The Greats – Better Sharing Collection

I recently discovered this amazing collection of artwork: The Greats, free illustrations from great artists to change the world. All works are published with Creative Commons licenses.

Share Freely Openly Like We Share Air
Share Freely, Openly, Like We Share Air” by Hust Wilson for Creative Commons. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

You can browse the Greats artwork by theme:
* LGBT+ Rights
* Women’s Rights
* Freedom of Speech
* Freedom & Democracy
* Equality
* Climate Collection
* Resilience
* Animal Rights
* Empowerment
* Black Lives Matter
* Hate Speech
* Reimagining Human Rights
* Culture of Solidarity
* Anti-War
* Bridging and Belonging
* Planned Parenthood

The art above is from the collection related to Better Sharing. I am sharing it in honor of Open Education Week. Attend an Open Education Week Event or add an activity or an open asset on the Open Education Week website.

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