CJCLS Listserv moving to ALA Connect on May 1, 2021

ALA has begun transitioning all discussion lists from Sympa to ALA Connect. The CJCLS listserv will be closing as of May 1, but all of us, ALA members and non-members alike, can continue the conversation and even make our ALA Connect community behave much like the listserv has — particularly by receiving and posting via email.

What is ALA Connect?

ALA Connect is an online platform for discussion and collaboration. We’re working to make Connect the centralized online communication space for colleagues, whether they’re part of a formal ALA committee, membership group or just want to share questions and ideas with other library professionals.

What does this mean for my group?

All group posts, conversations, and documents will reside in ALA Connect. The ALA Connect platform will provide privacy, while serving as an easily searchable repository. (ALA staff is working on a way to maintain access to archived listserv posts.)

How do I post to my new list?

Your ALA Connect space is now available — you don’t have to wait for May 1 — and you can begin using our discussion list address:

When you send a message to the above email address, it will generate a post directly to the CJCLS ALA Connect Community — just like posting to this listserv! Please note that in order to post, you must send your message from the email address associated with your Connect profile.


  • You can adjust your Connect email settings to receive individual email notifications or a digest format. This short tutorial also shows how to adjust these settings.
  • You will be able to post a response directly via email, or by logging in and responding to the discussion post via the ALA Connect website.

Please note, you can only post messages if you are a member of the CJCLS Connect Community. See steps below on how to join this Community.

Posting Attachments

If you are sending an email to the Connect address and it has attachments, the files will automatically be posted as an attachment in the discussion post you make as well as added to the main folder in the group’s library. Once posted, your group’s community admin can move the attachment within the Connect Library to keep the group’s files and folders organized.

How to Join the CJCLS Community

Current ACRL Members

All ALA members have an ALA Connect account connected to their ALA login. You are automatically added to your ACRL interest group’s Connect space when you join that interest group as part of your ALA/ACRL membership.

If you know you are a current ACRL member and cannot access the ALA Connect space for CJCLS in Connect, you may need to add CJCLS to your ACRL membership. Your ACRL membership allows you complimentary membership to any ACRL Community of Practice. Please call ALA Member & Customer Service at 1-800-545-2433 ext. 5 for assistance or login to your account to check your membership status.


Non-members are welcome to create a free ALA Connect account. As a non-member, you can view and post to the CJCLS Connect Community once you create a free account, log in and join the CJCLS Connect Community.

Watch this video about Free account sign up or visit the Connect FAQ page for more information.


If you have any questions related to our upcoming move, please email Ken Simon at As your moderator on the listserv — and in our new Connect Community — he’ll gladly answer what he can and investigate what he doesn’t know yet.


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