New Orleans, LA – Annual 2011 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Executive Board and General Membership Meeting Minutes
ALA Annual Conference 2011
Sunday, June 26, 2011, 10:30am (Central)
New Orleans Marriott – La Galerie 2

Chair: Claudia Covert
Past Chair: Bill Hemmig
Secretary: Caroline Caviness

Adam Burling (ACRL), Jessica Evans Brady (Florida State University), Joe Clark (Kent State University), Tom Caswell (University of Florida), Caroline Caviness (ARTstor), Claudia Covert (Rhode Island School of Design), Kathleen Haefliger (Chicago State University), Bill Hemmig (Bucks County Community College), Ann Medaille (University of Nevada, Reno), Michael Pearce (University of Alabama), Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos (University of Virginia), Susan Wiesner (ACLS Digital Innovation Fellow), Alessia Zanin-Yost (Western Carolina University)

The meeting convened at 10:36 a.m.

The minutes of the Midwinter 2011 Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership meeting minutes were approved with no revisions.

General Announcements
C. Covert announced the Arts events taking place at Annual:
Saturday, June 25
All Committees Meeting, 8-10 am Sheraton New Orleans – Southdown
Discussion Forum, 10:30-12 pm Sheraton New Orleans – Southdown
Current Trends in European Film, 10:30-12 pm Morial Convention Center – Rm 277 (Sponsored by ACRL WESS/SEES & co-sponsored in name only by ACRL Arts)
Dance Librarians Discussion Group, 1:30-3:30 pm Sheraton New Orleans – Napoleon B3
New Orleans Museum of Art Open House, 2-5pm One Collins Diboll Circle, City Park
Film & Broadcast Librarians Discussion Group, 4-5:30 pm Sheraton New Orleans – Bayside A/B

Sunday, June 26
Executive & General Membership 10:30-12 pm New Orleans Marriott – La Galerie 2
Filmmaker Helen Hill: Animation, Activism and Recovery, 10:30-12pm Morial Convention Center – Rm 353 (Sponsored by ALA Video Roundtable & co-sponsored by ACRL Arts)
Creating Multimedia Metadata: Controlled Vocabularies Across Time and Space 1:30-3:30 pm Morial Convention Center – Rm 338 (Sponsored by ACRL Arts & co-sponsored in name only by ACRL Image Resources Interest Group, ACRL ANSS, ALCTS Metadata Interest Group)
Digital Arts Discussion Group, 4:00-5:30 pm Marriott at Convention Center – Julia
Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education: Introducing a New Interdisciplinary Information Literacy Standard for 21st Century Learner, 4:00-5:30 pm Morial Convention Center – Rm 339 (Sponsored by ACRL Image Resources Interest Group & cosponsored in name only by ACRL Arts)

Report on Annual 2011 – New Orleans, Meetings of ACRL Leadership Council and Communities of Practice Assembly
C. Covert reported on the communities of practice assembly and provided background on the Communities of Practice Board Working Group. They have recommended that interest groups should transition to discussion groups.

Discussion groups under the Arts Section won’t change. However, discussion groups can form without the oversight of a section. By summer 2013, members can implement discussion groups with 25 signatures. They’re required to meet, either in-person or virtually, at least once a year.

Sections must have at least 100 members and must meet in-person at least once a year. They must also have leadership in place. ACRL is concerned about the amount of staff time required for section elections. We may use survey monkey for our elections if we choose. There was some concern about how the organization will make sure candidates for office are members in good standing.

Report from Mark Emmons, ACRL Board Liaison
Mark Emmons was unable to attend, but all are welcome to contact him with any questions.

Report from Adam Burling, ACRL Program Coordinator
There has been a lot of positive feedback from the community in New Orleans– ALA was the first conference to return to the area after Hurricane Katrina.

Sections are not required to submit program proposals every year. This year there were even some section proposals that were declined. If we are interested in submitting a proposal for the 2013 program, we do need to begin recruiting a committee now.

Program proposals are due May 1st, 2012 for the 2013 conference. All speakers/panelists don’t necessarily need to be in place; however, the program proposal and idea should be well-developed.

It was brought to the attention of the group that the section website still says Bylaws and not Governance Procedures. This should be updated.

The section has funding available for brochures and membership materials. Other sections have created business card-style materials that have been useful. If we do decide to update our brochure, ACRL has a template. It will be updated this summer. If we have other ideas for membership materials we can work with ACRL before we do any major design work, there are a few requirements such as logos, etc.

As a member of the Program Planning Committee for this year, Kathleen Haefliger, wanted to express that Adam Burling and Megan Griffin did a wonderful job in facilitating the committee’s efforts.

Report from Tom Caswell, ARLIS/NA Liaison
The next ARLIS conference is in Toronto – the theme is: Coloring outside the lines.

ARLIS is engaged in a strategic planning effort. Their aim is to enhance transparency between the executive board and the membership. They are also focusing on expanding professional development opportunities for membership, as well as expanding their mentoring program. They’ve made an effort to develop their virtual content are having a lot of success holding virtual workshops. It would be worth investigating if we could open up these workshops for ACRL members, or if we could do a joint workshop together.

If anyone has any questions about ARLIS please contact Tom Caswell.

Report from Ann Medaille on the Image Resources Interest Group
IRIG has been working on designing standards for visual literacy for the past year. The first draft has been released, and they’ve received feedback and comments from the ACRL Board and from approximately 50 institutions. The standards are now in the approval process. Today’s IRIG program will address the new standards and how to implement them in the classroom. The group plans to create a wiki with information on ways to teach visual literacy in the classroom. There is also a blog ( that charts the whole design and approval process, and includes a bibliography.

Old Business
IFLA update
Tom Caswell has been elected as the IFLA representative; he will be attending upcoming IFLA conferences in Puerto Rico and Helsinki and reporting back.

ACRL is in the process of revamping the liaison process.

There has been a proposal made by Diana King for establishing a Theatre Library Association /ACRL liaison relationship, this will be discussed later in the agenda.

We would still like to reach out to the Music Library Association. ACRL has no records of an official Music Library Association liaison.

We should consider what we’d like from our liaison relationships so we can convey this to ACRL.

It is nice to get an update of what other organizations are involved in. All agreed that this would be beneficial.

Virtual Midwinter 2012
The second virtual Executive and General Membership Meeting was held this past Midwinter. Virtual meetings for Midwinter continue to be successful. C. Covert suggested we reserve the Wednesday following the conference to hold the virtual meeting so we have a consistent date/time.

All agreed this would work well.

ArtsGuides website
Yen Tran has submitted a proposal for establishing a website to for the Artsguides. It would require $48/year for hosting. The goal is to make the Artsguide more interactive, but a site would also enable reporting back on usage statistics.

If the funding begins soon, the site could likely be up and running by the Annual meeting in Anaheim.

T. Caswell brought up the issue of archiving the site. J. Clark inquired about whether the website would allow others to post suggestions and comments. The proposed WordPress platform would allow for everyone to post comments, but C. Covert will bring this up as a priority.

Feedback on the Artsguide is always very positive and all agreed it would be great to expand the reach with a website.

New Business
ACRL 101
Joe Tally and Ann Medaille were at the booth at the past ACRL conference. Tom Caswell was there yesterday and chatted with students. Literature supplies were more than adequate.

Election update
W. Hemmig and C. Covert will continue to serve as immediate past chair, and Chair, respectively, for the next year.

The bylaws have been updated on the website to include a contingency plan if a Vice Chair resigns.

C. Covert encouraged anyone feeling overwhelmed by duties to speak with someone on the Executive Committee about any concerns.

Open House NOMA
The event had an excellent turnout.

Co sponsoring VRT program on Helen Hill 2011
The program was held at the same time as today’s meeting.
Many thanks to Roland Hansen for working with VRT to coordinate the program.

Digital Curation Interest Group
This past fall, Arts was contacted by some folks who are interested in forming a digital curation group. They were inquiring about any potential overlap with the Digital Arts Discussion Group.

Lucie Stylianoplouos, convener of the Digital Arts Discussion Group, felt that they should meet at Annual and if it was felt that there was overlap, the digital arts group would disband.

If you’re interested in digital arts continuing, please let Lucie know. There is a meeting at 4 p.m. today.

W. Hemmig pointed out that at the last meeting, several new members attended, so it was a good place to meet other members.

ACRL Arts books
Yvette Cortes and the Publications and Research Committee have created a WordPress site listing new books published in the arts. This could be a collection development resource for the section.

J. Clark suggested feeding the new listings into the section’s Facebook page.

Yen Tran asked for comments and feedback from the section about potential directions for the blog.

The social media aspect of this is important; it is a good way to see what trusted colleagues think of a particular publication. More specific editorial guidelines were suggested.

All agreed it would be valuable to move forward with the resource.

Program 2012
With the loss of our Vice Chair, it wasn’t possible to organize a committee in enough time to submit a program proposal.

Literatures in English contact us to sponsor a program on new media, the arts, and fair use. The Executive Committee decided to go ahead and co-sponsor.

Judy Thomas is Chair of the program planning committee and Kimberly Bugg is also on the committee.

Theater Librarian Discussion Group Proposal
Joe Tally posted to the section discussion list about interest in a Theater Librarian Discussion Group. Many have expressed to Claudia that they collect in both performing arts and visual arts and there’s a need for discussion outside of TLA conference. A performing arts discussion group was suggested – this might be something for the Dance Librarians Discussion Group to consider expanding.

A. Burling suggested an all-committees style discussion group system for scheduling. Several discussion groups at different round tables could break off and then come back together. All agreed this would be helpful for avoiding scheduling conflicts.

C. Covert will pursue this and move forward.

Diana King has a proposal for a liaison relationship with the Theatre Librarian Association. She is an ACRL Arts section member. There are many benefits for liaising with Arts, including programming possibilities. They would also like to work with a broader spectrum of arts members on publications.

A. Burling shared that sections are now empowered to have their own liaisons. Since there is no funding component, it is really up to the section. They also aren’t considered official, they are just representing themselves and then reporting back to the section. Sections establish the liaison role and its boundaries.

All agreed we’d be interested in pursuing this. We can work with the Liaison Coordinating Committee to discuss who would be responsible for establishing qualifications and review of applicants, as there is still that open question.

We have $1,490 for basic services; the section’s additional funding for programming is $1,025.

Emerging Leaders
ACRL is seeking sponsors for emerging leaders; 6 sections have chosen to participate. We could co-sponsor an emerging leader with another section for $500, which comes out of basic services funding.

Unused basic services funds go back into the operating budget for next year. Other uses for funds could include, for example, program funding and honorariums for non-librarian speakers, special events, domain name registration, catering at the conference. AV requests for conference programs wouldn’t require funds as long as they were submitted by the deadline.

It was decided that the emerging leader sponsorship discussion should be tabled until Midwinter in Dallas.

ACRL Arts Social Media
J. Clark and C. Covert discussed creating a chart to show who members should contact to contribute to the blog and all the media outlets, as well as where section documents need to be posted. All agreed this would be very helpful.

Committee Rosters
C. Covert has committee rosters, she will distribute them to the committee chairs.

Reports of Committee Chairs/Discussion Group Conveners
Program Planning 2011
Thanks to Kathleen Haefliger for taking over chair duties while Susan Weisner was recovering from an accident. Everyone is looking forward to a wonderful session!

Nominating 2012
Caroline Caviness and Shannon Van Kirk are new members. The committee is seeking candidates for Vice Chair/Chair Elect.

Anyone interested in standing for nominations or nominating someone else, please contact Bill Hemmig, Caroline Caviness, or Shannon Van Kirk.

Strategic Planning
The committee has a report due July 13th. A. Zanin-Yost and M. Pearce met to review the previous year’s report as a template. Before the report is submitted, M. Pearce will send it to C. Covert to distribute.

At Midwinter the committee developed questions for an environmental scan/survey. M. Pearce has compiled a survey that collects some demographic information and also collects information about member involvement.

Section surveys don’t require ACRL approval; however, the ALA office of Research and Statistics can look over our survey and can look it over and provide feedback on the survey methods. Once the survey is ready it can be sent to A. Burling and he will pass it on to the office. The survey can only be sent to members, so A. Burling will need to provide the distribution list.

Membership & Outreach
Thanks to Ann Medaille for attending the table in Philadelphia at ACRL 101.

The committee has taken over the newsletter and that went out. The website is moving over to Drupal this summer and Arts will have three people trained to edit it.

The committee sent and introductory letter to all the library schools.

Membership is up 8.1% over last year, which is double ACRL’s percentage growth. The section is at 942 members.

Publication & Research
The committee met virtually and discussed the new art books blog, the recent new Artsguide pdf page turner format, and the discussion forum proposals. There has been a welcome increase in discussion forum proposals.  Yvette Cortes will be starting her term as committee chair, following Annual. Thanks to Yen for her hard work!

Digital Technologies and the Arts
The committee met and discussed the upcoming program: Creating Multimedia Metadata: Controlled Vocabularies Across Time and Space 1:30-3:30 pm Morial Convention Center – Rm 338. They hope that the program will inspire some future work in metadata realm. They are thinking of working on outside funding to push forward some of their projects.

Digital Arts Discussion Group (DAD)
There is a question of too much fragmentation and overlap with other discussion groups. L. Stylianopoulos would like to have a co-convener, if someone else would like to take this on, but it may be a good idea to fold back into Digital Technologies and the Arts. The group will meet this afternoon to discuss.

Dance Librarian Discussion Group
K. Haefliger is reporting for Helice Koffler. There were 10 people in attendance at the meeting. Many were librarians with dance responsibilities. Some issues of concern were: resources for collection development, licensing rights, performing rights, musicians’ rights. There seems to be a lot of frustration about the difficulty of acquiring materials and the issue of reproducing materials. It was a very lively discussion session.

Film & Broadcast Librarian Discussion Group
The Committee submitted no report.

The meeting adjourned at 12:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Caviness, Arts Section Secretary