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We Want you! Volunteer now for a CJCLS committee

Covid librarianship has given us all an opportunity  to re-evaluate how we spend our time.  I hope many of you will decide that this is a good time to engage with the section and volunteer for a committee.  The volunteer form is live. Remember,  CJCLS  committees do not require conference attendance. I could give you all the reasons I am involved, but our members say it best! 

The following quotes are from our Member of the Month surveys:

Networking, good friends, the opportunity to advocate for Community College Libraries. Colleagues who supported me when I went up for promotion.

Robin Brown, Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York

I enjoy all professional development opportunities offered to me through my memberships. The availability to network is also a great benefit, especially through the COVID pandemic.

Evelyn Hudson, Hazard Community and Technical College, Kentucky

I appreciate the opportunity my membership provides to connect with other community college librarians. I volunteered for my first CJCLS committee in 2017 and somehow was made chair, which meant I served on the Executive Committee as well. That was a great way to get to know more about the organization and to meet other engaged librarians from around the country.

Andrea Kingston, Monroe Community College, New York

My CJCLS membership has provided me with the opportunity to connect to community and junior college librarians around the country. I have found these connections to be invaluable throughout my career. Community and junior college librarians are incredibly collegial, often sharing resources that they’ve created with me that allow me to do my job better and serve students more effectively.

Kristin Heathcock, Hillsborough Community College, Florida

The most significant benefit of being a CJCLS member is networking and getting involved with the ACRL CJCLS Section. I am the past chair of CJCLS. I encourage all to be active members of ALA by volunteering for a CJCLS committee or any ACRL committee.

Sandy McCarthy, Washtenaw Community College, Michigan

Membership in CJCLS has given me the opportunity to meet and work with librarians all over the country. I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent volunteering on committees. It’s been a great way to stay involved in emerging practices and work with other passionate librarians.

Jamie Witman, Community College of Baltimore County, Maryland

I truly value the opportunities to share various topics with other community college librarians throughout the country. As a small college librarian, these opportunities are beneficial to me in increasing my knowledge and expanding connections to other professionals. It also helps me stay up-to-date during ongoing changing times.

Yumi Shin, Lamar State College, Texas

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