in the context of our larger discussion of issues and challenges facing the Section.

Sincere and warm thanks were offered to Marc Gartler, who worked on the Chicago ArtsGuide, as well as Michael Pearce, creator of the Section’s beautiful commemorative 50th anniversary broadside. Finally, Section members offered thanks to Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos for all her hard work on behalf of the Section during the past year. Thanks, Lucie!

The Section gavel was metaphorically passed to W. Hemmig to begin his term as Chair of the Arts Section. We look forward to working with you, Bill!

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
Secretary, Arts Section