We’ve asked the ACRL 2017 Conference scholarship recipients to describe the impact of attending the ACRL 2017 Conference on their professional life and/or their library.

Linda KobashigawaLinda Kobashigawa is a librarian at Fresno City College in Fresno, CA.

“I have to say that the 2017 ACRL Conference was an all-around wonderful experience that I will not soon forget. I ran into former schoolmates and met talented and bright colleagues from across the nation. I brought many ideas back to my institution and hope to implement them at my library in the coming months. While the panels and poster sessions I attended provided me with a wealth of information, I gained a lot from talking to other librarians and library staff who I just happened to sit next to or stand behind in line. My network of colleagues increased exponentially, as did my knowledge of the wide array of opportunities and issues within the field of librarianship and higher education.

Attending ACRL 2017 further established my dedication to the field of librarianship and its values. I was inspired and felt a sense of pride while learning about the innovative programs and services that academic libraries are instituting at colleges and universities across the US. I returned to my library with the determination to build more meaningful partnerships across campus, develop more student-centered information literacy instruction, and offer more programming focused on issues of importance to our student community. I look forward to the next ACRL! Thank you.”

ACRL 2017 Conference Scholarship Recipient: Linda Kobashigawa

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