Member of the Month

Member of the Month a mid-year Progress report

In May 2021, CJCLS launched a Member of the Month initiative to introduce a member to everyone once a month.

As of November, we have featured seven librarians in our newsletter and on our blog. We look forward to profiling 12 more librarians in 2022.  Please nominate yourself or a colleague by completing this form:  Most of our nominees so far have been pretty involved in CJCLS, but we welcome nominations from everyone.

We’ve had two members from New York profiled (Andrea Kingston- Monroe Community College in Rochester and Robin Brown- Borough of Manhattan Community College, NY)

Other states represented so far include:

  • Florida (Kristin Heathcock – Hillsborough Community College – Brandon Campus )
  • Kentucky (Evelyn Hudson- Hazard Community and Technical College )
  • Texas (Yumi Shin – Lamar State College – Port Arthur)
  • Maryland (Jamie Witman – Community College of Baltimore County
  • Washington (Laura Dimmit Smyth – University of Washington Bothell & Cascadia College

44 states to go to have a complete set. 

Our 7 featured members represent lots of different library roles:

  • Online Learning and OER
  • Fine Arts and Cultural Studies Liaison
  • Head of Public Services
  • Reference and Instruction
  • A little bit of everything

And they’re just as busy outside of the library:

  • My hobbies tend to be seasonal due to our long winters in Rochester. In the warmer months, I do a lot of flower gardening and explore local parks and wildlife reserves. I’ve been slowly replacing my lawn with a pollinator garden (mostly native plants). When it’s cold, I read, watch films on the Criterion Channel and journal about them, and work on genealogy projects.
  • Pre-covid, I played ultimate frisbee for a competitive team in Maryland. It is such a fun and active sport and I’ve been playing for over a decade. But right now, I really enjoy going on hikes with my husband and son and when I have the time, playing guitar.
  • Cooking or baking is my number one way to relax, and I love the challenge of new recipes. My husband and I also kayaking/hiking when the weather is good here in Seattle…and honestly, sometimes even when the weather isn’t that nice.
  • Disabilities Studies Research is at the centerpiece of my practice.  In the “before time” I would spend Saturday Afternoons at our local Public Library. That’s why when my book came out, I gave them a copy ( I read and write.
  • My life outside of work, and oftentimes overlapping with it, is consumed by my young kids and husband’s military career. When I happen to luck into downtime I enjoy writing poetry and fiction.
  • I live in Florida and like to do anything outside. I love to kayak, ride my bike, go to amusement parks, and am currently training to run my first half-marathon.

If I’ve counted correctly, we have 4 dog owners and 3 cat owners.

Book recommendations:

  • What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together by Heather McGhee 
  • Tears of Amber by Sofia Segovia
  • Hafner, Katie, and Matthew Lyon. Where wizards stay up late: The origins of the Internet. Simon and Schuster, 1998.
  • For Your Own Good by Samantha Downing

Other media mentions:

  • I am always keen on space and the universe. I recently watched the movie, Oxygen. It is about the story of surviving inside a cryogenic unit with little oxygen. Finding out herself is giving a shocking truth that I cannot imagine.
  • I’m a big soccer fan, so honestly this summer full of international tournaments is just the dream!
  • Bo Burnham’s “Inside” on Netflix.

A total of 35 years of CJCLS membership is represented by our 7 featured members. 

On the silly side, we ask members what superpower they would like to have:

  • Time travel
  • See the future
  • Fly
  • Run
  • Teleportation
  • a pause button for real situations!

If you haven’t read the profile articles yet, I hope you’ll take some time to get to know your fellow librarians, and please nominate yourself or a colleague: . If there are questions you’d like added to the survey, please send them to

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