Philadelphia, PA – Midwinter 2008 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership Meeting
Midwinter Conference, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunday, January 13, 2008, 10:30 am (Eastern)
Marriott Philadelphia, Franklin 4

Brenda Bikos, Laurel Bliss, Mary M. Carr, Claudia Covert, Kathleen Haefliger, Roland Hansen, Sara Harrington (recorder), William Hemmig, Beth Kerr, Laura McElfresh, Stephen Patrick, Michael Pearce, Jennifer Pollock, Megan Smith-Heafy, Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos, Jennifer Sundheim, Susan L. Wiesner

Lucie Stylianopoulos explained that current chair Eric Kidwell was unable to attend the conference due to illness. As a result, Lucie, as Vice-chair of the Section, chaired the meeting in Eric’s absence.

The minutes from the American Library Association (ALA), Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership held at the Annual Conference in June 2007 were approved as submitted.

Lori Goetsch (Dean of Libraries, KansasStateUniversity) candidate for ACRL Vice-President/President-Elect spoke to the Section. Dean Goetsch emphasized her platforms of fostering communication within the Association, the importance of advancing the Association’s strategic plan, and shared ownership of this project.

Mary M. Carr, Liaison to the Arts Section from the ACRL Board, and Dean, Instructional Services, SpokaneCommunity College
Mary offered greetings from the ACRL Board. She noted that the ACRL Action Plan Proposal document need only be submitted if a Section is requesting additional funding. The Board requests that the Section submit a Strategic Plan Implementation Report by May 5, 2008. The Board has been discussing the ways in which Sections might steer organizational planning, perhaps specific groups within each section would be charged with this responsibility. Lucie noted that there is a Strategic Planning group within some Sections, including the Arts Section. While our Section’s funding is mainly used for programming, we may wish to consider requesting funding from ACRL for conferences and/or strategic planning. Mary addressed potential bylaws changes in order to add Interest Groups to the Association. An Interest Group could form if 25 interested participants place a request to the Board. The Interest Group would exist for three years, and may request renewal. Information on how many Sections and/or Interest Groups one can join will be reworked before being distributed to Association members. There remains some concern about Interest Groups “overshadowing” Discussion Groups. It was also noted that Discussion Groups would like to be able to exercise maximum flexibility; at times discussion suffices, while at other times Discussion Group members may wish to engage in a greater range of activities. There was some exchange about the number of people needed to start an Interest Group—it was felt that the figure 25 may be too high. Mary agreed to bring this concern back to the Board. Others queried how Interest Groups will organize outreach to inform Association members of their existence. Mary indicated that the Board is attempting to address the technical issues that affect communication within the Association; the Board wishes to take greater advantage of existing technology. The proposal that every Section’s listserv will be open to everyone will be discussed at ACRL Council. Mary also noted that ACRL has official liaisons from ACRL to different organizations. There was some curiosity as to the role of the liaison. Mary stressed that there are fairly high expectations that members who act as liaisons will do a good deal of programming to promote librarianship within the liaison organization.

Mary thanked the Arts Section for the ArtsGuide to Philadelphia. In return, the Section thanked Mary for her efforts on behalf of

New Business
Virtual Committee Membership
Do we want, as a Section, to allow virtual membership? There was significant support for virtual committee membership and a general agreement that this option would work well for developing both membership and outreach opportunities.

ACRL National Conference 2009
Lucie explored, with members of the Section’s strategic planning committee, potential interest in proposing a program to the ACRL National Conference in 2009 on topics such as information literacy (as the conference is generally heavy on instruction) and/or embedded or field librarianship. Lucie is happy to hear from folks with ideas or suggestions.

ArtsGuide for Anaheim
Beth Kerr stated that we will need to begin planning the new ArtsGuide for Anaheim. Firstly, we need an editor, preferably local to Anaheim. Beth will put out a call to the list for editors and contributors. Information on the ArtsGuide appeared in AL Direct and in the conference wiki, and we are looking for additional venues to publish information about the ArtsGuides.

Committee and Discussion Group Reports
Annual 2008 co-sponsored program (Diana King)
The Arts Section will cosponsor (with PARS) a RBMS program at the 2008 Annual Conference on “Moving Image Collections: Surveying Tools and Collections Basics” (this is a working title). This program on audio-visual preservation will be geared toward many ALA audiences. The date of the program will be June 29, 2008 from 1:30-3 p.m.

Program 2009, Chicago, Arts 50th Anniversary (Roland Hansen)
Roland reported that we will likely have a book arts topic for our 50th anniversary program. Panelists are currently being considered. We want to bring in the “arts” aspect of book arts, rather than focusing just on publishing in general. Our 50th anniversary celebration will be held on the Sunday of the conference. We plan to invite past chairs, members, ACRL leaders, etc. We have three potential venues for the reception. The group will also produce a timeline with the Section’s history, and a commemorative broadside. A query for suggested broadside text will be posted to the list. There will also be a badge ribbon to honor the Section. There was some discussion about the potential for corporate sponsorship of the celebration, but it was underscored that the Section must work through ACRL on this issue.

Nominating (Lucie Stylianopoulos for Jane Sloan)
Bill Hemmig has agreed to be nominated for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect.

Membership and Outreach (Claudia Covert)
Claudia reports that as of 1/4/08 the section has 941 members (615 personal members, and 115 student members, 1 corporate member). We will be conducting a “50 at 50” push for new members. The letter sent to library schools will be revised, and a ‘survey monkey’ survey may be created to learn why people give up their membership in the Section.

There was some discussion that the regular evening Arts Social may become an Arts Social luncheon, or perhaps we could serve snacks at the Forum? Another option is to meet for lunch following the Executive Board and General membership meeting.

Publications and Research (Beth Kerr)
Beth led a discussion on the ArtsGuides. There was some discussion as to whether or not all information should be located in the guide itself, or, rather, should we link to information? Should the Section create an ArtsGuides template, or propose a paper component to the guide?

We have volunteers to work on the Chicago ArtsGuide, we will need volunteers for Anaheim and Denver.

There are other opportunities for publication, perhaps tip sheets for arts programming, or book reviews of important arts titles that were not reviewed in other venues, such as Choice?

Beth also raised the issue of inviting people from other Sections to our Forum presentations. Furthermore, what do we want to do with the presentations afterward—put them up on the web, or something else? The Section should continue discussion of this important matter.

Planning (Strategic Planning) Lucie Stylianopoulos
Some Section members may propose sessions to the ACRL conference (See New Business, ACRL National Conference 2009). Lucie noted that ACRL will run an environmental scan every two years.

Technology in the Arts (Kathleen Haefliger)
Six members attended the meeting. The group discussed a potential field trip to the Getty during the annual conference. Perhaps it would be useful to have an arts blog (for ongoing virtual discussion of web 2.0 issues and a variety of other subjects). Bill Hemmig will investigate this possibility. Bill also raised the issue of planning for a multimedia lab (and more generally, how technology impacts design of library spaces) as a potential proposal for the ACRL conference.

Film and Broadcast Studies Librarians Discussion Group (Diana King)
The discussion group met on Saturday 1/2/08 and heard a report from Howard Besser (the ALA liaison to IFLA). Diana also noted that Stephen Ryan, Senior Editor, Arts and Leisure, Scarecrow Press is looking for ideas for reference books in the performing arts. Finally, Diana noted that the Film and Broadcast Discussion Group will need a convener after Anaheim to succeed Diana in this role.

Dance Librarians Discussion Group (Laura McElfresh)
Alexander Street Press made a presentation on their Dance in Video project. Suggestions on content, features and metadata were given. The Group is considering a possible field trip to UC Irvine during the annual conference. Libby Smigel of the Dance Heritage Coalition is working on a statement of best practices for fair use of films of dance. Finally, Laura noted that the Dance Librarians Discussion Group will need a convener after Anaheim to succeed Laura in this role.

Beth Kerr has generously agreed to succeed Tom Caswell as the Section’s webmaster. Many thanks to Tom for his tremendous service to the Section.

Newsletter Editor (Kristina Keogh)
Kristina has succeeded Laurel Bliss as newsletter editor. The next deadline for newsletter content is March 24, 2008. Many thanks to Kristina for her work on the newsletter.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sara Harrington
Arts Section Secretary