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Take the No Mouse Challenge

I recently subscribed to Minnesota IT Services’ Digital Accessibility newsletter and last month I did the “no mouse challenge.” The idea is that you try to do your job for 15 minutes on your computer without using a mouse. You can print out a Keyboard Shortcuts Quick Card (PDF) to help you. I searched for a newspaper article in my library’s discovery system, booked a study room, and looked up the library’s weekend hours without using a mouse.

black computer mouse on white table
Black Computer Mouse on Table” by dejankrsmanovic is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

All functionality on a website should be available without the use of a mouse.

Keyboard Compatibility video by WC3’s Web Accessibility Initiative

This brief video above explains why keyboard compatibility is “essential for people with disabilities and useful for all.” The WC3 Keyboard Compatibility webpage explains that a variety of people “depend on this feature:

  • People with physical disabilities who cannot use the mouse.
  • People who are blind, and cannot see the mouse pointer on the screen.
  • People with chronic conditions, such as repetitive stress injuries (RSI), who should limit or avoid use of a mouse.”

Learn more about keyboard accessibility on WebAIM.

Visit Minnesota IT Services Digital Accessibility website for accessibility resources and to sign up for their monthly Digital Accessibility newsletter.

Take the “no mouse challenge” and share what you learn about your library’s website or your LibGuide. Are there improvements you can make based on what you experience?

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