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April Member of the Month

I am pleased to introduce our April Member of the Month Erin Niederberger. Erin (she/her) is a librarian at Metropolitan Community College – Maple Woods in Kansas City, MO and she does a bit of everything – reference, teaching, collection development,

bookkeeping, tech wrangling, and anything else that comes up. Her favorite thing about community college libraries: “Doing a bit of everything! At some large institutions you can end up with a much more narrowly defined job title, and while I can see why the stability might be appealing, I enjoy having a job that means each day is something new.” A recent blast from the past: “While cleaning out our supply closet, I found a floppy disc with the first version of Windows. It’s a reminder of how much librarianship has changed in the last few decades – I’m excited to see what my job looks like in a few more! In the meantime, I’m tempted to ask students how many of them recognize it.”

When she’s not busy librarianing, she “enjoys baking and taking walks in local green spaces. Ideally those balance each other out, but this winter as it gets colder, baking is winning.”  She’s been watching Junior Bake-off on Netflix  “I alternate between being impressed by the bakes these young bakers pull off and alarmed when they feed the judges something they dropped on the floor.”

She has been a member of CJCLS for 4 years, and here’s what she has to say about her membership: “I enjoy lurking ALA Connect and learning about what other people are doing or getting pointed towards useful resources. It’s also fun to talk to community college librarians from other institutions in committees – so much of the wider academic library conversation focuses on four-year institutions, it’s nice to hear from people working with similar situations and constraints.”

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