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November 2021 Member of the Month

Meet Kristin Heathcock

Kristin Heathcock (she/her) is one of two librarians at Hillsborough Community College – Brandon Campus  in Tampa, Florida. Like many of you working in small settings, she does a little of everything “ We both do a bit of everything. You will find us teaching instruction sessions, working with student groups, selecting materials as part of collection development, and working at the reference or circulation desks.” Here’s what she says about being a community college librarian,” I get to work with students every day. Community college students are so varied – each one teaches me something. Community college librarians have the ability to impact real changes in students’ experiences at the college. Because we get to work closely with students, we can learn what their needs are (research related OR not). We can then work with others at our colleges to make changes that benefit our students in direct ways. It can be simple things (free scantrons) or bigger things (like laptops or hotspots) or even non-school things (like food)!”

She has been a member of CJCLS for 16 years, and is currently our webmaster. Here’s what she says about belonging to CJCLS: “My CJCLS membership has provided me with the opportunity to connect to community and junior college librarians around the country. I have found these connections to be invaluable throughout my career. Community and junior college librarians are incredibly collegial, often sharing resources that they’ve created with me that allow me to do my job better and serve students more effectively.”

And of course she has a life outside the library. “I live in Florida and like to do anything outside. I love to kayak, ride my bike, go to amusement parks, and am currently training to run my first half-marathon.” “I currently have a cat, a hamster, and four leopard geckos. I have two children, so we seem to always have a variety of critters. I live on a large lake – which means I have an endless supply of duck friends living in the back yard.”

If she could have any superpower, she’d like to have “a pause button for real situations! I often have trouble responding well in the moment, so a pause button would allow me to make better responses!!”

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Congrats! No one deserves it more. You always help me & my students with a very positive attitude & I really appreciate that more than you could ever know!
Thanks for being YOU!

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