Member of the Month

March 2022 Member of the Month

Meet Spencer Brayton

Submitted by the CJCLS Membership Committee

Spencer (he, him) is the Director of Library Services at Waubonsee Community College in Illinois.  He has this to say about being a librarian in Illinois: “…we are lucky to have two fantastic consortiums for academic libraries (CARLI and NILRC). They provide me with great opportunities to connect with and learn from colleagues. I really appreciate how community college librarians at different institutions are open to sharing projects and collaborating with one another.”

“I hail from Wisconsin, so am an avid sports fan of all teams in the badger state. More importantly, I am having an amazing time with my nearly two-year old son, with a daughter on the way!” His family also includes a dog named Eddie. “We got him when I first started library school!”

We always ask what our members are reading or watching.  “Kaetrena Davis Kendrick mentioned the work of Ryan Holiday in a podcast I listened to a few months ago. I’ve been reading his books on stoic philosophy.”

He declined to choose a superpower. “I wouldn’t. Knowing I don’t have one helps me learn to be a better person and more effective in my work.”

He’s been a member of CJCLS since 2013, and has this to say about his involvement:” It’s a great way to learn from other great librarians and network. I’ve made lasting relationships that continue to benefit me and expand my knowledge of librarianship and leadership.”

In closing he tells us: “I’m fortunate to work with an amazing group of colleagues at Waubonsee libraries. I also try to embody the openness with sharing and networking that others have provided me. Please feel free to connect with me anytime!”

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