Denver, CO – Midwinter 2009 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meeting
2009 Midwinter Conference—Denver, Colorado
Sunday, January 25, 2009, 10:30am (Mountain)
Grand Hyatt

Chair: Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: William Hemmig
Secretary: Sara Harrington
Past Chair: Eric A. Kidwell

Stephen Alsa (ARTstor); Laurel Bliss (San Diego State University); Caroline Caviness (Rutgers University); Joe Clark (University of Maryland Baltimore County); Kathleen Haefliger (Chicago State University); Roland Hansen (Columbia College Chicago); Sara Harrington (Rutgers University); William Hemmig (Bucks County Community College); Eric A. Kidwell (Huntingdon College); Ann Medaille (University of Nevada, Reno); Stephen Patrick; Michael Pearce (University of Alabama); Libby Smigel (Dance Heritage Coalition); Megan Smith-Heafy (Nova Southeastern University) Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos (University of Virginia); Susan Wiesner (University of North Carolina, Greensborough)

ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect Candidate Visits
Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Coordinator for Information Literacy Services and Instruction, and Acting Head of the Undergraduate Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, came to speak to the group. Ms. Janicke Hinchliffe outlined areas of priority for her potential tenure, including advocacy for ACRL on the national level, the ability of individuals to engage with ACRL via avenues such as virtual membership, and continuing professional education (and financial issues related to professional development opportunities). Ms. Janicke Hinchliffe is happy to receive feedback at

Kelly Janousek, of California State University, Long Beach visited the meeting. She outlined her priorities, which include networking and empowering ourselves and others in daily life in order to reach both personal and professional goals. Ms. Janousek has a wide-ranging leadership background in RUSA, and BRASS, as well as on her home campus. Ms. Janousek spoke of her passion for and focus on libraries and librarianship, and hopes to connect ACRL, and by extension ALA, more closely with the work of LITA and PLA.

The agenda of the meeting was approved.

The minutes of Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership meeting held at ALA Annual on June 29, 2008 were approved as submitted.

Report from Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator
The timeline for the 2011 action plan is fast approaching, and is due August 3, 2009. ACRL strongly recommends that virtual work be done before the ALA Annual conference in order to prepare the action plan.

On a positive note, the Arts Section was one of the only Sections to grow this past year. Between November 2007 and November 2008, membership increased 1.38%, to 954 members. We are tantalizingly close to the 1000 member mark, which will raise the Arts Section to the next membership tier, and bring additional funding. A. Burling recommends advocating for new members in conjunction with the 50th anniversary celebration.

ACRL welcomes members to visit its headquarters, in Chicago, during ALA Annual 2009.

ALA is proposing a shortened conference schedule. A. Burling will circulate the proposal for the changed schedule with new proposed meeting times. This schedule change will take effect at the Midwinter conference 2010. The Executive Committee will be holding discussions about the new schedule, and will share thoughts with the membership.

Kidwell asked A. Burling what percentage of submitted program proposals were accepted by national ACRL 2009 conference. A. Burling indicated he would attempt to determine this information.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports
Chicago Conference Program Planning Committee (R. Hansen)
The 2009 program is entitled, “More than Paper: Small Press and Artist’s Books.” Four speakers, covering a range of expertise, have been invited. The speakers will offer an historical and technical perspective on the creation of artist’s books.

The Arts Section must receive fundraising approval from ACRL before approaching potential donors. Casalini, who also is celebrating a 50th anniversary, is one possibility. The timeline and additional planning for the program and reception, including a discussion of the Arts Section slide show, will proceed in smaller groups. The Section wishes to invite past officers and other members. It would be useful to have a notice placed in the conference issue of American Libraries about the conference program and reception. Michael Pearce is moving forward with preparations for the Committee’s celebratory broadside. The broadside may include a quote from Margaret Anderson from the Little Review.

The program will take place on Sunday, July 12, 2009. The financial arrangements of the program were briefly discussed. It was noted that an evaluation form for the program would be useful. The issue of badge ribbons remains up in the air. ALA has assigned a reception space; it is hoped that the program and the reception will take place in the same or contiguous spaces, and that the events will run back to back. A. Burling indicated that because this will be a catered event, we should be able to meet right after the conclusion of the program. Megan Griffin, ACRL, will handle all catering requests and issues.

Publications and Research Committee (W. Hemmig)
Beth Kerr did tremendous work on the Denver ArtsGuide, and the Section thanks B. Kerr for her exemplary efforts. The Committee is currently planning the Discussion Forum for ALA Annual Chicago. Anne Medaille, University of Nevada, Reno, gave a wonderful and thought-provoking presentation at the Midwinter 2009 Discussion Group, entitled, “Creativity and Craft: Information Needs and Practices of Theatre Artists.” The Section thanks A. Medaille for her excellent presentation. Caroline Caviness has volunteered to serve as editor for the Boston and Washington, D.C. ArtsGuides. The Committee discussed streamlining the development and editing of the guide, and potentially formatting each Guide using a template. The Committee also discussed ways of ‘growing’ the Discussion Forum, including perhaps archiving past presentations, allowing virtual presentations, or gathering submissions from presentations for newsletter content.

Kidwell noted that the Section is producing an ArtsGuide for the ACRL Seattle conference. E. Kidwell has updated the first ArtsGuide created for Seattle, and will send it to B. Kerr. The guide will be linked to through the Seattle local arrangements guide. E. Kidwell added a brief section about Victoria, British Columbia. It is likely that the Section will get to the point where Guide creation is mainly the preparation and editing of updates to an existing ArtsGuide; until then, setting and meeting deadlines will remain the main challenge.

The Executive Committee has been considering the various roles within the Publications and Research Committee structure. C. Caviness has volunteered to be an ‘ArtsGuide editor,’ a different position from the Committee chair. Should we have a Discussion Forum manager, separate from the chair, for each year, as well? We will re-examine this at the ALA Annual 2009 conference.

Technology in the Arts Committee (Kathleen Haefligert)
The Committee has worked extensively on the documentation for the use of the “ACRL Arts Section Blog.” A. Burling indicated that the blog can move forward. K. Haefliger expressed some concern that the blog may become a fair amount of work to moderate. Current moderator W. Hemmig has suggested taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude, but would welcome a co-moderator. The Technology and the Arts Committee is also considering a name change, perhaps including the word “digital,” perhaps “Digital Technologies and the Arts.” There was also some discussion about whether the Committee would best function as a Committee, or rather, as a discussion group. The Section unanimously voted to create a “Digital Arts Discussion Group.”

Nominating Committee (E. Kidwell)
The following announcements were made: Claudia Covert will stand for the position of Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Caroline Caviness will stand for Secretary.

Even though the Section is presenting a slate of candidates, Section members are asked to vote in the election, which demonstrates an interest in Section work and growth.

Kidwell will chair the next Nominating Committee. E. Kidwell stated that upcoming Committee vacancies including Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. All suggestions are welcome.

Membership and Outreach Committee (Megan Smith-Heafy)
The news regarding membership growth is heartening. The Committee seeks to add new members while retaining current members. The Membership Committee is considering a Facebook page, and plans to update materials that discuss the Section. The Committee will send an ‘email blast’ to library schools to encourage student members and new members to the profession to join the Section.

Stylianopoulos noted that there is a proposal that the Section website, blog, and newsletter be transferred to the responsibility of the Membership Committee. There will be a vote on this issue at the ALA Annual 2009 meeting in Chicago.

Strategic Planning (L. Stylianopoulos)
Ed Teague and L. Stylianopoulos will continue to work on an environmental scan.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group (Susan Wiesner)
The group requested a change of meeting time. The co-coveners of the group, S. Wiesner and Helice Koffler are working together on plans for ALA Annual 2009 in Chicago. The Group may attempt to see performances, the Joffrey building, and archives of interest. The Group has developed an idea for a wiki.

“Dance Heritage Coalition Copyright and Fair Use Project.” L Smigel, Project Director, Dance Heritage Coalition, presented the document “Statement of Best Practices in Fair Use of Dance-related Materials,” and would like an endorsement from the Arts Section. The document was briefly discussed, and members indicated a desire to have the opportunity to read the document in full. L. Stylianopoulos noted that, as chair, she would have to check with ACRL on the issue of official endorsements. If it is possible, the Section could vote on an endorsement at ALA Annual 2009. Please direct all questions on the document to Susan Wiesner ( and Libby Smigel (

Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group
There was no report from Film and Broadcast Studies Discussion Group.

2010 Program Planning Committee (E. Kidwell)
The program will explore how we memorialize individuals and/or events. The Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial serves as a recent example. Two Sections have approached E. Kidwell as potential co-sponsors. Virtual poster sessions may be an option. Please send all program-related suggestions to E. Kidwell (, W. Hemmig (, and Shannon Van Kirk ( Program proposals, which must explicitly link back to the ACRL strategic plan, are due May 1, 2009.

Following the Committee reports, Chair L. Stylianopoulos requested that the chairs of each Committee within the section send to her timelines for committee work over the coming year, via email, to Each Committee should also begin to consider if the Committee’s work has a tangible outcome, and if so, what it is. Lastly, each Committee should consider how committee work might be shared among a group of people? Please copy Vice-Chair/Chair Elect W. Hemmig ( and Past Chair E. Kidwell ( on any messages.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:17 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
Secretary, Arts Section