We’ve asked the ACRL 2017 Conference scholarship recipients to describe the impact of attending the ACRL 2017 Conference on their professional life and/or their library.

Nashieli Marcano Nashieli Marcano is a STEM research librarian at Clemson University in Clemson, SC.

“Attending the premier professional development program for academic librarians as a 2017 Early-Career Librarian Scholarship recipient was a great chance to enhance my skills in instruction, research and outreach. The ACRL 2017 Conference’s diverse and spot-on programming allowed me to keep a balance between fun and career development; making it easier for me to connect with others over breakfast and dinner events, while gaining insights and trends of the state of our profession during the different talks and keynote addresses. I came back to my academic community with refreshing and improved ways of approaching librarianship and look forward to seeing my newly formed network of peers again in 2019. Thank you ACRL Sponsors, I had a blast!”

ACRL 2017 Conference Scholarship Recipient: Nashieli Marcano

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