San Diego, CA – Midwinter 2011 Meeting Minutes

Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Arts Section
Executive Board and General Membership Meeting Minutes
ALA Midwinter Conference 2011
Wednesday, January 12, 2011, 1:00pm (Eastern)
Virtual Meeting via Dimdim

Caroline Caviness (recorder), Joe Clark, Claudia Covert, William Hemmig, Helice Kaufmann, Courtenay McLeland, Megan Smith-Heafy, Yen Tran

The meeting convened at 1:06 p.m. EST

Welcome and Introductions
C. Covert, in her role as chair, welcomed virtual meeting attendees.

The minutes of the Annual 2010 Arts Section Executive Board and General Membership meeting were approved with the corrections brought forth by W. Hemmig to add the following names to the list of attendees: Adam Burling, Eric Kidwell, Kathleen Haefliger, and Susan Wiesener.

Meeting minutes are due by February 9th.

The deadline for committee appointments is February 15th.

At Midwinter, ALA passed a resolution on the “Removal and Censorship of Artwork from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery.” All agreed that the Arts Section should support, or at least publicize the resolution. C. Covert will look into this.

Section Report from Chair on Midwinter(Claudia Covert)
ACRL Leadership Council
Bylaws revision proposal for dues increases. The Bylaws will be revised to allow for dues increases, not exceeding the percentage change in the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI), without going for a full membership vote. If we have any questions or concerns we should report them to our board liaison, Mark Emmons.

Everyone agreed that a gradual dues increase would be suitable. Tiered membership dues might also be something for the board to consider—perhaps tiered pricing for students, retirees, staff, and long-standing members.

Communities of Practice Assembly
Proposed Policies and Procedures for ACRL Communities of Practice
This past summer, the ACRL Executive Committee charged a Board Working Group to review Communities of Practice policies. This came about because interest groups are scheduled to sunset after three years, but some would like to continue. They’d like to review policies for creating and disbanding groups.

The section agreed it would be helpful to review these policies and implement concrete policies in regards to interest groups and the discussion groups. The section engaged in a discussion of how it is poised to respond to changes—the Arts Strategic Planning Committee would like to conduct an environmental scan to learn more about the section’s structure and how effective it is. ACRL is providing guidelines and staffing support for sections to conduct environmental scans.

Report from ACRL Program Coordinator
Adam Burling was unable to attend.

Report from ACRL Board Liaison
Mark Emmons was unable to attend, but requested that we review ACRL’s draft Strategic Plan: Plan for Excellence. This will be addressed under New Business.

Report from Vice Chair(Megan Smith-Heafy)
M. Smith-Heafy offered no report.

New Business
ACRL’s Draft Plan for Excellence
The section engaged in a discussion of the draft strategic plan, specifically in terms of what the plan may not have included but should include, and what the organization and Arts Section can do to advance the plan.

All agreed that the plan was comprehensive. It was suggested that ACRL could offer more workshops for individuals interested in developing teaching skills and enhancing student learning. Something similar to the Immersion Program, but more modular—perhaps only a day of half-day in length. J. Clark also suggested creating regional training opportunities for supporting professional development.

As far as the Arts Section, W. Hemmig suggested we play a coordinating role in developing performing arts metadata standards.

C. Covert suggested we evaluate the organizations our section currently has formal relationships with and consider other organizations with which we might form relationships. The ACRL liaison structure has changed in recent years so we may need to go through procedure to re-establish formal ties. All agreed the section should establish formal relationships with the Music Library Association, Theatre Library Association, and ARLIS. C. Covert will collaborate with J. Clarke on this, as it falls under membership and outreach.

Proposed Schedule for ALA Annual in New Orleans
The program for Annual has been confirmed, meeting schedule requests were submitted but have not yet been confirmed.

C. Covert has been in contact with the librarian at New Orleans Museum of Art to coordinate an event. Vamp and Tramp Booksellers will give a lecture. The museum will provide discounted admission to members and the lecture would be free. We can add this event to the ArtsGuide, as it would be a great activity for members.

Virtual Meeting Feedback
The section took a moment to reflect on how the virtual meetings have been going. H. Kaufmann expressed that the Dance Librarian’s Discussion Forum had a much higher virtual attendance.

All were in favor of continuing to meet virtually for Midwinter and all agreed that DimDim was working better than ALA Connect. However, ACRL recently licensed some new virtual meeting software, and another company purchased DimDim, so it may not continue to be free of charge. M. Smith-Heafy will check in regarding these platform changes.

The Strategic Planning Committee met in person during the conference (see: Reports from Committee Chairs) and had some attendees that wanted to join the Arts Section but weren’t sure they could attend virtually.

W. Hemmig suggested that as ACRL will allow us to use basic services funding for technology, we might consider adding a virtual component at our annual in-person meetings.

Reports from Committee Chairs/Discussion Group Conveners
Program Planning 2011
The committee met yesterday (July 11th) via Dim Dim. The program at annual is titled: Creating Multimedia Metadata: Controlled Vocabularies Across Time and Space. K. Haefliger and S. Wiesner, committee co-chairs, have accomplished a substantial amount, however, Susan’s involvement has been curtailed by a serious car accident. Best wishes to Susan in her recovery.

The program speakers have all received their contracts; however, the proposed cost was over the section’s budget so there was talk of asking a vendor to supply additional funds. K. Haefliger and C. Covert will discuss the details.

The committee would like to design a flyer and brochure for program, and will also need support on the day of the program to distribute feedback forms.

Nominating Committee
The committee has one candidate for each open office:
Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Alessia Zanin-Yost, Western Carolina University
Secretary: Ann Medaille, University of Nevada, Reno
Section members are strongly encouraged to vote.

Strategic Planning Committee
M. Pierce was delayed by weather, and could not attend. However, the committee met in-person at the conference. M. Pierce is looking at ways to get more response and interaction from our membership for the strategic plan. He will also be looking into conducting an environmental scan.

Membership and Outreach
The committee met virtually last week. They will be crafting a letter for members who haven’t renewed and for new members.

J. Clark will be taking over the website this spring, once he completes the ACRL training.

Publications and Research
The Committee met last month. The ARTsguide San Diego was sent out. C. Caviness will be getting a template together for incoming editors. E. Tewell will be editing Philadelphia. The committee is seeking an editor for New Orleans.

The Committee discussed a website they hope to put together which would be a source for reviews of recent publications and are still working on the guidelines for that.

The discussion forum was held last week via Wimba and went very well with two wonderful speakers and 10+ attendees. The forum was recorded and the recording was distributed via email, Facebook, and ALA Connect.

The Committee also discussed the possibility of transitioning the ArtsGuide to a webpage. Y. Tran submitted a proposal to receive funding for the webpage.

Digital Technology and the Arts
The Committee has been focused on organizing the upcoming program at Annual, and has thus been very involved with the Program Planning Committee.

Digital Arts Discussion Group
C. Covert reported that an ACRL Digital Curation Interest Group has been proposed. The group approached Digital Arts to see if there was overlap, and in discussion with W. Hemmig and L. Stylianoupoulos, decided there was some overlap. The section supported their proposal and has asked them to meet with us at Annual. If their proposal is accepted, future discussions of overlap or a merger might be a good idea. W. Hemmig suggested this could be an opportunity to further define the Digital Arts Discussion Group as they were also very recently formed.

Dance Librarians Discussion Forum
The group held a virtual meeting last week where they invited a guest speaker, Ellen Barr, NYC Ballet Dancer, who has co-produced a film adaptation of a performance of New York City Opus Jazz. Ellen was there to promote the film and answer questions about the making of the film
This past week the Committee also met in San Diego, and had two attendee walk-ins one from southern California institutions. H. Kaufman has posted the transcript of the virtual meeting discussion on ALA Connect and the Dance Librarians’ Discussion Forum listserv.

Film & Broadcast Librarians Discussion Group
The Committee offered no report.

Additional topics
W. Hemmig inquired about 2012 program. No discussion has occurred so far, but C. Covert will add that to her list and will work with M. Smith-Heafy to form a committee.

The meeting adjourned at 2:58 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,
Caroline Caviness, Arts Section Secretary